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So after 2012 year's enjoyable convention as a sith; I plan on cosplaying again from starwars for 2013. I saw quite a number of StarWars cosplayers; and thought that it would be incredibly fun to host a General:StarWars and SW:Old Republic gathering for 2013.

Planning stages of course. But I look forward to possibilities. :)
Photoshop for Cosplayers aka Digital Makeover for Cosplayers is looking to hosting again next year at an earlier time!
Please stay tuned for updates!

Date & Time: PENDING

Want to make your cosplay photos pretty? Want to bling/pimp/orotherwiseshoop your cosplay images (realistically)? Don't know how to do it?

This panel will go over the basics of using Adobe CS4/CS5 for retouching portraiture.

Topics Covered
Creating a Masterfile
Luminosity/Color Contrast
Heal/Clone Tool (On an empty layer)
Surface Blur (Quick and Dirty way to Retouch)
Masking (A briefing)
Liquefy (Briefly)
+More subjects if time allows (and if I'm currently forgetting something)

Hosting: Foxberry
Previous Panel History: Conventions 101, Cosplay 101, Adobe LightRoom for Cosplayers
Knowledge Base: Current photography student, used Adobe LR 1.0-Current, Photoshop knowledge from much earlier editions, Several college credited classes on retouching, restoring and manipulating images

*Do note that because this will be a 2hr demo/lecture this will not teach you everything you need to know.

If anyone has any specific topics they would like seeing discussed, please comment below and I'll see if I have time to go over such topics.
BAC will be hosting it's Second Cosplay/Photographer/Enthusiast Meetup at Fanime this year. Below is the information.
*Please note that the date, location and time CAN and possibly WILL change

Day: Friday
Time: 3pm

Bay Area Conventions (A Cosplay Meetup)

Attendees Gross:

*Host: Foxberry

Facebook BAC Event Attendees:

Photography Order:
-Group Shot
-By Series
-Crack Shots


Bay Area Conventions is originally a group created by Foxberry on Facebook ( that covers local events and conventions around the Bay Area. We have a following of over 460 people, and are always looking for more members. We meet usually monthly on a Saturday or Sunday during the Non-Rainy-season of SF.

For this event we will be allowing ANY sort of cosplay and anyone is welcome to attend and to find out more about us. We will be meeting for about an hour, hour and a half or so and then go out to grab food most likely.If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

When signing up please list what character you will cosplay and from what series.

Our Fanime Forum Link:,15732.0.html

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Links: Facebook Event: TBA
Coscom: TBA

-Dana M. Weise.
For September we will be meeting at Battery Boutelle! It's a beautiful scenic area right by the Golden Gate Bridge.

PLEASE NOTE!: We will NOT be staying at the battery all day. I will be sending out a mass message with both my phone number AND staff phone numbers for people to contact us if they do not see us. Please try to be on time, it makes it much easier for people to find us if you are on time.

Location: Battery Boutelle; 1900 Merchant Road, San Francisco


Where we are meeting:

NOTE: Parking "C" is PAID Parking.

Public Transit: Take the 28 all the way up to Golden Gate Bridge

Length of walking: 5-7 minutes from the large parking lot near the golden gate bridge to the battery.

Food: Make sure you bring food, there are no restaurants or places to eat here.

PLANS!: What we plan to do: We will meet AT the battery (Boutelle, the smaller battery) at 11am, hang around there till about 12 or so, take a group photo at the battery. Then we will proceed have lunch AT/Near the battery. After that we will go down to the beach or possibly go to the beach near golden gate bridge and take awesome photos!

Please read these rules prior to attending:
I'm just going to throw this out, I don't know how well it'll take but... My boyfriend and I plan on cosplaying from the French Animation "Wakfu".

I have plans of cosplaying Evangenlyne and my boyfriend Grovy, is anyone else attending? I should be cosplaying this on Saturday most likely.

If there's enough interest I'd be willing to set up a gathering perhaps~

After looking over something I found out on 4chan about hotel nightmares...

I came upon a commenter who said that they were charged 700$ for a deposit for only 3 nights!? I also looked through the forums here and found some old-out-of-date information about deposits.

I'm booked at the fairmont and I've read that they charge 100$+ per night? What is this? Why wasn't it mentioned on the hotel sites or the fanime housing?

I'm booked at 87-89$ per night for Thurs-Monday, I don't have that sort of money to be throwing out another 400$ on my credit card!? To equal nearly 800$ for these dates. Nearly a thousand dollars for the dates??

What is this? (I also read a little more and I do understand that it's an insurance thing I guess but still that means I'm out 400$ or rather my boyfriend is since he's covering the rooms)
Registration / Online Receipt Question
February 04, 2010, 08:36:23 PM
I was just checking through my email and it would seem that my receipt or whatever has gotten lost, it's no longer in my inboxes and I have checked three different emails. So I was curious is it necessary that I have that receipt (or confirmation- whatever it's called) that I got through email and just bring my driver's license since that's a given anyway? Or do I need that receipt/confirmation? If so I need to see if I can have that resent to me as I'm not certain as to exactly where it went. I have my hotel confirmation and I check my messages before I delete everything at least twice. First time this has happened to me.

Thanks for the help. ._.;