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waa you all are nuts! but i do know a human chess game can be done. a friend of mine had a game at her college of Ninja's vs Samurai (she was dressed like naruto)  and it all worked out. i think it'd be an interesting idea...but you gotta take into consderation the hot sun and people standing around for a long time. chess games take a while...well i'll be looking forward to seeing how this all gets played out!

as for the cartoon network stuff, i fear for the future of naruto. the only think that seems promising is the voice of kakashi, Steve Blum was it? he was the voice of Spike from Bebop, sooo i don't think he'll do that bad of a job. siiiigh we'll just have to see what happens...>_<

well most of the bad things that happened, happened around me and thankfully, not to me. my der cosplay group had some drama cuz we were all lacking in sleep and people kept getting hurt left and right. we had someone blackout, someone pass out in the shower, one person pull a muscle in her leg, and one land on her knee worng while doing gymnastics and then have some sort of anxiety attack and almost passout in the hotel room 30 minutes before curtain call. did i mention someone fell down some stairs and one of our fans got totalled? oh yea and one of our people got no sleep all night cuz of costume problems and such. we had fun. i was SO amazed that we managed to live through sunday. i was paranoid that something REALLY bad was going to happen. but overall, it was a great weekend!

so far i'm thinking for sure to do
Hyuuga Hinata (naruto)
Taichi Dan (Prince of Tennis)

and maaaaybe
Ayame (Furuba)
i'm still thinking though.....hmmm

aa man! you guys are crazy! it was a total blast though! (i was the naruto with the Gamakichi)

i'm not sure if i'll do a naruto character next year....i was thinking Hinata though cuz i SOOO wanna be Hinata. yea. i think i just decided... i'm gunna be hinata. i'm gunna start working on it RIiiiiight now! haha^_^

hooray for having time to start my Al costume!!!! boo for 3 more finals to do...>_<
i hit the jackpot at Salvation Army last friday and found the perfect pants, shoes and a shirt to cut up and make pretty! i got a wig too...i just need the gloves and to make the jacket! i'm sooo excited!!  aaa fun fun!
 can't wait!

if he's gunna be hughes, don't forget his photos of Elysia-chan! ^_^

i think we should move it back to 11. that way everyone would have plenty of time for pics and to get to the meeting. i just wish they'd announce a set time for the meeting already..>_<

according the big list of meet ups..there are no other meetings at 11 in saturday...soo maybe just push it back earlier? i dunno. maybe the manditory meeting can change cuz we were here first? hmmm

sorry to double post but i noticed that the manditory meeting for Der Cosplay on saturday seems like it's gunna interfere with the FMA gathering...hmmm

aye aye captain! ^_~

Al is still squishy cute!! he's my absolute favorite and that's why i'm giddy that i can do this costume! ^_^

hey! for the longest time i was pondering what other costume i should do for fanime (naruto being my other) until one day i found a certian pic from FMA and i just knew i had to do it. sooo with any luck...i'll be dressed a Al from the new upcoming movie!!!! i'm soo incredibly excited about this costume that i'm guna try everything to make sure it works! I LOVES ARU!!!! ^_^ soo giddy...sooo if i can get this together i'll be at the gathering! ::crosses fingers and gets sewing::

General Anime Chat / Beck
« on: April 10, 2005, 01:18:49 AM »
i just finished the anime....AAA!!! the best!!!! the manga is up to volume 22 and is being released in the US by tokyopop this summer!  pssssst that manga is better than the anime! if you liked the anime, you'll love the manga 10X more!! the art is better, the jokes are better, and Saitou-san is more perverted! HEHEHE! i recommend it to everyone! ^_^

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