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I would love to attend the gathering as Cinderella from the new live action movie!
I'd love to attend as Yami again! Can't wait!
Of course! At gatherings before we had everyone from season 0 to Arc-V. They're all part of the yugioh family~ Is there anyone who would be willing to organize this gathering? I'm not the best at doing such myself, but I know myself and others would greatly appreciate it if it could be official.
I would love to come as Pumpkaboo! Can't wait to see you all there
Hey guys! There was a great yu-gi-oh gathering last year and I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing that again? I would love to come as Yami again though I am not the best at organizing such things. Are there other yu-gi-oh cosplayers out there who would want to do a gathering?
Yay! Another gathering planned~ I'm hoping to come as either Richard from Tales of Graces or Ratatosk from Tales of Symphonia: DOTNW. Still deciding but hopefully coming regardless!
The gathering last year was great, fairly well organized and fairly large as well. I'd love to see an official Tales gathering. If there is one, I would definitely come as Richard from Graces. Is there anyone willing to organize such a thing?
Ah! Wonderful to hear you'll be hosting again~ I'd love to come as either Yami Yugi or Dark Magician Girl depending on what would give more variety. So glad there will be an official gathering! If we need a car to go to the Egypt museum, I believe I will have my car parked at the Marriott and can offer space for four other people if we end up going. Thank you very much for making the official thread! Can't wait to see you all there!
Hoping to come as Ezio in his ACII outfit~ See you all there!
There was a small Yu-Gi-Oh! gathering last year and I was wondering if there was going to be another this year? I'm not good at planning such things but was wondering if there was a desire for such a thing? If there are other cosplayers for Yugioh that want to have a gathering? I'd love to come as either Dark Magician Girl or Yami Yugi. Considering there's a new spin off going to be released soon, I figured there might be a few others wanting to cosplay from any of the series.
Hi everyone! I'm planning to come as Elsa in her snow queen dress~ Hope to see you all there!
Hi there! I'm hoping to do an Elsa cosplay from Frozen, but I have absolutely no idea how to sew or do dresses or anything like that, I want to do the blue dress she makes for herself with all the crystals, and I really want it to be very high quality. Money is not really an issue because I know for what I want its going to cost a lot, but I do not know whether to go to a cosplay specialist taking commissions or to my sister's friend who is a seamstress and makes all her own clothes who says she would make it for me. Does anyone know a trustworthy commissioner who does high quality dresses and the like? Or should I go to someone close to me? I've never commissioned a cosplay before so a bit of help would be really appreciated. Thank you!!!