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Gaming / Need some pokemon experts (legendary)
June 03, 2013, 11:54:32 AM
Hi Guys.
I've been browsing the internet for awhile without getting all the info I'm looking for so I figured the best thing to do would be ask...and because I already have a Fanime account and hate making one for a forum I will only use once I've come to find some pokemon experts here.

I need a list of all the Legendary pokemon with their respective regions.

The reason is I plan to make some art work for next Fanime AA and this was the best way I thought to break up all the legendaries (There are too many for one page).

Thanks guys!
Its getting colder.  Personally I don't like summer but I don't want to freeze when I go looking for food in my cosplay at night either.
So far Weather.coms forecast is...

Thurs 71H /48L wind 17mph
Fri 71H/ 51L wind 15mph
Sat 72H/ 53L wind 16mph 10% rain
Sun 71H/ 52L wind 16mph
Mon 73H/ 54L wind 16mph
I got the urge to golf and the urge to cosplay, missing Fanime.  After asking some friends if they wanted to go I decided to post it up here on the forums to see who else is interested.

Date: July 25th
Time: Around 1
Place: Sunnyvale Golfland
Directions given from site: From 101 Freeway:
Take the Lawrence Expressway exit, turn South onto Lawrence Expressway (Left turn from San Jose direction and right turn from San Francisco direction)Take the El Camino Real exit and turn right. Go straight until you hit 855 E. El Camino Real we will be on the right side.

From 280 Freeway:
Take Wolfe Rd. exit and head North (right turn from San Jose direction left turn from San Francisco) go straight, parking available from Wolfe Rd. shortly after the Wolfe/El Camino Real intersection.

I've never put together a meet so lets just see how this goes.

People Going (could change):

+2 more friends?

I still havnt decided if I'll dress up as Haruhi or Shana.
Registration / pre-reg line
May 15, 2009, 07:19:15 AM
Someone told me the line with be going on from 5pm-8pm on Thursday. Can someone confirm this?  I went through the forums but couldnt find the info.  I have a family member graduation from San Jose State that same day and want to find a way to get to doing both.  Also when the line "closes" will they just tell everyone else in line to go home, or will they let those people that got in lien in time still go through?
Dealers Room / Imported Games
May 06, 2009, 08:28:52 AM
There was a Japanese Import Games both last time I went to Fanime.  I was relaly hopping they would so up against this year as there are a few titles I'm wanting to buy.  I havnt seen anything about them coming back though, not even on the dealers list.  Anyone know if they are coming back?  I want more DS games  :'(
I normally make my own costumes, but for 2007 I wanted to do something special with a kimono style costume.
There are so many websites out there that will take costume cosmisions but some I hear are scams. So if someone could tell me a few comisioners out there was are really good and trustworthy that would help a lot.
Best to get started as early as possible right?