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There's also this one I made many years ago, if you want something interactive to block out your plan (updated for 2024):,19477.0.html
Video Programming / Re: Video rooms 2024
May 20, 2024, 08:55:54 PM
Even though it's easy to watch anime outside of con, it's not so easy to find a calm, stress-free, air-conditioned place for an introvert to recharge at Fanime, the video rooms serve that need really well, and taking a shuttle to get to them kinda ruins it for that purpose :(.
Updated for 2024!  For the one other person who used it last year: note that user names are case-sensitive, it looks like there was data for both a "Bsod" and "bsod", if you "lost" any of your data, that would be why =).
Updated for 2023!
Updated for 2022!  No video schedule yet, but other data imported, and I will re-import from the live schedule as it gets updated. (edit: Oh, apparently no video rooms at all this year.  No anime at Fanime?  See ya in 2023, I guess).
Updated for 2019!  Thanks again for the raw data access on the grid scheduler that makes updating this easy!
Updated for 2018!  Cheers and thanks for the raw data access on the grid scheduler that makes re-importing data a breeze!
I wore a top hat and your name is Amy and we danced at the 2013 and 2014 Black and White Balls, I was surprised you remembered my name in 2014, so I made sure to remember yours for this year!  However, I didn't see you at the ball this year, perhaps a missed connection, or perhaps you weren't able to attend this year.  Anyway, be sure to save a couple dances for me if you show up to the Black and White Ball in 2016!
I see someone added a raw data download to, which I suspect has a general audience of about 5 people, one of which is definitely me, so, thank you!  Would have been great to have gotten that a few days ago, but the site was easy enough to scrape last night which worked out okay ;).  In case it is removed (it is *really* not for a general audience ^_^), the URL is or type=xml.

If you plan on doing the same next year (or leaving the endpoint up even if it's not linked to anywhere), it would be great to know a few days before the convention, as I can set up my scheduler app at to just pull from it once and hour or something and get all of the schedule updates.  But, for now, I've got a convention to enjoy!

It doesn't have exactly the same feature set as Guidebook (specifically mentioned here - no alerts), but I've updated my interactive schedule over at - it does let you quickly highlight the things you're interested in, share your schedule between devices, view and modify your schedule when offline (assuming you loaded the page once while online).  Hope someone else gets some use out of it!
Updated for 2015!

Now includes an additional URL if events have a url from Fanime's mobile scheduler.
I've only read up until 2008, but just wanted to drop a note to say I'm finding these super interesting!  I usually don't read this "long-form" kind of stuff, but either this is extra interesting (a bit of "seeing how the sausages are made" combined with having been to the same 12 years of Fanime and knowing some of the staffers), or I'm just really trying to kill time before I can leave work and start getting ready for Fanime.   And, hey, it's almost 5, I think I'll call it a day...
I'm sure there are lots of Game of Thrones fans attending, and I'm sure some, like me, will be missing their regularly scheduled viewing on Sunday night.  Anyone have HBOGo (or whatever their streaming service is) and want to do an unofficial showing of Gamed of Thrones in a hotel room or something? =)
Scrambling to scrape the live programming schedule from Fanime's site and get it into, and then going through the schedule and marking all of the things I absolutely had to see (of which I probably actually managed to attend like 25% of those ; ).
Agreed!  The registration lines were amazing!  Though it felt slightly silly walking through a giant yellow maze of tape, I was giggling with joy due to the fact that there was NO LINE, and smiled every time I walked by, looked down, and saw no one waiting to get a badge.  Assuming something like 30k attendees and last year's average of around 3 hours waiting to get a badge, that's OVER 10 MAN-YEARS of convention attendance time saved (or, assuming an average con-goer spends $40 for every 8 hours they're awake at the con, that's just about half a million in revenue for vendors and local businesses)!
To all of the gals I danced with at the Black and White ball, thanks for the lovely dances!  I was wearing black and white.  Maybe that's not detailed enough...  I was in a tux, top hat, and bow tie, with black and white pocket square.  A special shout-out to the one gal who remembered my name from last year, always a pleasure to dance with you and I remember you too (though forgot your name, I'm horrible with names).  Hope to dance again!
General Convention Discussion / Re: App?
May 22, 2014, 08:59:41 PM
Found a page to scrape the live programming data from, so that is now in my interactive schedule over at  Enjoy!
Update: Live Programming schedule has been scraped and is now also available in the planner!
Quote from: Jimbly on May 22, 2014, 02:06:11 PM
That one is not interactive, or even HTML, sadly.

Sorry if I sounded negative - outside of the context of an interactive program schedule, that one is actually quite useful (and exactly the format I used to print out, and mark up with a highlighter to keep track of what I wanted to see, before the days in which we all have supercomputers in our pockets ; ).
That one is not interactive, or even HTML, sadly.  Last year there was one on which was not bad, although entirely under-advertised so almost no one knew it existed ^_^.  However, it does look like now has a lot of the live programming schedule, so I should be able to get that pulled into the interactive schedule tonight, great!