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Title: Guntank Project (I must be insane)
Post by: Neo-Zaku on November 07, 2007, 09:45:52 AM
After much thought and deliberation I have decided to actually attempt a costume I have long dreamed of doing both for it's technical challenge and the "wow" factor. I plan on trying to make a functional Guntank from Mobile Suit Gundam. By functional I mean with working, independently driven tank treads and fully driveable from the inside. One other goal is to make the suit as modular as possible so it can be broken down into more manageable and transportable parts.

So I figure I should go to the Otaku's for aid in this endeavor. I need some advice for a few portions of this project. Mostly electrical issues but one mechanical one as well.

The upper torso wont be too bad as it will mainly be cosmetic. It is the tank portion that's going to be the *****. I already know what I plan to power it with. I have access to some old Zap! 12v electric motors and plan on using either a motorcycle or ATV battery to power it. The trickier part will be the drive system. I have considered a Rheostat but the power comsuption at low speed would be the same as at high.

For vision I will employ a LCD screen hooked up to most likely to a web cam. It may even be easier (and possibly cheaper) to recycle an old laptop to serve as the screen.

The treads have presented themselves to be a sticky problem. Not sure exactly what to make them out of. After all this will have to drive on concrete and carpet without damaging the surface. I was thinking rubber but was having a hard time finding anything the right shape or durability. Any suggestions?

Resources available to me include a wood, metal and auto hobby shop located on my base. A wood pile can provide some free materials.
Title: Re: Guntank Project (I must be insane)
Post by: Nanashi on November 08, 2007, 08:42:15 PM
You're Nucking Futs.

Good luck.