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Coming in as Yang. Outfit is undecided but probably her alternative one in season two.

Anyone know if there's going to be an RT gathering again this year? Or is it too early to tell? 'Cause I have a FunHaus/GTA V cosplay in the works.
Got several plans on my list!

+ Actually make my cosplays! I've been buying mine but I really want to change that.
+ Find a hotel that's even closer than the Doubletree. I don't mind the shuttle, but I prefer to be within walking distance. It's much easier. Then again, I go in a group so this is out of my control.
+ Bring some kind of air fresher or something, gosh. There was some funky O.B. going around, especially on Saturday.
+ Bring a better bag! Mine was too difficult to open at times.
+ Probably get some contacts, too. I actually lost my glasses on Friday morning but they were found on Sunday night. C:
+ And, finally. Be more sociable! I often find myself talking to other cosplays that are dressed in the same series so it'd be great to go beyond that horizon.

Oh, oh oh oh. And arrive to restaurants earlier rather than later! In five minutes, it can go from completely empty to utter chaos.
Amazing gathering, all! It was actually so much more pleasant compared to last year's. I was one of the many Debonair Ezreals. Much more organized, too! Can't wait to see the photographs!
Officially coming as Debonair Ezreal + another friend who's doing the same cosplay. I couldn't do Jayce nor fem Graves in time. :'D
Hello there! Perhaps someone can assist me here.

First cosplay: I'm looking to cosplay this nifty individual here (Front, and back). I have several questions about how to approach it. Now, let me begin and say my only knowledge of sewing is by hand. I have never used a sewing machine before and the only machine I have here at home is constantly being used. A family member has a job making clothing from home so every time I ask for a lesson, I'm denied. Now, I cannot make his weapon. I'd be flying to Fanime and I'm afraid that they won't let me carry such an item onboard. And I don't want to see my hard work go to waste, either.

But. hm. How could I make the entire chest piece. Like, all of this. I have no idea to begin. This would be the character's splash art. Their model in game is a bit different. Like this. I rather do the in-game model version, rather than their splash. How could I make the.. brown vest-looking item, and the crest. Then, the red-gold armor plating. I haven't gone thrift-store shopping yet but I plan to a week or two from now.

I'd also like to find a way how to make his gloves, the single shoulder pad and the um, fur? feathers? around his neck. OH, and wig! I'd love to cut my own hair short but I am currently trying to find a new job. And get out of my current one. But, I have to unfortunately, still appear decent.

That's one cosplay, now I have another question for another.

Second cosplay: How could one make a glove like this? I'd like to have it light up, heh. But if that's not possible, I want to at least have this item done and completed. I was thinking about using paper mache, but what other options could be available?

Thank you in advance!!
Hey there! If I have time, I will definitely try to be there as James Ironwood.
Definitely making a come back to this next year. Debating on Debonair Ezreal or Jayce, though. Or female Graves.
Hotel Stayed: San Jose Garden Airport
Nights Stayed: I stayed from Thursday to Sunday. My other roommates checked out Tuesday.
Amenities: Double beds, desk, chair? Other than that, that's about it. There was a coffee machine in the bathroom.
Helpfulness of Staff: Didn't really talk to the staff so I'll have to leave this option out.
Roomshares?: Yes. I roomed with five other males. Four males took up two beds so the last one stayed on the door and I slept under the desk provided. I didn't really have any problems with this. Used to sleeping with the floor.
Pros of Hotel: Compared to where I stayed at last year, it was very spacious! Other than that, it's nothing really new. The location is wonderful, though. There was plenty of options to eat at and it pleased all my group of friends who were quietly staying a room over to us.
Cons of Hotel: Okay, I'm gonna go on a little rant here but the little travel guide Fanime provided said that there was a shuttle available for this hotel. My friends and I were overjoyed but when one of us went to the main office and asked why the shuttles kept passing us, they instead passed us a flyer and said that we either had to walk to the Doubletree or Holiday Inn hotels to take the free shuttle to the convention center. This really pissed me off to the point where I actually did the dumb mistake of walking all the way up First street to my hotel at nine in the evening in the complete darkness. It was a two hour walk, and I was in cosplay then so plenty of scary things had happened. I don't understand why they would offer to be listed if they couldn't provide a shuttle here. Other than that, I really had no other problems.
Would You Stay Again: If they don't have a shuttle for next year, no.
Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: Be prepared to bring lots of garbage bags, extra blankets and have comfy shoes should you be housed in the units behind the fitness center. Bring a cooler, too!
Hello! I would prefer if you could privately message me here if you snapped any photos of me but um. Hi! I wore the same cosplay all weekend.

I was dressed up as Classic Twisted Fate from League of Legends from Friday to Sunday. I know there was one other one running around but I was unfortunately the female one!
Here's what I looked like in said cosplay.
And this is what the character looks like!

Thank you!
The meetup was incredible! A ton of people made me laugh and are definitely so sweet. I was one of the two Twisted Fates there. Thank you guys for making my vacation x100 better! Everyone's cosplay was amazing including the two doTA cosplayers.

my summoner name is a used mattress but I only play bots! health issues, etc.
Gaming / Re: Fanime and Cards Against Humanity
May 15, 2014, 12:40:28 AM
Hm, that's an interesting thought. I played this with a round-table full of friends and some con-goers on the first floor right below the stairs last year on Saturday night. They really didn't say anything to us but I also left early due to a bit of exhaustion.
I believe we post here if we're gonna attend, right? Well, I'll be there. Hopefully, my cosplay comes before the day I gatta fly out there. I'll be classic Twisted Fate.
Hello! I have a question. I'm going to be cosplaying as the Batter from off and I read that you couldn't bring metal or wooden bats. That's pretty obvious but I'm also reading around that sometimes not all foam and/or plastic ones get accepted either. So I was curious. Will this work? The base is a hard plastic but the rest of it is foam. I plan to paint over it but if it doesn't get accepted, I'll find something else.

[EDIT] Would this one work instead if the other one isn't approved?