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I'll be there as Captain Hook, along with shan yu, and maleficent.

I will be there as Captain Hook, my fiancé as Shan-Yu, and my mother in law as maleficent.

I will be there as Captain Hook, my fiancé as Shan-Yu, and my mother in law as maleficent.

I hate to say it but maybe all those threads should have been moved to a sub-forum, locked, and then create this generic thread? Because now we have a bunch of crazy fans talking to themselves... >.>;

I completely agree. This constant cluster-fuck of forums being locked, unlocked, moved, deleted, moved again then combined and finally unlocked has created a mess. Much like how the con itself felt.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Weird photogapher
« on: May 30, 2013, 01:36:43 AM »
I think I have had experiences like with the photographer you mentioned, it may be the same man. Sadly this guy took my picture even when I said no. He claims to have a blog and posts the photos there which I am not happy with at all. If I manage to find his card (I think I kept one because like you he gave me a bad vibe.) I'll post the information here for you.

It is exactly as :Nina Star 9: said. We post on the FORUMS because we wish to share and read about the collected con experience. I am sure plenty of us can post in here as well fill out the feedback form that you need. Mostly I am tired of seeing excuses as the only response out of staff. 

I can't even begin to describe how much of a let down this con was. Each and every issue that took place before, at and after this Fanime 2013 has been given the same response of "If you think you can do better then volunteer", "We were under staffed", or "It's complicated.".

The underlined expectation that I see from these responses is that nothing will change. Forums will continue to be locked, blocking fellow con goers the ability to share in there own experiences (GOOD and BAD) about this year. Badge pick up Lines (pre-reg and not) will continue to last longer than the con it's self. Artists ally will continue to feel like its planning was the left to the last minute and god forbid you ask any questions. Cosplayers will repeatedly be disappointed by a computer-less and un-organized cosplay spectacular. And hours to months spent working on an outfit for the black and white ball will be put to waste, because they weren't even allowed in the door.

My prediction for future years is that some people will continue to attend Fanime, but no one will even bother to buy a badge. Why pay to wait in line, or be turned away when the most fun people have at this con is being outside the con itself and do what we do best. BE FANS WITH THE FANS.

I post this on the FORUMS because I wish to hear what other people who have attended Fanime 2013 have to say about this year. If staff wants they can respond to my feedback form that will be sent to them via the link they posted.

Im bringing Halloween Russia, and king of clubs only. Will anyone else be wearing any of the Halloween costumes? or the playing card ones?

I also might bring fritz.

Some friends and I will be at fanime this year dressed from peter pan. I'll be captain hook.
we have a pan, Wendy, Tiger Lilly, hook....

We'll try to stop by! <3

im uploading footage of all the fanime gathering i went to and stoped at.

the first on is up!!

yugioh gathering:


i have over 8 hours of tape to go through, i even have a lot of footage from just walking around to con.
i hope to have them all posted soon!!

im working on vocaloids now.

General Convention Discussion / Re: FanimeCon 2009 Photos
« on: June 06, 2009, 04:41:52 PM »
im uploading videos of the fanime gatherings.
the first one is up. of the yugioh gathering, im working on uploading the vocaloid ones next.

i have a lot to work with... 8 hours oh tape to work through.

yugioh gathering:      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaOLSYzzJGg

ive looked everywhere and the only pic ive found of the yugioh gathering is the one when everyone is under the god card cosplay. T-T
thats Carma for you.

General Convention Discussion / Re: FanimeCon 2009 Photos
« on: May 26, 2009, 11:16:23 PM »
who took photos of the yugioh gathering?

dose anyone have or know where i ca get pics of the gatherings?

i really want the ones from the yugioh gathering and the fruit baskets gatherings.
i was the yami yugi and the ritsu.

i also cosplayed luka(vocaloid), dark (dnangel), tsunade, and axel.

but im mostly looking for pics of my yugi cosplay, and ritsu.

so please people help me out.

ill mostly be wearing my blood elf cosplay on day zero. Thursday. maybe some of the other wow cosplayers could meet up?

yo! im cosplaying yami yugi, see you their!

im going to be jukostu at the cosplay chess (code geass vs cosplayers)

it might be cool if the other inuyasha characters showed up too!!

Day:Sunday x3
Time: 12:30pm Please come by 12 pm or so for attendance and early start of the game!!!
Location: fountains by Hilton side

yo! is anyone interested in a DNAngel gathering?

i was thinking we could have it friday @ 4:00, monday any time, or just b4 the black and white ball @ 6:30.
i liked the idea of having it right b4 the black and white ball bc then the dnangel characters can dance with each other.

but im very open to ideas!


dark: avatarkayla (snow and dark/volume 7 version)
hands of time:

If anyone has scene suggestions, Please, post them!

ok well ill be bring my video camera so we can film the gathering.
as for scenes i was planing on reenacting some of axel's fights with roxas. as well as doing some many yaoi shots. XD
i also have a lot of kingdom hearts music from the game. so all we need is some speakers and were good!

some other scenes... like when riku strangled emo boy!
oh and axel's death scene.... sora reaching for Kaire like at the end of kh1.... um their are so many i want to do.

oh bad timing, im going to the fruit basket gathering, i was thinking of packing up my al suit of armor and bringing it....   but i would not be able to make it to the gathering.

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