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Ok I would like to try and get a Fate/Stay Night (or any of the Fate series really) gathering organized fro next year. Myself, I plan on having a Gilamesh in full armor done for next year and I have a friend very interested in trying to do Lancer. Date/Time to be determined once Fanime gets closer but it doesn't hurt to plan early.
So far.

Myself- Gilgamesh
Spencer- Lancer
The only new costume I am sure I am trying to do for next year is Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night.

In full armor of course.
Good of at least one. Me! Makes me want to bring my Zeon flag as well. Now I just gotta figure out a good costume to wear with it.
Forum Games / Re: Anime/Manga Hurt n' Heal!
December 19, 2007, 06:39:01 AM
*Swings Death Knell Hammer* Hurt Hurt Cowboy Bebop.

- Case Closed/Detective Conan 10
- Elfen Lied 14
- DNAngel 10
- Tenjho Tenge 10
- Outlaw Star 11 (Correction from last poster as it was healed not hurt)
- Trigun 6
- Fooly Cooly 10
- Blood+ 10
- Inuyasha 7
- Naruto 10
- Steel Angel Kurumi 11
- Mahoromatic 11
- Please Teacher 10
- Please Twins 11
- Maburaho 10
- Full Metal Alchemist 10
- Berserk 8
- Lone Hina 10
- Vampire Knights 10
- Tsubasa 9
- Sailor Moon 10
- Lucky Star 10

Dead Zone:
- Cowboy Bebop
Forum Games / Re: Anime/Manga Hurt n' Heal!
December 17, 2007, 03:50:10 AM
Hurt Sailor Moon
Heal Outlaw Star
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Fanime Speed Dating 2008
November 10, 2007, 02:10:45 AM
I would imagine for legal reasons they would have to be 18 or older at the time of the event. I see the primary problem being participation. While I am sure they will have plenty of males willing to sign up I have a feeling finding female participants will be trickier. As was noted earlier, the male response to this event has been significantly more positive then the female response. Though as long as the event was held in a safe and controlled location I think I would be willing to try even as shy as I tend to be around women.
Well I know one of my friends will be going as Kenshin and I am trying to convince another to go as Sanosuke Sagara. Myself I am torn because I want to do one of the villains but most of them didn't last for more then a couple episodes. If anyone has a suggestion feel free to throw it out there. I am male, about 5' 10" with a moderate build  and a bit of a belly (working on that). My hair is short (military requirement so growing it long isn't an option) though I am not adverse to wearing a wig.
I would volunteer myself as a living chess piece. I have a Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho (School and Dark Tournament uniforms), Mousse from Ranma 1/2, Hakuro from Utawarerumono and am planning a few other costumes including a Guntank.

As for the dating game... with a little convincing I would be willing to try.
After much thought and deliberation I have decided to actually attempt a costume I have long dreamed of doing both for it's technical challenge and the "wow" factor. I plan on trying to make a functional Guntank from Mobile Suit Gundam. By functional I mean with working, independently driven tank treads and fully driveable from the inside. One other goal is to make the suit as modular as possible so it can be broken down into more manageable and transportable parts.

So I figure I should go to the Otaku's for aid in this endeavor. I need some advice for a few portions of this project. Mostly electrical issues but one mechanical one as well.

The upper torso wont be too bad as it will mainly be cosmetic. It is the tank portion that's going to be the *****. I already know what I plan to power it with. I have access to some old Zap! 12v electric motors and plan on using either a motorcycle or ATV battery to power it. The trickier part will be the drive system. I have considered a Rheostat but the power comsuption at low speed would be the same as at high.

For vision I will employ a LCD screen hooked up to most likely to a web cam. It may even be easier (and possibly cheaper) to recycle an old laptop to serve as the screen.

The treads have presented themselves to be a sticky problem. Not sure exactly what to make them out of. After all this will have to drive on concrete and carpet without damaging the surface. I was thinking rubber but was having a hard time finding anything the right shape or durability. Any suggestions?

Resources available to me include a wood, metal and auto hobby shop located on my base. A wood pile can provide some free materials.
Hmmmmm... would it not ok to bring beverages of an adult nature to the ball? Perhaps maybe a volunteer to check ID's or would it be more trouble then anything? I am willing to help chip in and bring some party platters to the ball.

Oh, burgers and hotdogs can be pretty inexpensive to cook up. Perhaps if we have ready access to outdoor area we can grill it or if we are confined to indoors perhaps a plug in flat cooker. I would volunteer to man that for an hour or so if it can be arranged.
I'll try to attend. Oh, would Hakuro's outfit from Utawarerumono be appropriate. It is black and white (with a little yellow trim) and it even comes with a mask! :P
Heh, I could try coming as Shirou. Only problem with him is he isn't recognizable without Saber by his side.  :P  

On the plus side, jeans and white shirt with blues sleeves will be very comfortable :D
I will attending as Hakuro and will have an Oboro coming with me to the con. Anyone else planning to cosplay from this series?
Well seeing as when the forum crashed it took out my original reply I will restate I will be going as Mousse, and will have a Ranma, Ryoga and possibly a Kuno traveling with me down there. Provided I get to go...

*mumbles* Stupid base inspection.
One of my crazier stories from Fanime is from the second year I attended. I was worknig as a volunteer that year and was tasked with the (not so) glorious job of making gaurding the exit doors to the dealers room. Basically the job was sitting/standing there for a couple hours making sure people didn't go in through the exit. Well I was cosplaying as Private C. Fodder of the Principality of Zeon (the generic green pilot jumpsuit). A hour or so in a petite female around I'd say around 4' 10" came up and tugged on my uniform and said "Glomp?" I wasn't sure I had heard correctly (it was noisy) so I asked her what she had asked. "Can I glomp you?" was her response. I shrugged and said sure figuring it was going to be a standard hug and release. Oh no... she starts backing up. 5 feet... ten... about the point she hits fifteen I start to worry. Then she kneels into a runners position and proceeds to sprint at me. Leaping the last couple feet of the distance she rings her arms around my neck and swings around nearly knocking me of my feet as her friend snaps a photo.

The other was me getting on the dance floor wearing a Zaku II mecha costume and doing the robot.
General Anime Chat / This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
February 06, 2007, 03:52:01 PM
Personally I think the series was under appreciated. Was there a lot of dialog, yeah but the series was mostly about personal relationships. I thought the art was well done and while there was more they could have done with the story it still was a good story. More could have and should have been done surrounding the whole ED tranformation thing but they decided to not make the monsters the focus of the story.

Take it for what it is. A cute, fun story about falling in love with Armageddon.
Who: Mousse from Ranma 1/2
What: Train with him. And teach him the wonders of modern weaponry.
Why: Two words. Pocket Space.
How we would meet: Probably run into each other (literally) at the optometrist. My eye sight is almost as bad as his!
Gaming / Tomb of Dead Anime Characters Redeux
February 06, 2007, 03:35:12 PM
Greetings. Years ago at my first Fanime I remember a fun little DnD campaign called The Tomb of Dead Anime characters. After a couple years those running it have either stopping attending or stopped running it. So I have taken it upon myself to revive the ToDAC using the BESM 3rd edition rules. I have a few reasons for this, the primary being the game is designed to run these kinds of characters.

So, my question is this. Is anyone interested? And if so who would you like to see on the table? Please give name of series the character is from and if possible a link to a desciption.
Yep, I have the entire series that has been US released. I actually cosplay as Kuwabara and have I friend I am dragging along to cosplay as Yusuke to Fanime.
You know you're a fanboy if someone mentions Zionism and you think of Space Colonies and mobile suits.