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A Touhou Panel has been added to the schedule!  It'll be Sunday night/Monday morning 12am - 2am in Panels 3 (Mariott 4.5.6), replacing "Whose line is it? Anime (18+)" on the schedule. 

Here's the description:

What the heck is Touhou?
You might have heard of Touhou Project, a series of fan-made shoot-em-up games that have taken the anime-comic-game community by storm, racking up hits on websites such as Pixiv, NicoNicoDouga, and even conventions like Fanime! Come learn about why it is the #1 most popular fan franchise in history!
Oh boy, I love starting topics.  Well, that's probably because no one else has started them, yet.  2010 anyone?
This isn't a post to volunteer for leading, just want to see if anyone else is interested in Bakemonogatari.  I mean, what's not to like about it, awesome ED by supercell, 4 equally excellent rotating OP's, SHAFT-quality (blue-ray's probably just a tad better than web streams), and an intriguing cast. 
Welcome to the Touhou Project Gathering 2010 thread!  

Day: Sunday
Time: 2pm
L: MP & L: 1FCC LA

Note:  I am trying to contact the group to see when they want the gathering.

~ Denizens of Gensokyo ~ (38)
math4origami ~ Hakurei Reimu
xaxafour ~ Fujiwara no Mokou
lolatdc749 ~ Patchouli Knowledge
sow.ocha ~ Kirisame Marisa
asun_m_o ~ Izayoi Sakuya
grimswarcry ~ Reiuji Utsuho
wisluna ~ Konpaku Youmu
Yuutousei ~ Shameimaru Aya
Echoleon ~ Hong Meiling
osloiam ~ Morichika Rinnosuke
jjbenza2 ~ Houraisan Kaguya
mbmiller1994 ~ Alice Margatriod
jonnyboy9222 ~ Wriggle Nightbug
shirotiger ~ ⑨
kadaj.adventchildren ~ Reisen Udongein Inaba
ccyoshi ~ Kamishirasawa Keine
beefcup ~ Satori Komeiji
AngieDesu ~ Murasa Minamitsu
YasonoJ ~ Onozuka Komachi
Okabun ~ Reiuji Utsuho
zeus0614 ~ Hinanawi Tenshi
DrMarukyuu ~ Shameimaru Aya
Minaoto ~ Hinanai Tenshi and Nagae Iku
Ladyrawr ~ Wriggle Nightbug
mewmiso ~ Remilia Scarlet
fifthcadence ~ Inaba Tewi
ZetsubouSensei ~ Cirno
mukyu ~ Inaba Tewi
Dagron ~ Komeji Koishi
iNSOMNiAC ~ Suika
hakurei ~ Hakurei Reimu
Saigyouji Yuyuko
Yakumo Yukari
Rabid Potato ~ Letty Whiterock
Myon ~ Cirno
HakureiSandwih ~ Hakurei Reimu
StarPikachu ~ Kochiya Sanae
Kino ~ Inu Sakuya

- Pending - (7)
G.S. LXVIII ~ Wriggle Nightbug
Vensy ~ Flandre Scarlet
Mi Feng ~ Shameimaru Aya or Remilia Scarlet
Kitashirakawa Chiyuri
Usami Renko
Lily White
Jam-Kiske ~ Himekaidou Hatate

Touhou Panel
There will be a Touhou Panel on Sunday at 3pm!  Be there!

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.