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Hello! I will be attending the gathering as Jiraiya
Hey, I'll be going as Lord Barragan Luisenbarn, for sure this year.
Hello! Me and a friend are looking for a way to go to Fanime. Were willing to pay about 80 bucks apiece, and my friend prefers a mostly female room because she doesn't exactly trust a room full of guys she doesn't know. We're fine with cots, but would prefer not to be sleeping on the ground itself.

We are both 18, and prefer a room with no smoking or drinking.

Please contact us at [email protected]
Hey guys. ive been askin around's marketplace, but id figured id see what you guys had to say too...

Im trying to find a prop maker for Barragans axe, unreleased form. ANyone know a guy who can do it?

Also, I need Baraggans crown, Hariberus jaw, and Ulquiorras helmet. If I could be pointed in the direction of a cheap prop maker for these, that'd be really really awesome.

a demotivator I just came up with xD
Oh, Ill also be bringing a Hariberu if I come. And an Ulquiorra.
hehehe, looking more and more likely my Hiko will be debuted this year! I moved outta my moms house and im having a much easier time losing weight. All I need to do is hit my goal and buy the costume xD
Can I be put down as barragan Luisenbarn, unreleased? Im still not sure completely if im going, but its getting more and more likely.
This year, come hell or highwater, I will be Master Hiko -_- Unless I dont make it to fanime, in which case ill upload pics of mah cosplay to show off xD But I will have the costume and the weight off this year!!
I second anji! Hes pretty awesome. though rude is cool too >.>
heya guys. Last year rocked! I was the omaeda with the chips lol.

So anyone current with the Manga right now? Cause daaaamn is it getting good.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Also, if i attend fanime this year (about 50-50 at this point) Ill be going as barragan Luisbern to the gathering.
No! I like the mask. He shall have a mask! If people want, since I'll have the wig, I can take the mask off...but I will bring the mask!
Anyone have any ideas about the Zechs helmet? hehe, year away, but better prepared then going FUCK I never made the mask!
No despression here, too busy preparing for AX now! xD But im sure ill be hit double hard when thats over.
Ah, the duo from the gathering. You were good ^.^
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: The hug line
May 27, 2009, 01:59:18 AM
I passed that line many didnt bother me a bit. They didnt seem especially loud or obnoxious (I found the roving huggers more annoying, if you by some luck got near them in a crowded hall, they basically expected a hug ><) and I usually find the random hugging a pretty fun thing, specially since signs are banned at AX, so its something i havent done since my first ax. All in all, harmless fun, IMO
A rum party, eh? I remember the only one i went to, AX was fun. I like the idea. The Ninjas can crash it again xD
Check me in as Zech's Marquise.
Look out for Unohana! Her shikai already kicked your ass once xD
Check out my gallery when I get it up, I got a pic of both Armstrongs.