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Staff & Volunteers / Speed Dating Recruiting for 2013!
« on: February 09, 2013, 02:20:25 AM »
Welcome to SPEED DATING!!!

What is FanimeCon Speed Dating? Who are they, and what do they do?

We, FanimeCon Speed Dating, are a new fresh face to FanimeCon spawning from the last few years. Our first inception was in 2011, and since then we have had hundreds of interested FanimeCon attendees wanting to participate in our Speed Dating events. Although FanimeCon is one, giant hangout session for all fans alike, we listened to our fans and saw a want and need in finding that romantic spark. So we are here to help our fans make it happen!

Speed Dating work starts before FanimeCon days as we start preparing for the event, schedule speed dating slots, and email confirmations. Besides prep work, at-con we are responsible for hosting the Speed Dating events and matching results of people’s romantic choices. At the moment, we are still looking to recruit more Staff members to expand our Speed Dating events. We hope to successfully host Speed Dating for everyone again this year and enthusiastically looking forward to FanimeCon ‘13.

Information may change, so please check back often or email us about further inquiries.

FanimeCon Speed Dating Staff Requirements

  • Must be 18 years old by the time FanimeCon starts.
  • Must work minimum shifts as set per year.
  • Must attend FanimeCon Staff Meetings.
  • Must abide by the FanimeCon Member Code of Conduct and the FanimeCon Staff Code of Conduct at all times.

FanimeCon Speed Dating Responsibilities


  • Aid Head and Second in general duties
  • Assist in pre-registration and post-event duties
  • Attend Staff Meetings (Last meeting is mandatory)
  • Must work a minimum number of shifts for Speed Dating events
  • Must be able to maintain professionalism and privacy
  • Must be able to check emails and respond promptly

Benefits as a Speed Dating Staff

  • Free Staff Badge, as long as you fulfill all Staff responsibilities as listed
  • Discounted Staff Room in our affiliate hotels
  • Free Staff souvenirs annually
  • Opportunity to meet new staff and fans and help people connect
  • Flexible work schedule as we go by number of shifts
  • Small, personable group of supportive staff members
  • Become an honorary cupid  ;)

SO What are you waiting for!? Email us NOW ASAP to join Speed Dating department as the most awesome staff member ever! Email us at speeddating@fanime.com or reply on our official Speed Dating 2013 forum thread for more information. GO SPEED DATING!

SD i very interesting next time  i will participate
could anyone tell how to participate on it?

Hi Sailorsam,

Starting in 2013 closer to FanimeCon event date, we will announce on the forums and official website about the online registration dates for speed dating! We are currently talking about more speed dating events and expanding it to accommodate the big demand for this :) EXCITING!!!

Speed Dating has recently started up few years ago. We are still improving on our current event!

There are events such as Kayog has mentioned...they are all the FanimeCon dances, BW ball, interactive panels, the hallways, etc...FanimeCon is basically one big "mixer" for everyone! I do not think it is necessary to facilitate that kind of environment when FanimeCon is THE opportunity to meet and greet new people in a comforting, fun event. We like to add something new and unique to FanimeCon, which is the Speed Dating event. But other general ideas such as that is just up to the individual to put themselves out there. Even if we held mixers such as that, there is no guarantee you'd find a match or be willing to put yourself out there at that moment. Thanks for the feedback though! We appreciate it and wanted to provide an explanation why we aren't putting on other different kinds of events since SD staff is confident that FanimeCon can work its magic if you let it ;D

If you have a SUCCESS STORY about your Speed Dating experience, please tell us! You are not obligated to tell us your personal info but if it worked out between your match or you enjoyed the event, TELL US!!! That's how we know that Speed Dating works miracles :) GRACIAS!

General Convention Discussion / Re: FanimeCon 2012 Feedback
« on: June 10, 2012, 12:43:38 AM »
As with most everyone, I got the feeling that this Fanime was the most unorganized. Now, that being said, I'm not going to complain without doing anything, so I'm going to offer my help this year. I just don't know which department helps organize everything... :/

Check this thread out!


Rovers and Con-Ops always need good people on the Staff :) We love them! Registration might recruit later as well. We will probably start later but please keep it in mind! Thanks for offering :D

Cause I heard that there were a few people, male and female, that went to the speed dating event who were in relationships already.

This does ruin the whole main intent on speeddating. It's almost like giving the other person a false sense of hope, only for a possible outcome of... oh jk I was already with someone. Hope
this is not the extreme case.
yea it defeats the purpose of speeddating. Will expanding the event help though? Were there enough ladies signed up this year that there were ladies who didnt make it into the event?


For curious people to know, we had over 400 online sign-ups and Friday had an at-con wait line of over 80 people! That is amazing! We will definitely expand in a way that is paced with FanimeCon's support to ensure a fair number of attendees can participate. This year, we had more than enough ladies for each of our non-LGBT events. For the LGBT events, we are looking ways to incorporate more participation as well.

If you have any suggestions for us, that'd be great and much appreciated! Thank you.

Um, why are people still complaining? I signed up, didnt get in. I managed to talk to ladies at the con, had a great time! Expand the event for next year.

We definitely will! Thanks for the feedback and understanding :) We do recognize that there were some confusion about the process and need for clarification about signing up online vs receiving a specific time slot for participation.

Glad you had a great time, and we promise we will expand next year! Count on either more Speed Dating events or a bigger room to accommodate attendees. Remember everyone, the more SUPPORT and constructive FEEDBACK we get, FanimeCon will see the need to continually expand Speed Dating!!! We will announce a way to receive Feedback from attendees, but for now, please keep posting your Feedback here. THANKS!  :D

General Convention Discussion / Re: Missed Connections Fanime 2012
« on: June 07, 2012, 10:16:03 PM »
how do you guys generally define "creeper"? I was balling up my courage to take a photo of various cosplayers and I may have think I have weirded them out in some way.



Edward Cullen

"Edward, I saw you watching me sleep last night."
"Yes, you are a creeper."

Panels and Workshops / Re: Nerd Courting Feedback
« on: June 07, 2012, 06:41:21 PM »
Went to your Panel for a bit but had to leave unfortunately. You probably know by now- you're quite a smooth talker haha. You're someone who posseses high charisma, relatability, and entertainment skills, but as mentioned, you probably knew that! Only thing that did slightly bug me is how you could not really move around. Great orators have booming voices and would, if they chose to, pace reasonably in the front. Personally, I'd rather see you with a wireless mic walking around and making more eye contact with the audience. Your stories are captivating and your tattoo/shirt showing was funny, now look at us!!! (Sounds creeperish...oh wells)

Or if you so prefer to be like Martin Luther King Jr, you can just amaze us standing at podium haha

As for the content, from the lot that I heard, it was entertaining but of course you had forewarned that not everyone will agree or has experienced the same things. What I thought was weird is that...do "nerds" in technical terms really exist anymore? As a female who's had a crush on anime and Japan since I was a wee lassie, I never thought I was a "nerd" persay but just liked nerdy things instead. You can throw some Red Dwarf or Elfen Lied at me and I'd understand...and laugh. But I guess dating in the "nerd world" for a girl is totally different. What you described for guys somewhat confirmed how my bf acts but for me, it wasn't the case. I perceived myself as a normal lady who has dated around, played the games, and had a few boyfriends here and there- normal dating life. Most of the guys I dated though did like some thing "nerdy" whether it be anime or games. So I am not sure what my ramble is concluding to but just that I enjoyed your panel but felt like it was not relatable at times due to gender biases and how I perceived myself.

Praises for your stand with the super, awkward nerdy guys, but maybe expand a bit to incorporate different psychological personalities in your audience. You're certainly not obligated to accommodate everyone nor do I think you're a psychologist in any way??? (Unless you are, apologies!) But it feels like "nerds" are being more incorporated into being just "normal" people who like nerdy things. One day, the things we like may not be nerdy anymore. Then we won't even have the nerd label- scary. -All of entirely my opinion! Will not respond to mean trollings or flames :)-

hey for an input why not ACTUALLY let in the people who pre-reg to actually get in before the at-door people? My friend was complaining ALL weekend that he wanted to meet girls but wasn't attending cause he couldn't get in cause seats were filled by walk-ins? Like the badge lines you should let them in first before the rest yes?

To clarify again: FanimeCon attendees could sign-up for Speed Dating Event starting May 1st via FanimeCon Speed Dating online forms. Everyone who signed up online was automatically sent an initial email stating that we have received your online form. Secondly before FanimeCon started, the attendees who signed up online on a first-come, first-serve basis were placed in specific time slots. We, the Speed Dating Staff, personally emailed the attendees who received a specific time slot. Meaning if you or your friend did not receive a Congratulatory Email from us stating your specific time slot, it means that you did not receive a spot.

Hence afterwards, if you did not receive a spot, then we recommended all attendees through the forums and website to wait at-con early if you still wanted to participate in Speed Dating. The "walk-ins" you saw could have been attendees who registered just like you and your friend but did not receive a specific time slot either and wanted to wait early.

During the event, we did let the Congratulatory, confirmed attendees in first, then we took at-con waiters. We are always looking to improve and appreciate the feedback. Next year, we will send out Congratulatory emails and emails stating whether or not you received a spot to avoid confusion.

However if you really wanted to participate, then please check the thread/forums and website for more details. As we, the Staff, have repeatedly explained the process on the forums and website. Not sure if I can repeat or make this any more clear... We have a limited amount of spots and regrettably cannot take in everyone. Honestly, this is FanimeCon. There are people everywhere that your friend can meet and we encourage for attendees who don't participate in the event or for the ones who do and don't get matches- to just meet new people on the floor! Speed Dating is a fun event and we're not here to find people their soulmates. Thank you!

I think there was too many youngsters! below 18! thats why the over 21 people didnt get in ;)

There were NO attendees under 18 years old. This is exclusively a 18+ years old event. All participants were required to have FanimeCon badge and proper government-issued picture ID. We do not encourage nor allow minors to participate in Speed Dating at all. No exceptions. We checked everyone in and we had a good range of ages!

Please refrain from making incorrect statements or speculations without first researching this thread or our website. Thank you!

General Convention Discussion / Re: Missed Connections Fanime 2012
« on: June 06, 2012, 07:06:03 PM »
I'm looking for a guy who cosplayed as final fantasy vii advent children (He was volunteering at fanime too). I danced with him at the black and white ball and I talked to him once. If you guys know who he is, please let me know (His name is Edward). I would like to talk to him again. ^_^

I'm also looking for the paramedic who was working at the first aid station at the Arcade hall (He's blonde and has blue eyes). My friends had to go home so I stayed with him and we talked about all sorts of things. Unfortunately, he had to go to an emergency and I forgot to ask for his name. If any of you guys know his name or who he is, please let me know~ (:

I remember the EMT paramedic blonde! He was very nice :D got two band-aids from him. He told us a funny story about the ambulance visit during the weekend...Apparently something having to do with a Gandalf and Darth Vader beating up an elf/dwarf XD WTFLOL! He did looked older though and told us that he took this weekend job because he knew it'd be fun haha

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want for Fanime 2013!!!!!!!!
« on: June 06, 2012, 06:58:42 PM »
Ohhh nvm XD

To those that were involved in the selection process for the speed dating:  What was the age of the oldest person you selected?

Selection Process?

Well, I presume they weren't drawing names from a hat, and had some method of evaluating the applications.  I'm wondering if perhaps people were excluded for being "too old."  I notice my question hasn't been addressed yet.

We did not "evaluate" the applications on any individual basis. As reiterated throughout the thread, we processed attendee's applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. Whoever sign up first for the specific time slots were confirmed attendees for the Speed Dating events and we specifically emailed them their date/time slot information.

No one was excluded in any way based on their individual information. All attendees however had to be 18+ years old with proper government, picture ID at the event. We had attendees from all ages from 18+ and even people who were 30+.

For the attendees who participated, they are in no way obligated to answer your question about the age of their matches, f.y.i. It's their choice to state on the forums publicly. But to answer your question about age exclusions, No.

General Convention Discussion / Re: FanimeCon 2012 Feedback
« on: June 03, 2012, 11:33:51 PM »

Negative points:
*I REGISTERED for Speed Dating, but didn't get in and I lined up about 20 min before my time slot at 2pm Sunday. Apparently the girl next to me, wasn't able to get in the day before for her slot, so she was coming back. And the guy in front of us didn't even register but was praying he'd get in >_> None of us got in, but I heard people who didn't register at all, got into the event. I wasn't TOO set on the event so I immediately left, even when the staff invited us to wait 2 more hours to possibly get into the next time slot (when a new batch of people should be having their turn).

Hello Xeno,

Just to clarify, we had over 400 attendees register for Speed Dating. But if you did not receive a second email directly from Speed Dating Staff, stating "CONGRATULATIONS" with instructions and a specific time/date, then you did not receive a secure spot for the Sunday 2PM event. We had made sure to ask repeatedly the attendees in lines if they had a Congratulatory confirmed registration email from us to proceed to the front and sign-in with us right away. For the people who did not register at all but got into the event, they were attendees who probably waited for hours and they took the spots of the said confirmed/accepted attendees who were absent or late. We apologize if there was any confusion and hope you will sign-up with us again! We appreciate the feedback and are continually expanding and improving.


To clarify: If you received a confirmed Congratulatory email, we specifically told attendees to come 10 minutes prior to their event (ex. come 1:50PM, if the event started at 2PM). Any attendee who received a specific time slot was granted participation in ONE Speed Dating events. We did not allow someone to register and receive a time slot for all Speed Dating days. During FanimeCon, we had many attendees wait prior to the event, and daily, we would even wait until 5 minutes after the hour to ensure all confirmed pre-registered attendees got in first. Which probably means that you could have arrived after 5-10 minutes of the hour and forfeited your spot. We, the Staff, try to be very punctual and professional to ensure fairness for all attendees.

GREAT 0.0 it was my old temporary number which was in the profile :'( and not my permanent, i missed out because of a simple mistake :'(

Phone:   7076315529 <- this is the culprit!
Background Information

Age:    24
Gender:    Male
Orientation:    Heterosexual / straight
Time Slots

Fri 5/25 8pm-10pm:    Yes
Sat 5/26 2pm-4pm:    No
Sat 5/26 4pm-6pm:    No
Sun 5/27 2pm-4pm:    Yes
Sun 5/27 4pm-6pm:    No

Hello spycker,

Just to clarify, this was not the Congratulatory confirmation email. It had to say "CONGRATULATIONS" in the beginning of the email with instructions and a specific time/date from the Speed Dating staff. Hope you'll sign up with us again next year! Best of luck

Hey everyone, warning- Don't get your hopes up too much. I got a match, but we lived too far away from each other to actually date. So unfortunate scenario there.

Hello airanimechiic,

I do remember you during the Speed Dating event and believe that I liked your cosplay :).
I apologize for the unfortunate scenario but hoped you had fun regardless. Please participate again next year as we continue to expand improve!

wasnt people suppose to get a text if they had a match? or something in that matter? -.-
What day did you go?

All days..and when I got there like a few minutes late they wouldnt let me in, even if i registered which sucked.

To clarify: If you received a confirmed Congratulatory email, we specifically told attendees to come 10 minutes prior to their event (ex. come 1:50PM, if the event started at 2PM). Any attendee who received a specific time slot was granted participation in ONE Speed Dating events. We did not allow someone to register and receive a time slot for all Speed Dating days. During FanimeCon, we had many attendees wait prior to the event, and daily, we would even wait until 5 minutes after the hour to ensure all confirmed pre-registered attendees got in first. Which probably means that you could have arrived after 5-10 minutes of the hour and forfeited your spot. We, the Staff, try to be very punctual and professional to ensure fairness for all attendees.

General Convention Discussion / Re: FanimeCon 2012 Feedback
« on: May 31, 2012, 08:47:16 PM »
Speed dating event was very poorly run and unorganized.

People that were accepted and registered ahead of time were not accepted or allowed in because the people in charge were letting walk-ins take the spots.

In my case I was not let in because my name was not on the list, yet I received an email saying I got in and I want to thank the event staff for wasting my time.  ;)

Edit: And yes, we were there on time.

Just to clarify and explain the course of events that transcended on Friday night...
We did register people who were accepted in their specific time slots (those who received a congratulatory email) on Friday. Many pre-registered people came and some did not, consequently forfeited their spot by tardiness or absence. In the email we did say to come 10 minutes before the event- meaning 7:50PM. We, the Staff, did not let walk-ins register until 5-10 minutes after 8PM (and we did this for every event, waiting 5-10 minutes after the hour). Meaning if you came late, did not come forward, and register at 7:50PM, then you lost your spot. We even waited until after 8PM to ensure that all pre-registered, confirmed members were in the event first. We apologize if you were confused or not registered first, but I remember that day, walking up and down the line, asking for confirmed pre-registered Speed Dating attendees to come to the front to be enrolled first.

We will appreciate and consider all feedback into account to improve Speed Dating next year. We will email out Confirmed Congratulatory acceptance emails and emails for people who did not receive a time slot next year to address any confusions.

T-Minus 22 hrs! YAY!

Please post your burning questions or comments TONIGHT! Starting tomorrow, we, the Staff, cannot guarantee an immediate or 24 hour-turnaround for answering questions via forum or email. Although we will try our very best! You can also VISIT US during our Speed Dating Events. Staff is identifiable by our Staff BADGES. We will also have lovely Rovers and Volunteers assisting us during our events :)





For Pre-Registered Attendees, Don't forget your PICTURE ID and don't be late!

For Enthusiastic At-Con Waiting Attendees, COME EARLY! You will LOVE it ;)

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