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Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Iron Man 2 meet up?
« on: May 04, 2010, 03:35:33 PM »
Hey guys, anybody interested in the Bay Area interested in meeting up for  an Iron Man 2 showing? I dont know bout ya'll but Im effin pumped. Haha I would dress up for the premier...but that's kind of hard to cosplay short notice.  ;D

Not sure when I'm going, but we should arrange something!

Check out tonight at 7! My new internship ( will be doing a live event featuring Bay Area DJs trying the new game DJ Hero

Hey everybody! So I recently have begun interning at a green, e-commerce start-up which focuses on buying, trading, selling refurbished/used electronics to offset our carbon footprint and lower America's absurd amounts of ewaste.

Anyway since most people from fanime and the fanime boards are quite internet/tech savvy I figured this would be a great place to get input and support! If any of you have the time check out our website, blog, facebook, etc. and let me know what you think so far, what could be improved, or even become a member/fan/follower! (Me love you long time if you do!)

Thanks in advance!  ;) ;D

Our main page:

Our Blog (woo I write a lot of it bahaha)

Our facebook group Meet our staff, join the group and stay in contact with trade2save:

Our facebook page Keep up with trade2save news and become a fan:

Tweets on our day to day going-ons at the office:

Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTB] Video games, electronics, movies etc!
« on: October 09, 2009, 10:30:07 AM »
Hey all! So I just began interning at a new start-up in SF which specializes in buying used games, movies, electronics, etc. to refurbish and resell to help fight the growing amount of ewaste America produces.

Not only are you making cash but you can feel green and eco friendly while you do it bahaha! A win win!

 Anyway we give pretty damn good prices as far as some companies go *cough* *GameStop* *cough* so if any of ya'll have some old games, laptops, ipods, etc. that are just gathering dust see what we'll give you in exchange! If you can't find a price email me and I'll get back to you asap =)

Also feel free to give me any input on the site or how we can improve =D

Hey everybody, just wanted to see if anybody else is going to the love fest tomorrow in SF!
Goes from 12-8 with separate "after parties" after the main event

For all of you that don't know, SF LovEvolution is essentially a $10 city wide rave/party in front of city hall featuring mutliple DJ booths/floats positioned around various spots of the civic center plaza (electronica- everything from trance to drum and base).

Check out the website for more info:

Things in the Universe / Fanime/school research project!
« on: April 28, 2009, 09:03:19 PM »
Hey everybody! So, as fanime gets closer and closer each day I had the inspiration to use it as a focus point for my thesis/research project for my senior seminar at UCSC (I'm graduating in June...assuming I dont screw up haha) Anyway the central focus point of my seminar is sound in culture, this can be anything from language, verbal exchanges, music, noise, lingo, etc. and I wanted to know if you guys had any good ideas or strong points regarding sound/music/noise/language at fanime and in the general otaku/japanophile subculture. Like I said this can be anything sound related, even just the use of verbal/non verbal language, the music at the dance, or subbing vs. dubbing.
Thanks in advance! ;D

So I keep bringing this up so I figure I might as well make a post about it. For those of you who don't already know, the SF Academy of Science in Golden Gate park has been under remodeling for years now, and is about to re-open this weekend. Expect large crowds and tons of performances, acts, etc. But most importantly, it's free on Saturday!!!!

If you don't know what the academy of science is, just imagine every badass discovery channel show you've seen and turn it into an exhibit, and tadaa. Seriously, the new building has a 4 story rainforest enclosure for example (which you can go into), not to mention the bottom floor of it IS UNDERWATER (so you can see the sweet rainforest fish and snakes). Here, just browse this:

Anyway, just curious if any of you plan on attending.

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