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Gonna Let It Take Its Course ^ ^
Seriously Gonna Need The 2 Months ^ ^
Thats All You Get ^ ^
Glomping Dont Really Need to Be Banned

All I Say is Be Curdious And Ask the Person Before

I Was Kind Of Ticked Cause Of my Prop Getting Damage By Glomps

But Its A Persons Nature ^ ^

So Just Ask
Well A Year Long Event Maybe Not

Maybe Twice A year Would Be Awesome
hotel 100, food bout 50, merchandise bout 100
so 250 ish to 300
Bleach/Naruto is Very Hot

FF Series Mainly VII, VIII, X, X-2
D.Grey-Man ^ ^
The Hotel For Fanime Goes A Round 90-150 Anight
Depending where and how many people you have?

Cosplay Wise Depending If Your Buying will be expensive

Or You Can Make It ^ ^ Be Much Cheaper

Dealer Room
Well I Brought Bout 300 Last Year And Only Spent bout a Hundred Or So. Nothing you Cant Find Cheaper Later

As For Food If You Want To Be Cheap ^ ^
Like Me And My Friends Made Sandwichs LOL
Saved Us Some Money
or Go To A Mc Donald And Go For Dollar Menu
Hmm never Had AnythingStolen From me
But Had my props Damaged During Some Fan Girls
Glumping Me

I Felt Emo After That

Your Never Too Old  ^^
as long as theres fans theres fanime ^ ^
Quote from: incness on March 07, 2008, 12:12:41 PM
Modesto, CA aka themostboringtownonearth  ;D

Dude Oakdale Is Way Boring...
i'll porb. change
cause the naruto gathering is at 12
Do Yo Mean His Crown Clown Form?

I'm Starting Mine
So I might Make It Or It Might have to Wait And Debute At AX
I Might Change My Cosplay For This Gathering :/
Not Sure Yet Though
For The Gathering
Vizard Ban Kai I guess

I'll Change to Hollow Probably After The Gathering
Welp Gonna Be Vizard Ichigo
And Hollow Ichigo?
Itachi, Ichigo
Hollow Ichigo
Anti-Form Sora
Chopin (Maybe)
Crown Clown Allen Walker (Maybe)
I'll Make Its As Itachi