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I'm desperate for photos of myself and my white service dog. We did Attack on Titan, Thor, and Smaug aka dragon dog. These photos help us help others. We visit children's hospitals, charity events, the local Make-a-Wish foundation here in Ohio. All photos go to expand his portfolio for these events. So pretty please if you caught Thor, even in just his red service vest and googles, please share. Also I know that some of you were petting Thor in his Smaug cosplay as I was confronted by two rovers and a 40 something pregnant staffer. It occurred Sunday night outside of the big gaming room. Anything you can remember you can remember about what staff will help me out bunches as laws were broken and Fanime staff needs more training which I may end up providing.
Hey guys! I know there were a number of dogs this year, pretty service my dog Thor and a black lab were the only service dogs. Thor did a number of pawsplays from Attack on Titan, Smaug and of course Thor. If you caught us Thor was the big white fluffy guy. So without further ado.... Who let the dogs out!? Post away! Again any and all puppies!
I don't think I'll have it ready for Fanime but I'm merely curious. Chichiri has a staff with a metal design on it kind of like Miroku's. I'm going to have my uncle actually forge it but I think I saw something about live steel somewhere. Would that be considered live steel? Or is that reversed for Sword, daggers, throwing stars, etc.  I couldn't find a weapons policy page so I thought I'd ask here.
Alright, this will more than likely get deleted but maybe not before someone sees it. I would like to ask people to boycott the cosplay contest. It's insane that they won't let people compete that bought their costumes. Not every person can sew. Some people need help from others. Personally I would compete in a cosplay thing for the content on the skit. How good is it? Is it funny? Or is it something that puts everyone to sleep? A skit is made to be amusing, not so people to judge the costume. If you wanted to have a craftmanship competition go for it. Have it seperately. The Masq is made for skits, not sewing skills. The way the Masq has been handled since Brian left has been horrible, and this just shows it even more. If my friends weren't coming to this con I personally wouldn't go at all.
Now I think I remember seeing a few dogs at Fanime last year. Does this mean other animals would be allowed as well?
Bah! I can't get anyone to answer me! Our skit is going to be nearly 6 minutes long. Tis not cutable. Can we still do it? Anybody know? I tried contacting the head peoples but get no answer.