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See you guys tomorrow! ^.^/

Where's the Vizard support this year? :{

I support you! <3

Thank you! T^T

Of coarse I do too. After all, she is one of the  two 'not retarded' Vizards.

Awwwww~ Yuu! You're giving me warm fuzzies inside. XD who's the other one?

Two More Days!

@ Mi Feng
Which version of her are you doing?
I'll be doing her Shinigami outfit.
Yay! Lisa needs more representation! \^o^/

Where's the Vizard support this year? :{
Me! I'll also be there as Lisa. :)
Add my brother as Rose.

And of course Toshi!! \^o^/

Yay! Vizard Support!!

@ Mi Feng
Which version of her are you doing?

I'll be there for like 15 minutes or so then I got to go to another gathering =/

Yeah...I think that's happening a lot this Saturday. XD

Where's the Vizard support this year? :{

10 More Day! :D

Alright, we've got a healthy-sized list so far, and I'm sure plenty more will show up to join in the fun at the convention. Only a few more weeks to go, everyone ready?
I'm ready for Fanime! 10 more days! :D

No way you guys are going as Lucy and Happy!? I'll be Natsu and gf will be Gray so if you don't mind maybe we can take pics and hang together( since we need to discuss the Soul Eater gathering anyway) xD

Yep! I'm going as Lucy. :D

Ahhhh, I remember you mentioning thing. Looks like fun, I don't know if time schedules will allow it, but I may try and show up. ^__^

Friday is definitely a better date for me. Saturday is waaaaay too busy otherwise.

Anyways, my friend is dead set on me being Lucy, so I'm going to try my hardest. I have half of the pieces already, it's just a matter of finishing it. ^^;

You know there's someone on the forums hosting Soul Eater too, right?

I'm trying for Medusa again, as long as I get those blasted dots done.

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: CLAMP 2010
« on: April 05, 2010, 11:55:05 AM »
I will try to make it to this gathering as the Mirror Card from CardCaptor Sakura

So the new chapter was interesting

Can someone just kill Yammy and make him STAY DEAD?! PLEASE?!? I mean really, is that too much to ask? He's a pain in the arse anyways, and his only purpose is to annoy the daylight out of us. -grumbles- Though The Creeper is back, but not doing anything so I'm not as worried about him. Aizen's "God" speech came back; knew where he was leading with that the second he opened his trap. -shakes fist at him-

But oooh how I luved the look on Shinji's face!! Nearly gave me chills.  ;D Phooey on Tousen for beginning to break out a hollow mask. Drat him.

@ Elite

I like it! No turkey-carving power!!  :o

He's also stupid and hideous....oooh you meant YAMMY I thought we were talking about kenpachi. * Shrug* Either way.

This proves that Skin Bolic is not dead. He was simply reborn into a different Shonen Manga.

Also, I'm finished with my B2009 calender. Do you want the poster with Lisa on it?

-GASPS- Would I?!  :D

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