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Hi everyone!

For the past few years we've had some how-to panels with our guests of honor, including:
-General Anime Production (Yumi Sato, Animation Producer / Takahiro Omori, Director / Hiroyuki Kanbe, Director)
-Storyboarding (Kazuhiro Soeta, Storyboarder/Animator)
-Character Designing (Yoshihiro Watanabe, Character Designer/Animator)

These panels have proved to be quite popular with attendees. What other aspects of (Japanese) anime production would you guys be interesting in learning more about? We've hosted several Japanese voice actors in the past, but would people be interested in procedures such as how voices are cast or the actual recording process? What other topics related to the creation of Japanese anime would people want to learn about?

I can't guarantee that we will be able to get guests who can host these types of panels, but I would like to gauge the interest to see if it's worth looking into. Also, would people be satisfied with someone who can explain the processes but doesn't have a long list of popular credits? Or would the guest's credits (or lack thereof) sway a person's decision on whether or not to attend their panel?

Thanks in advance!
Panels and Workshops / Omori/Sato Guest Panels
May 15, 2013, 11:16:31 PM
Hi everyone. The schedule for guest panels is mostly up. Swing by the panels for Takahiro Omori and Yumi Sato if you get the chance!

Omori Q&A - Friday @ 6PM (Panels 2)
Omori panel - Sunday @ 2PM (Panels 1)
Sato panel - Sunday @ 1PM (Panels 1)
Omori/Sato panel - Saturday @ 2PM (Panels 2)

The panel descriptions can be found here:

Aside from Omori's Q&A, the rest of the panels will be moderated theme panels so if you have questions you want to ask the director, your best chance of having them answered would be during Friday's Q&A.

Please drop by! :D
Quote from: Saki Usagishi on January 24, 2013, 03:49:49 AM
Food....I'm glad I never eat at the Con. Heard that food was over $6 a piece.

Sorry, this had me chuckling. Living in Japan, this is like, the average price for a filling lunch, LoL.
Hi everyone. I'll be moving to Japan next month so I have a lot of stuff I need to clear out before then. Please check out my sales post HERE.

- Kuroshitsuji
Pencil boards, postcards, pins, clear files
- Gundam 00
Voice I-Doll Chibi (including mail-order exclusive), PPP (mail-in exclusive), Calendar Characters, clearfiles, limited posters, pins
- Code Geass
Limited posters, Voice I-Doll Chibi (mail-order), PPP, mascot keychain, clearfile
- Gurren Lagann
Too much to list .@_@
- Nitro+CHiRAL
One coin figures, mousepads, postcards, gashapon mobile cleaners
- Macross Frontier
Pins, phone charms
- Ookiku Furikabutte
Yujin mascot keychains
- VitaminX
Gashapon keychains

and more!

Pickup is available at my house in San Jose if you're local.
Registration / Registration link on website
February 21, 2010, 12:46:07 PM
Does anyone else feel the link to register for the con on the website is a bit... hidden?
I mean, you have to go down into the "Attendee Registration" section and through all the text there to find the registration link at the end.

Wouldn't it be better for there to be a big button image linking to registration at the top of the page? Maybe have two-- One for attendees and one for professional/press since those are the two most popular ones. That would make the links stand out more so people don't need to sift through text to get where they want. Maybe even put the direct links on the sidebar for quick access?

This isn't something difficult to implement and would take like 10 minutes max to change. I think it would really help people out. You know how people are lazy and hate reading... There are always people asking questions where the answers are right on the page if they just read a little. Perhaps a Registration FAQ on the website would be a good idea too so people don't need to go to the forum to find answers.
Hey everyone. Mew from GR here. I'm just wondering which kind of guest you want to see most at FanimeCon.
Please vote for one of the choices above. If what you want isn't listed, feel free to post a suggestion.
For industry reps and other, please specify exactly what kind of rep/guest (just one, please) you would like to see.

While we will try to keep the results in consideration, please understand that we can't guarantee who we will invite/bring.

PS "Music guests" are not included in the poll cuz that's MusicFest's area. ;)
Sorry, this is my second thread here but I wanted to separate this from the other one. Need to raise some funds for my upcoming trip to Japan. I've got lots of Kuroshitsuji and Gurren Lagann stuff for sale on my LJ. The Kuroshitsuji items include shitajiki, clear postcards, and pin accessories. The Gurren Lagann items are the rare Ichiban Kuji premium prizes. You can only get these in Japan. I have the entire set (many duplicates) for sale. There are lots of figures and other stuff.

Payment via PayPal or cash upon pickup only. Add 8% for credit/debit.
The Kuroshitsuji items are here in the U.S. You can pick 'em up at my house (near Great Mall) or I can mail them. The Gurren Lagann items are in Japan and will be shipped via EMS (for prizes A-C) or airmail. Registered service available.

I leave for Japan July 30 so if you want any of the Kuroshitsuji stuff, make sure to get your payment in before the 28th.

Sales post is HERE.
Please read the entire post for all the directions.

I also have tons of other Gurren Lagann stuff at my house including figures (Figumate), bags, cell straps, and other misc goods if you'd like to stop by and have a look. Everything is official, no bootlegs. PM me with any questions.

Hi everyone! Friends and I are doing an Ookiku Furikabutte (aka Big Windup!) group this year and we'll be ordering our uniforms from a place that specializes in baseball equipment. The more we order the cheaper it'll be so is anyone interested in ordering with us?

The full set will include printed jersey (Nishiura + jersey number), short-sleeved undershirt, pants, printed cap (NU), belt, stirrups, and socks. That's pretty much all you need for an Oofuri cosplay besides glove and shoes. The current price quote is $93 per set. It'll be cheaper if we place a larger order.

You can buy parts of the set too if you don't want everything. Jersey only is $36 and cap only is $11. I've asked them how much it would be for a printed tshirt (like the jersey 'cept printed on a tshirt) so as soon as they get back to me I'll have a price for that too.

If interested in joining in on our order (or the group), please check my post HERE.
I'm an avid poster collector. Up until now, I've always been using reusable tape, regular tape, and double-sided tape to put my posters up (only the reusable tape touches the poster and then I put a piece of double-sided tape on it, then regular tape is what actually sticks it to the wall-- complex, I know). Anyway, I need to redo the posters on my walls (and ceiling). I've heard of Poster Strips by 3M but have never used them. So, questions for those who may have!

1. Do they really work?
2. Do they really leave no residue on the posters and don't cause ripping when removed?
My posters either have a glossy finish or are paper matte-ish.
3. Do they work on ceilings?
My ceiling is the same material as my wall but I'm wondering if the strips can handle gravity.
And would they be easy to remove from the ceiling?
4. Does it only take 4 strips, one at each corner, to hold up a poster?
5. Where's the cheapest place to buy?
I need enough strips for at least 40-45 posters and while looking around, the cheapest I've found is like 200 some strips (multiple packs, of course)for $30.

Any help would be appreciated-- Thanks!
Ooh! New forum! First post~

Trying to find new homes for items I've lost interest in. Includes cards, shitajiki, posters, lots of manga (PLEASE BUY THE MANGA!!), and more.

You can pick up the item(s) at my house or I can mail it to you. Please include all the info requested at the bottom of the post.

I also have some anime on VHS. If you're interested, let me know and I'll give you a list.

I accept PayPal and Google Checkout (5% extra for credit/debit), postal money orders, and cash.
Reputation: eBay feedback

EDIT 2/12: Added a bunch of Pokemon, DBZ, Fushigi Yuugi, and Sailor Moon cards.

EDIT 2/19: Added lots of promotional Gundam SEED/DESTINY stuff including shitajiki, posters, and booklets. Also added Fullmetal Alchemist promo posters and card sleeves, etc etc.

EDIT 2/21: Added more posters including Witch Hunter Robin, Princess Blade (live-action), Millenium Actress, Escaflowne the Movie, and Gundam Char's Counterattack. These are HUGE theatrical-sized promotional posters.

EDIT 2/26: Added a bunch of anime DVDs including G Gundam, Galaxy Angel, Love Hina, Big O, etc.

EDIT 3/19: Added lots of bl (yaoi) manga.

EDIT 4/30: Added Olympus C-60 Zoom digital camera here.
So who's graduating from SJSU this year and is freaking out that graduation's gonna conflict with the convention? I AM! .@_@_@_@_@_@;;;;;

I've always thought in previous years, "Aww, sucks for them" when I see all them graduates over in the CiviC Auditorium. This year I'll be thinking, "Sucks for me. .T_____T"

Fanime, please don't have any awesome omfg-I-have-to-go-to events/panels/whatever while graduation ceremony is going on!!!!!!
Kiuchi has a radio show called Hide nii no Hona Iku de!!, which is updated weekly. He updated while at Fanime (#128) and also after he got back (#129). In #128 he talks about his trip to Yosemite and San Francisco. In #129, he read some fan letters, including one by the Japanese woman who came all the way from Japan just to meet him here at Fanime, and also played audio he recorded at the convention. I totally didn't know he was recording during karaoke!!! So if any of you guys sung during karaoke, you might hear yourself on his show!

Check it out!

#129 is up now. If you want #128 or if it gets updated so #129 is gone, PM me and I'll send you a link.
General Convention Discussion / Meet the guests?
April 26, 2008, 08:43:27 PM
Just wondering, but when will the Meet the Guests session be?
I've never been to one so can someone also explain how it works? I believe you have to buy tickets? When and where can they be bought? I definitely want to try to make it to this year's!

General Convention Discussion / Badge Number 2008
January 01, 2008, 11:14:40 AM
Post your badge number!
You can find it under Badge ID when you log into your account.

#50! My lowest yet!
Registration / If you regged at-con last year......
October 31, 2007, 05:30:52 PM
So I registered for 2008 at the 2007 con. How can I get my account info so I can access it online? Thanks!
General Convention Discussion / Fanime 2008 excitement
October 22, 2007, 03:44:14 PM
Is anyone else crazy excited about Fanime 2008? I'm sooooooooo looking forward to it, if only because of the guest! Yeah, I'm talking about the one from the Guess the Guest contest. I figured out who it was before Fanime even put up any of their clues. .^^;; Anyway, I say THANK YOU to the Fanime (and Yaoi-Con) staff who organized this. So excited~~

Curious as to how Fanime will be drawing the second winner for the breakfast thing. Just, PLEASE no random picking from pre-registered attendees.......
General Convention Discussion / Fanime 2007 badge
August 30, 2007, 03:11:01 PM
Hmm.... Has anyone mentioned this before? I apologize if it has but like, I was looking at another thread and AnimeEmperor's signature has a scan of the Fanime 2007 badge. I did a double-take at the date that's written on it and went to check my own badge. EH? "05.25.06 until 05.28.06"???

So uh, there was a typo for the year??

Am I just late in noticing this?

Feel free to delete/lock/whatever this thread if this has been brought up before.
Was surprised to find this in the mail today. THANKS!

I flipped through it and wow, it's NICE!!! Great job, you guys! It's just too bad they weren't able to be given away at the con.

Question-- I was the leader of group reg for my group. Is here any way my group members could get a copy of the program too?
General Anime Chat / AX licenses
July 01, 2007, 05:28:45 PM
GAHHH~~ Two series that I'm watching got licensed at AX and it doesn't really look like the subbers I'm dling from will be continuing them..... The two I'm referring to are DARKER THAN BLACK and Gurren Lagann. *cries*
General Anime Chat / Post-con backlog?
May 31, 2007, 07:25:10 PM
Anyone else finding themselves having a huge backlog of anime that needs watching after coming home from the con? I would have brought my laptop to the con if I weren't too lazy to carry it around. Because I didn't watch anything over the weekend, I'm behind on like 5 or more series. .@_@_@
General Convention Discussion / Website updates??
May 12, 2007, 08:29:04 AM
Um, yeah, I don't normally pressure Fanime staff or anything, but with less than two weeks until the con, the remaining guests (if any, though I believe there will be 2 more?) have not yet been announced, the website still tells people to register online, and overall there's been a lack of updates.

Could we please get some kind of info on what will be going down? Soon?

I'm very curious as to who the remaining guests will be (though one possibility popped up in the Guests thread), and with less than 2 weeks to go, there's no way for Fanime to properly promote the new guests. Unless the guests you're going to get aren't very big so there's no real need to promote?? :cry: Still hoping for a seiyuu guest over here! Please tell me whether or not I should keep on hoping.

PS No Fanime ad on the new Convention Center sign board thingy?? I get on the light rail at the con center every day and I haven't seen anything.
Okay, I will forgive them for replacing Code Geass with this series because it is awesome!! *nod* Hei is yum and Kiuchi sounds extra yum as him. Mew approves.

Series is quite interesting. Definitely sticking with this one.
Registration / Badge pick-up
March 29, 2007, 07:13:06 PM
During badge pick up hours, ONLY the group leader can pick up his or her group's badges. Individual group memebers who are not the group leader cannot pickup their badge on their own.

Please let it be known that this rule SUCKS! .>_<
I mean seriously, you can't expect the leader to come in at the same time as everyone else in their group. I'm the leader for my group so it's no problem for me, but I'm thinking of the people IN my group. If any of them come earlier than me, they can't get into the con cuz they can't pick up their badge. If they come later than me, they have to track me down to get their badge. Seriously, how is this helping us??

I say the group leader should just BE ABLE TO pick up all the badges of their group members.
General Convention Discussion / 2007 member number
October 31, 2006, 04:53:15 PM
For those of you who have regged, what member number did you get? I'm 1007. My friend, who is in my group, got 01010, haha. He's binary!

I wonder who will get 1337. Did anyone get 801 (yaoi)?
Registration / A bit peeved at this year's reg
June 09, 2006, 10:23:32 PM
Hi. Was a bit pissed at reg this year.
I registered with a group of friends and I was the group "leader." Came with some of them to pick up some of our group members' badges (the people who were with us at the time plus one person's who wasn't with us-- the rest were gonna pick up on their own). Anyway, I had the receipt and told the staffer at reg (yes, it was a staff member, not a volunteer) that we wanted to pick up our badges, plus one person's who wasn't with us because he won't be able to make it to the con so we'd like to make good use of it.

The staffer would not let us pick up his badge. If we couldn't pick it up, it'd just go to waste because that member couldn't come to the con. No matter what we said, the staffer insisted that we needed his photo ID to pick it up. Obviously we didn't have that so we tried to get her to let us take the badge again, and she said we couldn't, saying that Fanime will mail him the badge. Um, okay.... But we've already said he couldn't come to the con and no way would the badge arrive in time to actually be used at the convention. "But at least he'll have his badge," says the staffer. But it does us no good if the con is OVER! *siiiiiiiigh*

So there was $40 wasted.

Aren't we supposed to be able to pick up group members' badges?! I just went back to an old entry to confirm and the staff person who replied in that thread said that we could. What the heck!?

So there you have it, my beef with reg this year. This is the only time I've ever had a problem with the con. Everything else was fine.