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There's going to be a Touhou panel!,16301.0.html

You guys should all come!  
A Touhou Panel has been added to the schedule!  It'll be Sunday night/Monday morning 12am - 2am in Panels 3 (Mariott 4.5.6), replacing "Whose line is it? Anime (18+)" on the schedule. 

Here's the description:

What the heck is Touhou?
You might have heard of Touhou Project, a series of fan-made shoot-em-up games that have taken the anime-comic-game community by storm, racking up hits on websites such as Pixiv, NicoNicoDouga, and even conventions like Fanime! Come learn about why it is the #1 most popular fan franchise in history!
Actually, there was a bad apple dance in the masq this year.  

Edit:  Was massive.  Was epic.  Thanks everyone for coming!  Anyone with photos?
>.<  Aww, that's sorry to hear.  Touhou could always use more cosplayers.   Hope you come next year!
Of course!  The more the merrier. 
Updated.  Come to the panel at 3pm!
Ok, how does 2pm Sunday sound?  I'll ask for that time.
You're welcome. 

*insert title of thread*
Fiiine, updated.  Just got back from Sakura-Con.  I am so looking forward to Fanime. 
I've written a reply but haven't gotten back from Iori E yet.
I would love this sort of panel.  I'd be interested in seeing what are cool and creative ideas for club events to host. 
Thank xaxafour for that.  Anyone who I consider confirmed is because I've seen xaxafour personally work on his/her costume or gone shopping for materials with. 
Well, considering,12405.0.html is still empty, I have no idea when we'll be, since we have to wait for bigger groups to choose first.  I'm hoping Sat at 3pm or something convenient.
stepmania w/ pads  (cheap custom ddr!)
If any of these people come to Fanime, I will be very happy.  There's plenty to choose from...

IOSYS-3L, miko; Silver Forest-sayuri; COOL&CREATE-Beat Mario
Anyone who has sung for I've Sound; i.e. Kawada Mami, KOTOKO, Shimamiya Eiko, Mell, Lia, ayana, etc.
Anyone who has sung for Maeda Naoki; i.e. BeForU, TERRA, Kosaka Riyu, NAOKI
fripSide, ayane, savage genius, angela, Tamaki Nami, T.M. Revolution, Takahashi Hitomi, yousei teikoku,
TENMON or anyone who has sung for TENMON; i.e. Elisa, Gotou Mai
Kajiura Yuki or anyone who has sung for Kajiura Yuki; i.e. FictionJunction, See-Saw, Kalafina, etc., and their respective artists,
supercell, nagi
Kanno Yoko or anyone who has sung for Kanno Yoko; i.e. Maaya Sakamoto, May'n, Ilaria Graziano, Origa, Megumi Nakajima, AKINO, etc.
Anna Tsuchiya, OLIVIA,
Mizuki Nana, Chihara Minori, Ishikawa Chiaki, Takahashi Yoko, Shimokawa Mikuni, Makino Yui, Kuribayashi Minami,
Tanaka Rie, KOKIA,
Nakagawa Shouko, Hirano Aya,
Utada Hikaru (cept she's already on a tour in the states), Hamasaki Ayumi,
YUI, the brilliant green (Tommy Heavenly6)
What variation of waltz would you teach? 
I would love more lindy-hoppers.  With good music, it is quite fun. 
Big Event Showcase / Re: Social Dance Resources Thread
January 03, 2010, 12:30:37 PM

Very list of articles:

Richard Powers talks all about good partnering, How to be a good DJ, and many, many other helpful and truly enlightening tips.  A Must-Read for any social dance partner (we are all partners, because it is social, not single!).