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Stolen from Skai from the AX Forums, cuz that's another place I regularly post on.. and I love that thread over there, so I figured I'd bring it over here for everyone to enjoy as well. XD

Q - Question | P - Previous Poster | F - Fact | N - Next Question.
Q: ^ Answer the question the previous poster asked
P: < You, yourself say something about the previous poster or what you think of them (Ex: You have a nice name )
F: > Tell us a simple fact about you :3
N: V Ask the next poster a question (Ex: What's your favorite anime?)

Here's an example..will answer my own question as the example...

^ Currently my favorite anime is probably Gurren Lagann. =3 I love the story and stuffs, and Yoko is my fav cosplay atm~
< Went to Fanime 2009 and cosplayed as Pikachu! (Completely random example, considering no one posted before me lol duh)
> Is working on remaking her Yoko sniper rifle prop!
V What's your favorite thing to do at Fanime? =3

Have fun~ hope you guys like this game. XD