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Title: Harassment at Karaoke
Post by: Creatrix Tiara on June 01, 2015, 12:22:48 AM
On Saturday night, towards the end of Karaoke (definitely past midnight), there were a group of guys in the audience who were saying really lewd things to the women performing on stage.

I loudly and openly told them off (I don't think they paid attention), and I also texted the emergency number on the back of the tag telling them what happened at the room and where the guys were. I got no response to the text message and I don't think anyone came to check. No one else in the room did anything to stop them, that I know of.

Was that message ever received? Does anyone check that number after hours?
Title: Re: Harassment at Karaoke
Post by: FinalStar02 on June 02, 2015, 11:10:52 PM
Hello, this is Michael the Head of the Rover's Department. I am sorry that we were unable to respond to what is obviously unacceptable behavior. Rovers work hard every year to try to make Fanime a welcoming place. If you can remember any other details you can email me at

The texting number listed on the back of your badge is staffed 24 hours while the convention is going, but it appears this was missed. I once again apologizes for for no one taking care of these people.