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This would be my first time, but I'm definitely thinking about it!  I've done some karaoke for fun at other conventions, so it might be fun to give this a shot.
Quote from: melodiiousness on December 18, 2014, 01:23:44 PM
Quote from: Admiral Donuts on December 16, 2014, 04:55:44 PM
That seems like a really narrow window. The deadline closes in less than two weeks? During which there's Christmas and New Year's? Plenty of people have been surprised by the early reg and hotel registration already, you're probably going to end up with a few angry artists...

We have actually doubled our application window from last year. This was to account for the holiday season and because we are opening so much earlier we could afford to. Already some have said two weeks is too long, while others say it is too short. :(

I admit, this worried me a bit as well.  Then I was talking to my boyfriend (who has staffing experience), and he brought up a good point.  The holidays are a good time for judging, since they might be off from school, or have lighter workloads, or similar.  It might seem a bit sudden, but it makes sense in some ways.  Otherwise, you have issues that might keep folks from convening, and that just pushes things back and pushes them back, then it runs into Spring and you start scrambling.

Also, melodiiousness, thank you (and/or your staff)!  I've e-mailed you guys a couple times with questions, and you've been nothing but helpful and professional.
Live Programming and Events / Re: Artist Ally 2015?
December 02, 2014, 06:08:30 PM
I figured I would add my question here instead of spamming the forum with a new topic.

So, when will AA information go up?  The registration announcement said potential AA applicants wouldn't be shut out of the lowest badge price.  We currently have about a month until badge prices increase and there's been no word on when AA reg opens up.  Are there any updates?
Thank you for having the Panels lounge/check-in area in the same location as the panels this year.  Last year, that was a bit frustrating when I had my panel because I was staying at the Fairmont and presenting there.  The running (figuratively speaking) up to the panels lounge to check in, then running back to the Fairmont to present my panel was a bit annoying.  This year felt much smoother.  :)
Erik, you, Jack, and the entire crew did a great job this year.  It went 100x better on the participants' side of things than last year's did.  I did note a few improvements on my feedback form, but forgot to add something on the rehearsal/soundcheck side.  My partner watched the first half of Masquerade before he had to return to G.R., and he noted that the audio on the majority of the skits was louder than it needed to be and seemed a bit unbalanced at times.  If that can be worked on for next year -whether part of rehearsal or otherwise- that would be great.

I think my only other quibble was with how the awards were done this year.  I'm not saying to give everyone an award, but it seemed a bit odd to totally eliminate the performance awards.  (Even my partner noted that seemed slightly unusual.)
Serious Business / San Diego Fires
May 15, 2014, 08:38:40 AM
As I'm sure a lot of people are aware, the San Diego area (my area) is being hit by a lot of fires.  While there haven't been any fatalities (thankfully), there has been a lot of property lost and there are a lot of displaced people right now.  The Red Cross is taking care of the evacuees; while they haven't put out an on-air plea for donations, I'm sure they can use any extra support possible.

If you'd like to donate to help (or help spread the word), this is the website they're directing everyone to donate at:


Also, on a related tangent, the recent disasters in the U.S. show why it's so important to have an emergency plan in place.  A lot of areas in the state (and other states, I'm sure!) have high fire risk at some point(s) in the year.  Other states have their own unique risks, like tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on.  A lot of the people affected by these fires have only had minutes to grab what they could and leave.  So make sure you have those important items together (papers, documents, digital media, etc.), and make sure you and your family stay connected when there's a disaster.  I've been through 3 wildfires in the part of San Diego I live in.  Trust me, it's super-important.  Fires -like many natural disasters- can hit hard, and they can hit fast.  (I know in 2003 a lot of the people who died in the Cedar Fire had almost no warning it was coming until it was too late.  So sad.)
This panel has been accepted for Fanime 2014.  Check the first post for details, and I should have an event invite up ASAP on Facebook.  :D
Question on Craftsmanship judging:

Last yea,r judging was open both the day before CS and the day of.  Will that be the case this year? Or will it only be the day of Masquerade?
I got word I'll be #19.  Should be fun.  ^_^
Panels and Workshops / Re: Status of Panel Approvals
April 15, 2014, 07:24:12 PM
Just saw this update via their Twitter:

'Computer issues should be resolved. Scheduling will resume later this evening. We really apologize for the extra delays.'

While I wish they had been more vocal about the delay (since not everyone uses Twitter), I'm glad they're planning to move forward.
I'm going to be blunt.

This is ridiculous.

I had hoped after how badly botched last year's Masquerade was that Fanime would have learned something for this year.  But I'm starting to wonder if they have.  I sent my registration e-mail a few days after it opened, since I was spending time with my boyfriend the day it supposedly opened, and I have yet to hear back as well.  I didn't include audio, 'cause I still need to edit it accordingly, but I'm starting to wonder if I should even bother at this point.  I have no clue if I'm accepted, no clue about anything going on.  And between this and Panels, I'm getting really annoyed.
Panels and Workshops / Status of Panel Approvals
April 12, 2014, 10:54:02 PM
Is there any update to the status of approvals for panels?  I'm still waiting to hear on my two panels, and the only word I've gotten was over on the Fanime Panels Twitter from 4/7, stating their main scheduler was having major tech issues.  With all the other issues in communication this year has already had, can those of us who are waiting please get some updated info?
My only question was my audio wasn't ready yet (still working out the editing bugs), but I went ahead and submitted my info with a note promising the audio when it's ready.  I hope that will be okay.
As I saw asked someplace, what time will registration go live tomorrow?  My boyfriend is visiting me this weekend, and I want to make sure I can get on and registered for Masquerade.
The postings above me all beat me to the punch.  They perfectly said what I wanted to say.  I'm only sorry that a lot of heat is aimed at you, ewu.  You seem a decent enough fella who's just been thrown into this.

This is my second year attending Fanime.  I wanted to give you guys the benefit of the doubt after last year, figuring every con has a bad year and all that jazz.  However, seeing some echoes of last year is really making me skittish.  Y'all have Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.  Why have they not been utilized to their fullest?  Why all the secrecy?  You're just ticking off your supporters and those of us willing to give you a chance.  Is that really any way to run a con?

No more excuses, no more of this rubbish.  I said it in the prior thread, and I'll repeat it.  Step.  Up.  Your.  Game.  This mamby-pamby 'We've been having problems' announcement 2 months before con is ridiculous.  It's triply ridiculous that no one on the web team had the guts to say it.
Quote from: pitin on March 24, 2014, 05:13:46 PM
Quote from: CeruleanRogue on March 24, 2014, 01:27:52 PM
The Facebook page hasn't had any activity since hotel reservations, Twitter is kinda quiet, the website is nigh-on nonexistent,

Actually the Facebook page has updated on March 18th, 15th, 9th, and 1st. Most necessary applications for events are available or appear to be on the way. In fact the only NEW information pertinent to fanime 2014 that has not been posted yet is what guests to expect. Anything else can be extrapolated based on last year's fanime if you attended that.

I will grant you that.  Facebook is really wonky for me with what content it shows, so Fanime's updates don't always appear on my feed.  But I went back and saw them on their page.
What about foodstuffs?  Will we be able to bring snacks or other munchies backstage with us?
I think what adds insult to injury here is Clockwork Alchemy's website is up and functional.  They have their announcements up, they have a guest announced (with more to come)...everything we want on Fanime's website.

So, Fanime...what's your excuse?
I'm gonna be blunt and agree with what others have said...

This.  Is.  Ridiculous.

Particularly in light of other conventions (AX, Summer SacAnime, etc.) already having their websites active and lists of guests who will be present.  Fanime?  Doesn't have jack.  All the news and attention appears to be here on the Forums.  The Facebook page hasn't had any activity since hotel reservations, Twitter is kinda quiet, the website is nigh-on nonexistent, and the staff is jerking us around again on when we can expect anything.

Seriously?  Step.  Up.  Your.  Game.  You are going to lose a lot of support if you keep this nonsense up.  And this comes from someone who normally doesn't get frustrated like this.
Well, gang.  I had so much fun last year I submitted yet again for this year.  So if you missed last year's presentation (or you wanna see the changes I make between presentations) keep your fingers crossed that this panel gets accepted.  :D