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I'm the one with the guitar. I found a few more pictures of you and the gathering in general searching on these forums and online.

Here's a few of the pictures I've located. Thanks again to RyuHayabusa who provided most of these pictures.  ;)
Quote from: RyuHayabusa on June 01, 2010, 01:21:53 PM
Here are my general con photos from Fanime 2010:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Feel free to tag yourselves if you are in those pics and if you would like to add me to your facebook friends list, I can do that as well :D

Thanks for taking such good pictures of the K-On! Gathering! We were the CRAZY group. My group'll be happy to see them! :)
Quote from: kazenokazuki on June 01, 2010, 12:18:33 PM
Does anyone have photos of the gathering? My friend was changing into his cosplay so I couldn't get any photos of the gathering.
Also, I was Mio from Season 2 ED Cake ver., so if you have any photos of me and could PM me though, it would be greatly appreciated!:D

Was this you? The outfit was adorable.  ;D

EDIT: I'll add more pictures of the gathering probably tomorrow. I'm trying to get them all from my friends who were taking pictures.
Well, you never know who you'll run into on the forums. I was one of your surprised hotel neighbors in room 600. Our guy friend thought Mario was pretty hot.  ;)
So looks like our "Official Time" is 2:30 on Saturday? Sounds good to me. :)
Hi! Just checking in again. My group is doing okay cosplay-wise (although some of us are procrastinators) and we should have it all together for the gathering. The only thing I have left for my Yui is the shoes. Just a little more work to be done to them. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!
I have never attended any of the Musicfests in my 6 years of going to Fanime, (mostly because I was under the impression that the only bands that get booked are visual kei, and it's not really my thing), but I would definitely, definitely be in line for these people:

  • the pillows (They're legends, they love their fans, and they have their music played in anime)
  • Utada Hikaru (Very well known)
  • Tommy Heavenly6 (I think she'd fit in pretty well)
  • YUI (She'd get all the Bleach fans, at the very least, which is quite a lot)
  • Jyukai (Not sure how they'd do live, their music is pretty slow-tempo'd)
  • Kalafina (Same issue as Jyukai, but they'd be pretty awesome to hear)
  • School Food Punishment (Not sure exactly how popular they are, but they are really exceptional)

Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself and mention my planned group. I plan to go as Yui, and have 4 friends who will be joining me as Mugi, Mio, Ritsu, and Azu-nyan. We will all be going as the apparently very popular Don't Say Lazy ending.  ;D

I should be purchasing my costume and wig by next month (yes, purchase...I has no sewing skillz.) Hopefully planning several months in advance will avoid the wig fiasco I had last year.  :(
Quote from: xXunyuuXx on May 29, 2009, 04:13:53 PM
I tried hooking up my Ps2 to watch dvd's and play games and so on but when I call them and ask them about it, they told me the tv doesn't support that kind of thing (>=o=)>
So in the end, I wind up watching crappy commercial all night. But I did take a lot of their tea and coffee as gifts >.<

Wait, if I'm not mistaken, don't they charge tea/coffee to the bill? I know they do that with those nice bottles of water, so I avoid taking anything other than the mini shampoos.
Dealers Room / Re: Kawaii Anime sold fake R4s
May 29, 2009, 11:58:06 AM
I appreciate both of your inputs. If this matter goes unresolved with an effort from the buyers to resolve the issue (not to mention my friend already DID try to resolve it with them, and they just pointed him to the bogus website), how would we go about filing a formal complaint against them to Fanime? I would not like this type of vendor to be making money off us at all, so I was wondering if it would be possible to get them banned from returning.
I heard that the water in San Jose isn't all that great, but I seriously doubt that Marriott specifically has bad water.

While I don't drink tap water, I did use it to brush my teeth, take a shower and wash my face and have had no reactions to it. My skin is pretty sensitive to a lot types of water, but I wasn't bothered at all by the Marriott's.

I think a more believable culprit for people's sicknesses is that we're at a convention with many, many people and a lot of germs are going to be spread easily.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Your Hotel Stay 2009
May 26, 2009, 12:06:59 PM
We stayed at the Marriott, as we have for a few years now. We're a pretty quiet group, so our contact with the staff was limited, but I'll list what I observed.


  • Loved the comfy beds. I fell asleep easily in them.

  • We got both a 360 and a Wii working with the TV (although others seemed to have problems with it).

  • The TV and selection of channels was nice.

  • It was a very quiet floor.

  • The staff at the valet entrance always held the door open for us. I thought that was very sweet and helpful.

  • There was a man guarding our belongings when we were waiting for them to deliver it to our room. I get very worried when I leave my possessions out in the open, but this guy wouldn't let anyone near it without proving it belonged to them. I thank you, Mr. Luggage Bouncer Guy.


  • 22nd floor T_T. The staff said we should have a lovely view because of it (it faced the convention), but everyone/thing just looked like ants from that height.

  • The bathroom doors! They just slide, and there's no lock on them. Being the only girl in the room, I think I need a little more privacy.

  • I really, really wish that the Marriott had someone on these forums like the Hilton does. Maybe they do, and I haven't seen them yet. But it only helps their image in our eyes if they take time to communicate with us here.

  • Of course, the elevators. People also didn't know how to wait their turn for them. We'd wait for the elevator for 20 minutes, then some people would come right as it arrived and try to take the few spots that were available in them. That's just rude.

I also thank the amount of tolerance and graciousness that these hotel staff display during what must be a stressful time. I'm glad that they allow us to stay year after year.
We had a Wii hooked up just fine in our Marriott room. The only issues we had were when the audio kept switching back to the TV, and randomly telling us we could "ORDER ADULT FILMS DIRECTLY TO YOUR ROOM!" It only happened a few times for a couple seconds each, but it seemed to always land on that phrase.

It was lol-worthy to say the least.
Dealers Room / Re: Kawaii Anime sold fake R4s
May 25, 2009, 08:46:55 PM
This is the same booth that my friend bought his at. He tried setting it up in our hotel room later (with three of us in the room owning our own legit R4s, so it's not like we didn't know what we were doing), and his DS just stayed at a black screen. The packaging looked identical to a real one, as well as everything inside. He tried everything to get the thing to work, and I think he's still trying. If this booth intentionally sold fake R4s, I think they shouldn't be allowed to come back next year. There should be at least some kind of disciplinary action.
Dealers Room / Re: eye contacts
May 17, 2009, 11:17:52 AM
Quote from: frumpy on May 17, 2009, 08:10:57 AM
According to the front page of their website, they DO require prescriptions:

"Please be advised that all orders submitted through this site are required to have valid prescription information submitted with it. All prescription information will be verified to make sure it is valid and up-to-date. If you have any questions please call our main office at (770) 298-2673."

Please read info responsibly ^_^;

I didn't mean to say anything slanderous, I was simply taking what Rogue-Ayanami said as truth. She said the contact dealer did not ask for a prescription for two years. If that is really the case, then it is illegal. If not, then great. I really don't mind whether they ask for it or not, I'm just informing people on what is the law since there seemed to be a lot of confusion on the matter.
Dealers Room / Re: eye contacts
May 16, 2009, 01:09:49 PM
Quote from: Rodney_Pheonix on May 12, 2009, 09:58:51 AM
Quote from: SavageRazr on May 11, 2009, 11:16:55 PM
thanks you guys are  a bigtime help!
but also i mentioned it to my cousin where my auntie was around to hear it, who is my eye doctor and she said that non prescription eye contacts are illegal period so i am all :/ on what to believe. so if any of you people are a doctor, someone who studies law OR an actual eye doctor helllllppppppp >.<

I think your auntie might be full of it on that note. If they were illegal do you think people would actually vend them with a license to do so on U.S. soil?

I think you are misunderstanding what her Aunt means. There is a lot more to prescription than just the power needed for vision. You also need the base curve and diameter of your eye measured. So even if you're getting plano (no added vision), you still need a prescription to fit them. They are not illegal to sell, but they are illegal to sell here without having that prescription made and proven by an eye doctor.

Yes, there are foreign sites who will allow you to buy them without this, but that's because what they're doing is unlawful and it's too difficult for the FDA to monitor something occurring in another country.

Yes, this vendor SHOULD be asking for a prescription from its customers. If they get caught, they will most likely get in trouble for it. But hey, if you want contacts without the hassle, they are offering that to you, at their own risk.

Also, as a side note, I do find it kind of unsettling that the website they have spells astigmatism as "agstigmatism" obvious mistake on a word that should be very familiar in the contact world...I don't know.