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Quote from: Stormfalcon on June 02, 2017, 09:06:00 PM
No problem InsaneDavid!

Anyway, my Day Two shots are now up on my SmugMug!

Thank you for the pictures of McOwner and my machinist XIV stuff :)
I ended up showing to this late as I had lost my badge and could not find the location. But there were a few people who took photos of my fiance and I, we weren't in group photos. We were ffxiv machinists, if anyone happens to have imgs please forward them to me. :) thank you.
Saturday: FFXIV miqote wearing the thavnarian bolero outfit and pirate tricorn (pirate hat). My partner was a miqote machinist w/turret .

Sunday: Yuna FFX. My partner was a miqote machinist again w/turret.

Thank you very much.

Also my album can be found here for other folks;
Thanks so much for running this!
Here are some photos from the event:

Also- whoever the Umbreon was that used "splash"... I laughed so much the entire time with the antics. ;) Still am chuckling.
FANIME 2014 Pics
These are currently uploading but should be done this afternoon.
What's included:

Hall Photos (A handful)
Pokemon Gathering
My Little Pony Gathering
GladoS video
MLP video

NOTE: These are not edited and will not be edited by me, feel free to do what you would like with them.
Thursday: Blonde schoolgirl (only took one photo)
Friday: Wind Whistler// My Little Pony (Pale blue fleece outfit, pink wig)
Saturday: Joltik// Pokemon (Bright yellow outfit with blue glasses and blue goggles), Leeloo Dallas// 5th Element (White bandage version)
Sunday: Wind Whistler// My Little Pony (Pale blue fleece outfit, pink wig)

Thank you. :)
And... *wipes sweat* finished the costume within 3 days, many long hours since it had to be pushed aside for dreaded finals. In any case last bits are drying on the cutie mark-pins. :D See you all Sunday~
I'll try to make this, if I do- I'll be attending as a Joltik and my boyfriend as Duskull. :)
Should be there hopefully all three days if not then I'll try to make it  on Saturday. Not sure what will be worn on each day finals just have kept me incredibly busy.
I'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately with finals- I had to push off making the costume till this week. I should have it done but I've been so busy this semester. I should still be coming however. :)
I did a forum search, saw that last year that Clockwork allowed for Thursday pickup at Clockwork's location.
I did a search and couldn't find any confirmation for this year I just wanted to be sure as I requested to pick up my badge there this year instead at the convention center.
Will this apply to this year as well?
Thank you :)
Quote from: Avairrianna on April 08, 2014, 04:29:19 PMYay Wind Whistler! I had a friend refuse to watch Friendship is Magic unless Wind Whistler was in it and then I found her as a background pony and forced him into watching ^ ^

XD Haha that is awesome! Did he like the new series after?
I'll try to make this. Going to be working on my Wind Whistler cosplay I wanted to do last year but couldn't, for this con year.
Apologies for the late response to all of this. I've been super busy lately with some irl stuff; that I host with Bay Area Conventions.

Bushido; That would be totally epic really to see some of the 501st in the gathering. And thank you for the links!

Trooper 715; As for the suggestion of merging for sci-fi; um the problem is; is how far do we go with it? Mind you it could make it massively huge because there is a lot of scifi-/anime/ as well. But I will take this into consideration. We could make it a Bioware/Lucas gathering which would cover a lot as well.

AbsolutelyCursed; That would be, amazing! That's a great idea. :) I like the idea of it on the 25th.


So after 2012 year's enjoyable convention as a sith; I plan on cosplaying again from starwars for 2013. I saw quite a number of StarWars cosplayers; and thought that it would be incredibly fun to host a General:StarWars and SW:Old Republic gathering for 2013.

Planning stages of course. But I look forward to possibilities. :)
Apologies, there were confusions going on with this event.
It wasn't listed on the boards as we feared. That being said, there was also some communication issues. We did meet but we were beside the nintendo gathering. apologies again for those who missed the gathering.