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Hello everyone!

I'll be giving two cosplay help panels this year. The first is Bunnysuit Boot Camp, and the second is Sewing with Knits.

Bunnysuit Boot Camp:

QuoteWith the continued popularity of bunny girls in anime and popular culture, have you ever wondered how to make your own bunnysuit cosplay, but were befuddled by creating such a heavily structured garment? Join cosplayer fabrickind to learn the basics of patterning and sewing Playboy-inspired costumes and other corset-like but non-reducing garments.

This will be Friday, May 26th from 3 - 4 PM in Panels 3

Sewing with Knits:

QuoteKnit fabrics are comfortable, versatile, stretchy, and essential for form-fitting garments like bodysuits, but many sewists can find such stretch fabrics daunting. Come learn from cosplayer fabrickind special fabric choice, sewing, and patterning considerations when working with knit materials.

This will be Friday, May 26th from 6 - 7 PM in Panels 3

Hope to see some of you there! :]
I'm pretty hype!! Gonna be a good con :D

I'm not freaking out about my cosplays as much (though I probably should be, considering the state they're in LOL), but rather the fact that it's getting ever closer to con and I haven't been able to find photographers. I've contacted maybe a dozen people about an Ultimecia shoot and everyone's either booked, not attending the con, or not booking shoots. :| I'll probably just wear it and then do an off-con shoot at some point.

Pretty excited about con generally, though! I've fallen face-first into a new fandom, so I'm pretty excited to attend the gathering for that and debut my first cosplay from it. Probably the first of many, since I'm not even caught up yet and have at least 5 different cosplays (including the one I'm debuting) on my "to do" list, haaa

Oh right, and I need to finish writing my panels. I can do that.
Quote from: xXunyuuXx on April 19, 2017, 12:11:43 AM
Anyone know when online sign ups are open? :)
These usually start at the beginning of May(ish). If we get past the first week of May and there's no info, I'd start to worry, but you still have a couple of weeks.

No contest for me this year (giving a panel right around the same time as the contest, and I have a shoot directly after, so even if I went 'as late as possible' it's not gonna happen), but I'll be glued to open mic, as usual. :] already have a few songs in mind
That doesn't seem terrible for a show like AX where we know what's going to be there (if not in specifics then at least roughly in terms of types of content), but for a first-year show, it does seem pretty pricey. The regular (non-VIP) tickets are $65 for the weekend, so that's not terrible, but only if we know that there's going to be good content. (Those VIP Plus tickets are expensive regardless of content though!)

I'm actually pretty hopeful about this con. I think that Crunchyroll has the industry connections to really pull out a good show, and we all know that NorCal is a bit lacking in the large con department. It seems like it might be a bit ambitious for a first con, but hey, I guess we'll find out how it is when it happens. I think this might be a good counterpoint to AX, which has gotten far too large for its own good.

Now, which cosplay help panels should I submit...?
Yeah, I'm happy that my panels got approved! I'm doing "Bunnysuit Boot Camp" and "Sewing with Knits" this year, and they're both brand-new panels, so it should be good :D

I won't be able to do the karaoke contest, but thankfully open mic tends to start much later at night on Friday, so that's not an issue. I'll be sure to sing plenty of old school songs (as usual)!
I sadly won't be able to make the gathering this year because I'm giving a panel at the exact same time. I'll see if I can swing by right after and say hello if there's still people around, though. :D
So I got into all this craziness literally less than a week ago, and I'm already planning my first cosplay from it.

As long as this doesn't conflict with anything else (panels I'm giving, changing out of my rather difficult costume for the Final Fantasy gathering on Saturday morning), I should be there as Lisa Lisa. Probably doing her red zoot suit when she's in the gondolier disguise.

Saturday afternoon would be easier for me than Sunday, but I can probably work around it either way.
Well, I finished Evangelion. Haven't bothered with End of Evangelion yet (I suddenly got myself into The Jojos and have been bingeing a little), so I'm not sure how much it'll change my opinion on the show, though considering that it replaces the last two episodes, it might improve my opinion a bit.

I have thoughts. And they aren't good ones.

I honestly think that this show is generally good, and that it's important (if it resonates with someone or as a historical artifact), but I don't think it held up, and I think that it's WAY overrated. The fandom side of things and how much it's been held up in the anime community over the years as an example of ~weird deep philosophical anime~ really doesn't seem to mesh with the show itself for me, and without that, I may have enjoyed it more. Though, the last two episodes and how it feels the need to explain itself to me really rubs me the wrong way, fandom or no. Still has one of the best OPs of all time, though. I'll give it that. I've always loved that song.

Wow, I can't believe I'm on internet forums talking about '90s anime with people. This brings me back!

Update to my schedule: I have a panel from 3 - 4 on Friday, though I'm not sure if they've set all of the panels times yet (last year my two acceptances were staggered by about a week), but at least so far, I'll still be able to attend the gathering. Yay! It's looking more likely that I'll be doing Mink from Dragon Half, since I started making her sword and I'm not sure if I want to risk overheating in Juri again, but we'll see.
Quote from: InsaneDavid on February 25, 2017, 03:57:20 PM
I was on the edge of the VHS fansub era outside of some episodes of the later Sailor Moon seasons.  However I did buy many, many artbooks from "some random guy" in the back of many comic stores - including the absolute doppelganger for Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons in a tiny town in the central valley.  "Which book I like least I will allow you the privilege of purchasing from me."  I swear he said that!

I've never been able to really get into Chrono Cross.  I've tried a few times over the years, since the day it was released actually, but it just doesn't click with me.  It's just too different from what I expected it to be and I've never been able to get over that I suppose.  The only Final Fantasy game I've ever really liked was IX but I've never been able to definitively explain why.  I mean to swing around and play VII (I know, I know) and VIII but as with anime, there are always fan translation efforts coming out that pull my attention.  The fan translation of Lagrange Point is next on my list and that's been out for over two years at this point.

For Evangelion, after finishing the original run completely, I think I went back and then watched the director's cut revised episodes 21 - 24, and then The End of Evangelion as if I'm remembering correctly that's how the new continuity ties together.  It didn't improve or diminish my feelings concerning the show, but there are some really nicely animated sequences.  If anything, I don't feel like it was a waste of my time to do so.  Then again, Kaji is my favorite character in Evangelion, so no one cares about my opinions on the series anyway. haha
I just barely remember the days of only being able to get anime and manga from comic book shops, and I think that it helped that I have an older sister (two years older), since I'm only in my late 20s and would have been in my tweens during the tail end of that era. I think my sister got some sort of weird promotional set of Ranma VHS tapes from a guy in a comic book shop. I do remember in my tweens or early teens when Tokyopop became a thing and then the local bookstores got manga sections and it was the /best/ thing ever. Whether luckily or unluckily for me, the right age for weebishness happened to perfectly coincide with the era of anime just beginning to expand into the mainstream and become available. These younger weebs have it so easy. :P (Oh god and I was an obnoxious weeaboo...)

I avoided Chrono Cross for a LONG time because I was mad that it wasn't Chrono Trigger, but then actually at last year's Fanime someone convinced me to play it, and I'm glad I did, since I ended up really enjoying it. I can see why it's the kind of game that wouldn't click with someone, though, especially if you are someone who played Chrono Trigger heavily (like I did), since it really is very different.

I think I might like FFIX. Never got into VII (the blasphemy!), or, really, any other FF game except VIII. That one's kind of an odd one, and I think that's what I liked it. Wouldn't mind trying VI at some point.

I got to I think episode 22 of NGE, and I'm pretty sure it gave me a migraine, so I need to lay off the old school anime for a bit haha (too many flashing lights.) It seems to pick up around episode 20 or so, but still seems like it's overrated and still is not at all what I expected. I would have taken the pretentious, convoluted, obscure anime that all the detractors say it is over what I've actually watched so far. It's not bad at all, but it's still not the masterpiece it's been built up to be. Well, I suppose I'll reserve judgment until after my migraine gets better and I can finish out the series. (I was hoping to hold off on replying until I finished, but who knows when that will be now.)

I can see why someone would like Kaji. Honestly, Misato, Kaji, and Ritsuko are the only characters I actually like in this show. I can understand the motivations for characters like Shinji, Rei, and Asuka, but I don't really feel any connection to them, and certainly don't feel anything resembling moe for them (especially the girls). We'll see once I finish. Still tempted by Misato cosplay, but probably not for Fanime. I think I'd also make a good Ritsuko, though.

Speaking of cosplaying characters voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi, whether I can attend this gathering depends on panels scheduling first and foremost, since I put down the timeslot that includes 6PM on Friday as one of my available times. My plans are up in the air, but my current plan (depending on things like weather and if I can rustle up other Utena cosplayers) is to wear either Juri Arisugawa from Utena (if it isn't too hot out) or Mink from Dragon Half (if it is too hot out).
Saturday at 10AM, huh?

My Fanime schedule is currently more question marks than anything, but that's a favorable time for wearing Ultimecia, so I might be persuaded to attend in that. Either that or Harle from Chrono Cross, depending on how hard mode I want to go.
Registration / Re: Reg Location 2017
February 28, 2017, 03:31:10 PM
Reg last year was in the Marriott. This is in the convention center.

You know the "hub" area when you walk into the front doors of the convention center and walk straight back towards the wall rather than going up the stairs or down the hallways underneath the concourse level (that run the length of the convention center)? Where there's historically (since the renovation at least) been a stage and chairs set up? It's going to be there.

The area marked "The Hub" on this map (page 2 of the pdf, Parkway level):

This is where registration was originally (since Fanime moved to San Jose that is), and was last there in 2012. 2013 saw the disastrous move to the Fairmont, 2014 - 2015 was the refreshing move to the area under where the AA is located (ground floor of the new wing once that opened), and 2016 saw the disastrous move to the Marriott. Now it's back where it used to be. There were some traffic issues and line issues the last couple of years it was there, so I hope those things get solved.
Registration / Re: Reg Location 2017
February 28, 2017, 02:17:33 PM
Interesting! Moving back to the original location. I wonder how traffic flows will be set up now that there are no longer stairs under there going to the concourse level (since that was the exit back when reg was down there before)?

Hopefully this won't be Linecon again.
No one is going to think your costume is ugly because you don't have large breasts. :] Don't worry.

I have fairly small breasts myself (the equivalent volume of a 34A or 34B but in a smaller band size -- 28D or 28DD) and have had no problems doing bunnysuit cosplays.

Though, I have to wonder how getting cleavage hurts your chest. What method are you using? If you are doing something like the drag queen tape method or pushing your breasts together with your hands, you may be pushing too far. Your breasts may be too small, dense, or far apart for that "buttcrack" style cleavage you usually see. If that's the case, I'd recommend doing a bit of contour shading with makeup, still wearing pushup padding, and going with it. Padding in and of itself shouldn't hurt you in any way.

I'd recommend adding a bit of padding to the suit, mostly just to keep it smooth in front and to create the illusion of a bit more curve. You don't have to make the bust larger than your actual bust and pad out to get overtly larger breasts, but just those molded foam push-up bra cups from the fabric store should suffice. This will also help prevent the ends of your boning from poking you, if you choose to end the boning underneath the bust (I usually do for the center and side front seams -- side seam boning will NEED to go above bust level). Adding bra cups to the structure of the suit will keep the structure of the suit in place and smooth better than if you were to go without any sort of cup in there (and just the fabric).

Here's a good shot of how a bunnysuit looks on me:

If you need any tips on how to make the suit, let me know. I've done two so far, and they get easier each time.
I totally agree! There's something about the old hand-drawn cels that seem to have, maybe? The imperfections tend to give it a bit of character and it seems more lively somehow. I think it helps that I tend to prefer the aesthetics of older anime over newer anime.

I was lucky in my youth that I just barely missed the days of sketchy 12th generation VHS fansubs copied off of some guy in the back of a comic store. DVDs were super expensive and streaming wasn't a thing yet, so we pretty much took what we could get. Anime fans getting into it now have it so easy. :P

We has a small anime selection at the local Hollywood Video, but nothing really groundbreaking. Of course, it was all stuff way too mature for a preteen/young teen to be watching, like Ninja Scroll, Akira, Devil Hunter Yoko, Vampire Hunter D, and Ghost in the Shell (which I hated the first time I saw it when I was like...10 or 11, maybe), and then some Sailor Moon movies, but the selection did expand some over the years. I'm sad that video rental stores are no longer really a thing, for many reasons. :|

The JRPG I played most recently was Chrono Cross. I know, I know, I'm late to the party, but I avoided it for many years because of my love of Trigger. I'm currently working hard on a Harle cosplay, if that means anything about how I felt about it after avoiding it for so long. :P It's actually quite a good game. Not perfect, but what is, really? I've mostly avoided Final Fantasy because none of them have held my attention other than 8. Legend of Mana is my favorite game of all time, and that's...really something. Such a strange game.

The newest JRPG I've played was one that came out maybe 5 years ago or so called Radiant Historia. FANTASTIC game. Highly recommended if you have a DS and like JRPGs and haven't played it. Really underrated little game. It really hearkens back to the glory days of the genre, and has fantastic Yoko Shimomura music to boot.

So far, I'm maybe...18 or 19 episodes into Evangelion? I'm pretty disappointed with it, actually. I know that I still have 7 episodes or so remaining, plus End of Evangelion (should I bother with all the subsequent releases? where do I even start with those?), but it's been built up so much as this masterpiece, and I really don't see it. It's good, don't get me wrong, it's just not as good as I expected it to be. It's also not all that weird so far. Everyone talks about how it's weird and kind of out there and heavily symbolic, but it seems relatively straightforward to me so far. I know the ending is supposed to go off the rails, and that End of Evangelion is supposed to go off the rails in a totally different way, but still, not really impressed so far.

Also, this week's song is one of my go-to karaoke songs. :D That's the best version of it, too.
I would recommend looking at the weapons policy:

QuoteFanimeCon Rovers define "Live Steel" as metal which has, or can, take an edge. While this primarily applies to swords, it can also apply to other props.

Ice skates certainly qualify there. They're also really dangerous to carry around or ESPECIALLY to wear around. Don't do it!!
(Ice skates PSA, plus alternative footwear options)

I don't see anything about it in a quick glance on the weapons policy, but rollerblades or skates have never been allowed in the past as far as I know (just ask any Jet Set Radio or Air Gear cosplayers!). This is also dangerous to wear in a con setting and can possibly damage the floors of the convention center.

I don't know the answer to the quiver question, so you'll have to wait on an official answer there.

For brandishing weapons, I think that as long as it is clear that you are posing for a photo and are static, it's good. It's when you're walking around the con swinging a sword or pointing a gun at things or people that there's a problem. I've certainly never had an issue with posing with a clearly prop weapon, peacebonded, so it looks like I am about to use it or am in the middle of use, since it's a controlled environment of a static pose, no one around (or only someone I'm posing with around), and (a) photographer(s) standing there taking a picture of me. Of course, I try not to point prop guns into a crowd or near people anyway unless I'm pointing directly at the photographer and they clearly know it's a prop and can't fire. Things like posing with a fake arrow on an unstrung bow, again as long as you aren't pointing it into a crowd or anything, should be fine.

I think the official answer would be that you still shouldn't brandish a weapon, even in that specific setting, but I think that as long as you are smart about it, it shouldn't be an issue. Certainly, it's never been an issue for me and many years of cosplaying. ;]
Excited to see what the hub space will be used for! I'm sure it'll be something good.

Also excited for the photo room. Any chance of getting AX-style backdrops or even just con-provided props to use?
Quote from: InsaneDavid on February 22, 2017, 09:41:41 AM
Lately I've really been trying to think of more "modern" stuff that I like and, although I'm not specifically trying to thumb my nose at anything, there's really very little I can think of.  I did really like Durarara!!  Um, I'm finally getting around to watching Angel Heart, and I am really enjoying the kind of alternate-reality take on City Hunter.  Ah, I thought Space Symphony Maetel was great.  I thought Sailor Moon Crystal was ooooooookay.  Patlabor Reboot was a really good modernization of Mobile Police Patlabor in current society, one-off short as it was.

Yeah, a lot of that is a modern extension or rework or the like but I just absolutely cannot get into any of the things that are super popular right now.  Then I remember there is so much older stuff I've been interested in that is constantly getting a re-release or a new fansub that I have plenty to watch heading the other direction down the timeline.

Ah, and still unofficial at this point as to final location, but with the announcement that Gatherings G4 is going to be unavailable for Fanime this year, we're going to more than likely move the gathering just a bit toward the main entrance to one of the tiered platforms by the stairs.  I think this is the best choice as it's closest to where this gathering has traditionally been located and it shouldn't be THAT hectic over there on Friday evening.
I feel the same way about a lot of things. Is it nostalgia (even if I hadn't seen that anime before)? Or do I just tend to like that style of anime better?

An example: if an anime came out next season about two cute bikini-clad cops in space, I'd probably write it off as generic moe fanservice type stuff. Even if I watched it, I probably wouldn't like it. But if a show like that came out in 1985, it would be (and is...) my current obsession. Not that all anime from the '80s and '90s and automatically good (oh my god I just watch the Megami Paradise OVAs and that's easily the worst anime I've seen in a long time...but the designs are so cosplayable!), but I tend to like that kind of thing better than modern things, even if it doesn't always hold, even for classics (never got into Urusei Yatsura, for example). Sure, something like Dirty Pair is silly and fluffy and has major issues, but the style of it and the way an anime of that era is told appeals to me much more than something newer, even if the premise were similar. There's something stylistically endearing about older anime that newer anime just doesn't have for me.

Maybe if I got into anime now, I'd like the newer stuff and in 15 years be lamenting that things aren't as good as they were 15 or 20 years before. I don't know. But it seems like even if older anime fell into a lot of pandering to specific otaku tastes, it was at least pandering /my/ specific otaku tastes. (I think it also helps that ~15 years ago [probably more like 16 or 17 now -- I was quite young] when I got into anime, it was much harder to come by, so what made it to the US was pretty much the cream of the crop, and things like Megami Paradise were thankfully filtered out.  It was also right at the start of anime entering at least somewhat into the mainstream, with Toonami, anime on Adult Swim, Tokyopop and manga sections in bookstores, DVDs becoming available at Suncoast, etc., most of which I remember happening, so that there was a richer history of anime to mine that hadn't been released stateside yet, so we could get the best of multiple eras rather than just the current era.)

Don't even get me started on video games! It doesn't exactly help that my favorite genre (JRPGs) have largely gone by the wayside in the form that I loved them in. The best game I've played in the past year came out in 1999.

As for newer anime, there's been a few things I've liked in the past several years. Eden of the East is a mess but I liked it. Mawaru Penguindrum is...certainly not Utena, but I enjoyed it enough to watch it a second time. (I've so far resisted Yuri Kuma Arashi.) I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed Yuri on Ice. It's not this amazing masterpiece that a lot of fans seem to think it is, but it's a pretty solid anime. This is coming from someone who generally does not like sports anime. Other things not quite old school but not new: I love both Red Garden and Kino's Journey. Watched them both around 10 years ago. RG is a mess, full of plotholes, and I'm really glad they did away with the musical aspect, but I liked it a lot. Kino is fantastic and was my favorite series for many years.

Otherwise, I've been watching a lot of anime in the past year and a half or so, more than I have in the past 10 or 15 years, but most of it has been older things I never got around to back in the day! It was all kicked off by my best friend forcing me to watch Utena, and...well, I fell in love. Easily my favorite anime of all time. I don't know why I never watched it sooner. I've watched Serial Experiments Lain and The Rose of Versailles since, and am currently working my way through Evangelion and the aforementioned Dirty Pair. I like to throw on anime in the background while sewing, and I've found that Golden Boy is good for that. Tried to do that with Lost Universe but it got plot heavy so I stopped because I couldn't pay attention to the subtitles /and/ my sewing machine.

Ugh. I'm too young to feel this old! I'm not even 30 yet!
The forums are freaking out on me. I hope this only posted twice.
This answer will change based on whether the teens will be there late/have a hotel room or whether they will just be there during the day.

If the teens are going to be there during the day and picked up in the evening, I'd give a cautious yes to being unsupervised, but having at the very least an older teen in the group would be best. If we're talking 12 and 13 or so, supervision would be best. If we're talking 15 or 16 or so, they can probably handle themselves. Set ground rules, such as having to stay in a group, not going outside of designated con areas (walking to the Fairmont and back or going to a gathering in the park should be safe, but wandering around DTSJ might not be) or otherwise designated areas, and/or having to inform someone whenever leaving the con premises with where they are going and checking in when they get there and come back.

If the teens are going to have a hotel room, have an adult there. It's a 24-hour con. Lots of people have parties and alcohol. Walking to restaurants around the area is generally fine during the day (and con goers are usually everywhere during con and pretty good and looking out for people), but can get sketchy at night. Even if you trust the teens to not get into any mischief (which does happen since cons tend to lower inhibitions for everyone but especially teens), there's no guarantee that someone else isn't going to get them into mischief.

Generally, the con itself (as in, inside the convention center) is pretty safe, especially during the daytime. I can't imagine them getting into too much trouble there, especially since teens tend to stick together at cons, and tend to group up by fandom. ("The con itself" does cover a large area, though, as pointed out earlier.) Unless they somehow run in with the wrong crowd or have an unfortunate experience with someone creepy, they'll likely be fine as long as they are generally well-behaved. Really, the worst that generally happens with young teens at cons is that they get a bit rowdy and overexcited and may look back in 10 years and cringe a little. It's not safe enough to leave someone as young as 12 or 13 there without at least an older teen with them, though, I'd think, especially since they may not be mature enough or have enough life experience to make good decisions, and may be overly trusting or naive.

When I was much younger and attending this con, that was many years ago when the scene was different and the con was much smaller. Generally, the rule that my parents had was that my sister (older by ~2 years) and I had to stick together, and we couldn't leave the con itself without a parent with us. I'd say that's a pretty decent rule these days, too, now that there's more people.

Also, while older people at cons will often look out for those who are younger when needed, we're not babysitters and don't always want the responsibility of keeping someone else's kids safe. I had an experience once where I was running an off-site event at night (we got back to the con around 10PM and walked several blocks to a dinner location) and found out /once we got there/ that some of the people in the group were as young as 12 and had no adult supervision. Even the oldest person in that group of people was around 14. I was pretty sketched out that there were such young people at an off-site nighttime event run by a grown-ass adult stranger with no supervision whatsoever, and was super thankful that I was the one running the event and not a predator of some type, and that the kids were relatively well-behaved. (I made the events 21+ after that!)

So I'd say that if the kids are old enough to take care of themselves, it would be okay if they were there during the day, but proceed with caution. If they're going to be there at night or overnight, adult supervision is a must.

And really, if the teens are old enough, supervision doesn't have to be that a parent is there by their side the whole time as long as you make sure they stay in a group and check in occasionally. You can always hit up the hotel bar, the pool, the Tech museum down the street, catch a  movie, find fans closer to your age, etc., and still be nearby enough to check on them or go with them places offsite, so it doesn't feel like "ugh, mom/dad has to hover around me all day" for them, and it doesn't feel like "oh my god I'm so old why am I here" for you.

So in a nutshell: during the day, onsite only? Maybe, if the teens are especially mature, but I'd lean towards no. Much better if there's at least an older teen in the group.
During the day, offsite? A little iffy, so be sure to have at least one older person in the group and have them check in with someone else when leaving the con center itself.
At night? Hard no. Have an adult there.

Of course, different people will have different opinions on this, and it depends a lot on the kids themselves. About the youngest that I'd be comfortable with letting go free at the con without supervision of someone older is 16, but I'd still make sure they had someone older around at night. 13 is too young, especially if there is only one teen or if there are multiple teens who tend to have the effect of creating peer pressure and lowering inhibitions or the ability to say no, or that ramp up and create so much excitement with each other that they may not notice danger.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests for Fanimecon 2017
January 27, 2017, 09:06:34 AM
Quote from: Nina Star 9 on June 01, 2016, 09:36:16 AM
I don't think it'll ever happen at this con, but I would love to see Kotono Mitsuishi. A fan can dream, right? ;]
You know. This year is the 25th anniversary of the Sailor Moon anime. It would be great to have her seiyuu come on board.

Again, I doubt it'll happen at this con, but I can still dream.