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I hope it isn't too late to change/minimize this, but I suspect it is. This is an absolutely terrible idea. Pushing all of the 18+ content to the DoubleTree is going to kill all of that content.

It is too far to walk, and it's not even remotely safe to walk to the DoubleTree through San Jose at night... forget about walking there in Cosplay safely. That leaves only shuttles or driving to get people there. Unless there is a major increase in shuttles going to the DoubleTree, there is no way that the shuttles could accommodate the numbers of people trying to get into the 18+ content. That aside, who even knows how many people would want to actually go the ridiculous distance to the DoubleTree at night anyways. In previous years, people not staying at the DoubleTree already didn't bother to even acknowledge that there was a FanimeCon extension going on out there.

This is really sad. Hundreds of adults stick around the con after dark to enjoy the 18+ panels and video content. Specifically, the HMV contest is always full, and people line up hours before the HMV contest starts just to get a seat. Recent FanimeCons have even had 2-3 18+ video rooms running pretty much all night long. It may not seem like important content to some, but for a lot of adults that have been coming back year after year, certain 18+ events and panels are highlights of the con experience. Taking that away, or moving it out to the sticks, will seriously damage the adult con experience.

I can't be the only one thinking this. The twitter announcement made by FanimeCon about Silver Island has received ONLY negative feedback so far. Most of the feedback on the Facebook announcement is negative as well.