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My cosplay list:

Thurs/Fri: Rumia from Touhou (I don't expect any picture since I only remember two people asking)
Sat: Kaname Madoka (ref pic: )
Sun: Roromiya Karuta from Inu x Boku (ref pic:
Mon: Not in cosplay but some asked for pics anyways. I was wearing a black/white/brown outfit with a long brown blonde curly wig (ref pic:

Thanks in advance if you have any pictures of me! I spent a lot of my time in Artist alley behind my table, but some people still asked so might as well try
I'll be going as regular Rumia this year~

I really hope the touhou gathering isn't the same time as the Madoka gathering like last year though D:. I didn't have a Madoka cosplay last year, but I wanted to see it anyways. :[
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Quote from: ket on June 01, 2011, 04:35:31 AM
Anyone get any pics of me going around as a High Priest from Ragnarok Online? There were two, but I was the one with the hat(boy's cap) and glasses. Be awesome if anyone who got pictures of me would share em  ;D

Also on the side, did anyone get/make a video of the Danbo dancing up on Stage Zero Monday afternoon? Would be totally awesome if some one did!

PS: The pics I took are here ->
That would be great if Facebook would let non-friends see them.

Oh lol, I forgot about that.
Should be able for everyone to view em now  ;D

Still can't see them bro D:
For some reason we always fail to take pictures ourselves orz. So It'd be great if anyone could post up some pictures. ;w;

Friday: Me and my friend as Kagene Rei and Rui (basically black version of Kagamine twins from vocaloid)
Saturday: Just Be Friends Luka and boyfriend black dress ver. from vocaloid
Sunday: Tewi Inaba from Touhou. I may have been seen with a Wriggle or male Reisen

I have a bunch of pictures of people including pictures from both the Vocaloid gathering and the Touhou gathering, but it'll but a couple days before I have time to post them.
Expect a Tewi from me uwu
Another Wriggle Nightbug here >v<~!