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Yes that is me!:D Are you one of the Yui?? (which one??)
And I'll thank you in advance for the pictures!<3

Rachel from Blazblue on Friday and Sunday
Mio from K-ON!! Season 2 ED (cake ver. with her in black dress and curly pigtail)
If you have photos of me or the Blazblue/Guilty Gear and K-ON! Gathering, please PM me, thank you so much!

Does anyone have photos of the gathering? My friend was changing into his cosplay so I couldn't get any photos of the gathering.
Also, I was Mio from Season 2 ED Cake ver., so if you have any photos of me and could PM me though, it would be greatly appreciated!:D

Does anyone have photos of the gathering? My friend who has the camera abandoned me at the gathering so I didn't get any photos, so any photos would be greatly appreciated!
Also, I cosplayed Rachel on both Friday for the gathering and on Sunday, so if you spotted me and have pictures, it would be awesome if you can PM me links^_^

Gathering tomorrow!! 4 o'clock sounds great since it'll give me time to check into hotel and change. See you all tomorrow

Going to day 0 today, can't wait until the gathering, I'm finally totally finished with the costume

My first Blazblue cosplay!
I'll be there in Rachel Cosplay (the usual color, black and red)
Hopefully I'll actually attempt to make her props, but so many other cosplay needs to get done>_<

Hi! sorry I checked this so late cuz I've been busy with school works (also cuz I couldn't find the thread on's forum for the longest time, then I realized its here).
I cosplayed Mio's "don't say lazy" version last year for Fanime, this year I'll be there as season two ending "Listen!" version (the one in which Mio's in the cake in her black dress). I just saw my last year's picture there on the first page, can't wait to see many of you guys there again this year!:D

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