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Hey Little Missy, I got pics from this years Kenshin little impromptu up here
my favorite with you being this one

Maybe get people excited to see more next year! ;)
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
June 10, 2013, 10:43:47 AM
I know ACP has some Vids and probably pics up too (not going to lie haven't been hunting) I did grab one of the photographer's cards and it just fell out of my armor when I was putting it away the other day ^^;;; they've got shots up
then there's EBK:
These are the ones I know of that are posted for now ^^ some GREAT shots all around!

haha had I known there was going to be so much dead time I would have brought my camera XD
about midway I have a few, and I do mean few shots from the gathering. too much talking not enough pictures. sad day! I hope you all post your photos too! I'm excited to see what people got this year!
Most welcome Xia! I had a great time and though it was a little mystery at first as to where to go, well run and it was great to meet everyone! I grabbed only a few pics which I'll try to get posted here sometime relatively soon!
awww but really Hellangel it's the "token" outfit and nothing too special about it, that's why we were wanting to wear something a little more unusual to this con ;)
rather excited now to see everyone that things are settling into place!
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 24, 2013, 11:19:34 AM
Well *sigh* I know I feel the Masquerade is a bit neglected.

Perhaps the Cosplayers need to help out with some of the organization?

Respond back with our usual entrance stuff:
Skit/walk on summary
Who's in the skit
stage Ninjas provided
Include time/day preferences for craftsmanship judging.
Hurray! Yeah things Kinda get turned around quite a bit in that Arc =) We just needed easier cosplays to be in that day. It'll be great to see everyone. I'll continue the beatings till we learn more.
Kinda sad the gathering isnt on Sunday, we'll be in our full on battle attire XD Hopefully we will still run into people!
I'll make sure We have Tenkage in Yuuko with that red butterfly furisode Kimu. We'll certainly try to be there, Masquerade staff pending -___-# Nihon might not be as flashy as other Tsubasa Cosplays we have, but for Inin, we'll try to be there.
I'm sure the blood and time put into that damned Furisode will be enough compensation for that wish =P
Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Spectacular 2013
April 22, 2013, 03:33:52 PM

I'm uncertain if there has been a shift in who oversees the Cosplay Spectacular between this year and last year. While I understand if there has been a switch in position, I  feel that waiting till less then a month till the event to alert those competing is unprofessional. Those of us who have competed in the past are used to a larger leeway with time frames so we can plan our Fanime Experience. Those of us who run events like photoshoots, gatherings and panels need more time so we can adequately plan our other obligations.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I would appreciate a quick resolution to our questions such as; Who has made it into the competition, who is on the wait list, what times Craftsmanship judging will be available and if there will be an opportunity for an onstage walk through?

With 31 days between us and Fanime we would appreciate answers as soon as they become available.
Thank you for your time, Inoli
Thanks to everyone who showed! Sorry I messed a bit on the timing and trying to make sure everyone got in for shots.*sweatdrop*
mass apologies to the Arrancar and everyone Hueco Mundo oriented. Thanks to all my helpers and everyone who kicked me into making sure everyone was up there.

Work has already told me that they will chain me to my work station if I try to leave for memorial weekend again so I will not be returning, least the possibility of it is slim to nothing. so if anyone would like to run the gathering correctly this time haha ;) Please do step forward!
ok ladies and gents! Its time to head off to work and then for me... to fly out! can't wait to see you all there! <3

Your Name of gathering/event: Bleach Gathering 2012!
Your Changes to gathering/event info: None
Your Possible attendee count: 34 signed up, expecting many more to show
Your Gathering/event photography order:
*Group shot 1:
*Living world
*Official group shot
*Soul Society
*Zanpactou with respective Shinigami
*Ichigos' Vs.... everyone
*Aizens' vs Everyone
*Open requests if time permits
ah ha! Yes I like the Aizen and co. Vs Everyone idea.
I would like to get main Vs Shots that involves the most people up first and then if there's time left in the hour for our shoot we can do individual Vs shots. Even if there isn't time at the main Gathering I know in the past we've headed to the park for more shots and this is where, in case we don't get to them in time, we can do the individual shots along with other derpings... lunch or early dinner afterwards for those willing to go =)

Kimu's let me know that usually we get in at least two poses per shot. I know it take a bit to Wrangle people in and to get them to co-operate, hopefully, yet undoubtedly my voice should be heard so the faster we saddle up the more poses we can do and the more Vs shots we can get in! I think 15 or so seconds is long enough for a person to hold a pose and photographers to get at least a few shots in, We'll call for a second pose and if time allows... a funny shot and then off to the next set of photos.
Granted all of these are guidelines ;) not rules.
Tea? Anyone?

Wownow, Don't worry. The fountains do not affect ANYONE ELSE but me. The one is still up, the second gone but no biggie. So lets not discuss this further...otherwise I'm hunting you all down while I'm sopping wet and shaking off on you in proper Shiba style even if I have to run to the hotel room. <3

Now onto stuff that actually concerns everyone
Photos guys! Ok so we have to have a nice little list ready to go within the week for BSapphire and her crew. So we do need more official notes of the photos and the order we would like to take them.
I know that there will always be stragglers that will show up about part way through the shoot. So my suggestion would be something like this:

Group shot 1:[ more or less to get people's attention and get everyone together and interacting]
Living world
Official group shot of everyone [so we CAN get everyone involved and in a shot =D]
Soul Society: (individual squad shots, Visards are welcomed to join in with their former squads)
Zanpactou with respective Shinigami
Ichigos' Vs.... everyone
Soul Society vs visards Vs Arrancar

Oh I hardly expect you of all people to forget your place Panzer Magier. We all know what happens if someone were to out step their bounds >3

^^; yes the 6 winged one, however the wings where they are still usable are not travel friendly and with all the props I'm dragging along I will be making stationary ones that just fold up =\ haha unless someone wants to pay the 90$ to ship it XD [aka please dont we're all strapped for cash @_@]
You Arrancar and Visards are a cheeky lot.
They're forgetting Who they're going up against. Who the rest of us Represent...
The Gote'13 ;)

If everyone's up for it Inin yeah! I know rumor had it that the fountains are still least there. Hopefully they'll be running. This Shiba wants to take Nejibana for a spin in the water!!!! XD I'm sure I'll have to dry off a bit before Taichou will let me ANYWHERE near the room.
*eye twitch.... Classic Angeal scowl*
not for all the Banora Apple Cider in all of Gaia. <.< really Genesis? The thought of you trying to our dance the General seams rather plausible....

ok really? Dead with laughter over here XD all we need is a good Sephiroth XD
Oh I see.... ~<3 who pays for the hair gel? *soft smile* I do wonder.... >3

And dear Abel a quarrel amongst coworkers should be no surprise, after all I do believe there's oh well... no one you really get along with in your so called place of work isn't that right "Bungler". A "war" amongst my people would be rather naughty and they'd have to suffer the consequences *smiles*
Pitting pets against each other every so often to test their skill and vent some frustration is I do believe therapeutic for simpler minded specimens. I'm sure you experience that with your Inquisition my dearest and only Brother.
Whoooeeee!!! Look at all of you! and ....really Forum why didn't you tell me there was epicness going on?! *kicks the notifier a few times*

Load- that's really impressive!  I can already tell the photo doesn't do it justice! beautiful work!!!

Shinigamilover- HURAAAH! Love the pictures  and the mask it just great!!! perhaps there's a head piece you can put on similar to like welding masks and such? maybe that will help. either way that is just awesome! Great job!!

you can do it Haunterluvescookies!!!!!  though I think contacts is the last on the list. ;) I know if I dont get something in my power lol My Kaien will have my not brown eyes.
LOL that's AWESOME Shinigami-Lover! Haha I doubt I'll lose my voice, I'm a loud Shiba XD but regardless hot tea I think will be good to take to the gathering since Taichou'll probably need some as well.
I'm super happy that you got a lt Aizen and a 3rd seat Gin! rare to see that! little envious ;) My Kukaku usually shows up at Fanime and sometimes ALA but I've never had the chance to take shots with a Ganju as well =( so! Share your luck! I wanna see pictures cause that's totally awesome!