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Hey there!

I'm selling my Figma Miku Series 014. Complete with Box. Photos are available on request. 100% Legitimate.

Also Selling Revoltech Jehuty Series 103. Complete with box.

Asking $60 for Miku and $45 Jehuty. Can also mail them, just add $6 each to cover shipping charges. Available in Bay Area to meet in person as well. Unfortunately I can't wait until Fanimecon to sell these... because I'm not going this year.
Roommates Wanted:\
+ Introduction: I'm Nick, this is my 10th Fanime, and I'm also graduating from SJSU. I'm an overall cool dood.
+ Hotel Information: Marriot Thursday To Monday
+ Costs: Ideally, I need only one more extra person at $140 (covers all room fees). But if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/ bro you just can't separate from and they want to come too, I'll make an exception and we can do $112 per person Everyone must pay their fair share. I cannot afford to eat the costs of the room this year. So these prices are FIRM.
+ Requirements: 18 Minimum, 21+ preferred. This is my 10th fanime and my College career is about to be finished, so I want to party hard. No kids, sorry. Bring your own food, booze, video games, whatever. Don't do anything illegal and we are A-OK!
+ Contact: drop me a pm here, email [email protected]
+ Miscellaneous: looking forward to hanging out!
People drinking straight alcohol on the marriot side.... at two in the afternoon... on Friday.
I was collecting emails for people who wanted copies of the pictures I took of them. There was a morrigan on saturday afternoon that I took of pictures of. We exchanged contacts but hers did not save on my phone. If you are reading this just send me a PM. Ill also upload to flickr and

Additionally I was the guy who wore a leather jacket both friday and saturday nights, friday at the speed dating and sat at the dance, and I danced horribly.
Happened twice. Theres alot of drunk people about so its more than likely they pulled it.
This post is pending, but I might have some empty spots available due to potential no shows.

thurs to mon
139 for tonight/ 115 tomorrow
18 up prefeered

Text me 408 857 5952
Solved and crisis averted.
Quote from: redroses3164 on May 24, 2011, 06:23:15 PM
@Knightfire: It says in the first post:
Quote from: angeljibrille on February 15, 2011, 01:05:27 PM
9. When you register *online*, you will get a number for each day (example: 19). We will have "Southwest Style" grouping areas in the line outside (1-20, 21-40, 41-60, etc.). If you are #19, you would get into group 1-20. You will be served according to your number. So, #1 is first, then #2, etc. There will be signs posted outside of Exhibit Hall 3 with your Last Name and your Registration number, in case you forgot what it is.

So I made it into the swap meet I assume? Because I was #115 on here
is it going by the order they registered in?
So those who were on the waitlist got in?
Quote from: yaki-ika on May 23, 2011, 05:49:00 PM
Quote from: Knightfire on May 23, 2011, 01:55:25 PM
Still no response. Is the above poster incharge of the event?


And it sounds you replied later than when I sent out the waitlist email. I can assure you that you are on the waiting list. Please look to the first post in the thread (with the rules) to see the updated version. It will explain everything you need to know about being on the waiting list :)

I missed that part my apologies.

Thank you for your help.
Still no response. Is the above poster incharge of the event?
Didnt even knew they were doing it this year. I know ill be waitlisted if I do hear back
Oh.... I sent mine in yesterday :P
Heard back on saturday. No problems.
How long does it take to get a response back after sending in the entry form?
I may just do that kyra if I dont hear from them by monday morning.
I dont remember getting a phone number from them. Ill have to check.

Edit: no phone but friended him on facebook. Awaiting reply.