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I hear so many good things about Fanime, this will be my first year here but not my first CA or large convention. I hope, though we'll see what work says next year, that this will not be my last. Who knows I might even be living not too far from Con next year! Alas one can dream.

I hear you on the money issues Load, in fact I'm sure quite a few of us can relate.
AHHH!!! Komamura Taichou!!!!!  I've got you added up there Load! I'm excited, I adore Komamura and it's rare to see people do him [excuse me while I fan!]

Wow guys I cant wait for Fanime!!! There are so many awesome cosplayers and everyone seams so enthused for this shoot it really gives me encouragement ^^ thank you all! I'll do my best to make this a great gathering!
Alright WeaponHex! Way to go with the Vizards! I'm pretty sure there will be a few others showing up, they were at ALA this year and I spoke with them briefly about Fanime and the shoot. Good luck with your Shikai!
*sigh* well a little fall back on my plans. Since Fey's machine died on me it seams it'll be a little more time then I was hoping for to do the first bout of embroidery. I am still working on the sword....ish. Until the hurricane gale winds stop I wont be able to do any wood working.

ah but regardless, armed with a  sword or a sake Bottle, I shall be there.
LOL I know I cant wait!!! it shall be a lot of fun! haha we'll see how loud I can be ;) so far I have no doubts!

Yes, and it happens at every con I've ever been to but quite a few people will show up without posting to the forums, so no worries Somegirlkatie! If anything soak it up! ;) Being unique is a good thing! Sadly I can only wear one cosplay at a time otherwise I'd be tempted to make something to join you! the Zanpactou arch had some great character designs!

got you added OtakuDrea and DuoMonkey! Welcome!!!

Well as we're getting closer Do we have any ideas for photos? we have an hours and where I believe most of the group shots will take that time up, if there are some other ideas we can do as a group I'd like to try to see if it's possible. Do keep in mind that I will be trying to keep this respectful to all ages so any "pairing" shots save them for your own private shoots please and thank you. :)
LOL Of course I can Juggle all of it, After all I am Shiba!

and I have over achieving 4th seats who like to be ever so helpful cause they really admire and respect Ukitake Taichou ;) Squad 13 works together, this leaves room for things like naps! ;)
Gotcha you added in Kilyakai! Nice to see little Miss Shihōin being coplayed, Welcome! ;)

Go Pika GO! Never a time procrastinate! If you get stuff done sooner you get to..... ready for this...

sleep before a convention XD  *hides from the mass of Cosplayers*
@_@ Helmets are a pain! good luck!

Back from my local con! I'll have updates and such for everyone when I can think a little straiter x_X;;;
I think "complaining" might have been too strong of a word there Hirako-Taichou. Perhaps trying to shed light to others that might have been more worthy of such an honored position as to serve as second in command to one of the first Captains of the Gote 13.
It appears I have underestimated myself ;P

Lets see what other events may be happening before we get to planning a dinner. I'm sure we can all work together to get a good photo list together in the time being.
;) that's my job! I wouldn't be a good Fuku-Taichou if I didn't keep Ukitake Taichou in the best health as possible....
With Unohana Taichou's help of course ;)

well this is why I thought around 3 was best. It's not in the heat of the day but still before it starts getting really cool, a bit later for other shoots which usually start up at noon or 1 and before any real big events......sometimes.
Casted my vote for 12 ^^;;; as I'm attending/running the bleach shoot I'd love enough time to enjoy the FF shoot and change ;)
Also hiii!!! I'll be there As Angeal Hewley FFVII: Crisis Core! pulling the buster sword from retirement for this one!
@somegirlkatie Awww sad I must have missed you!!! I did Shunsui for AX and my bare little toes over the edge of my Waraji were rather toasty. despite all the layers it's amazing how open chest and nearly bare feet keeps you rather temperate!  I'm goign to be praying for decent weather too, though May? In California I have no clue, haha in Colorado it has snowed before so you never know what it'll be like!
ok sushie and Somegirlkatie I have you both added!!!

A Silver wig for Sode no Shirayuki might look really nice! I've been tempted to do that costume for a while now though I'm still really undecided what color I would actually get. If your Furisode is actually a brilliant white a silver will look really good. Otherwise if it's a cream the white would still look good.

Aww I feel all sorts of forgotten Rukia *tease tease* Excited for everyone else but your long lost FukuTaichou/Assistant Captain ;)
@_@ I think I might need to keep Nejibana in Shikai to keep certain Captains safe.

Kpmonkeygirl and Billgoku I've added you to the list! WELCOME!!
Indeed I'm all for "duplicates" of everyone! That would be AWESOME! Its fun sometimes to have a second third or fifth of your character running around. Quite a few shenanigans and well, hey! NEW FRIEND they like the same character you do! In short, everyone's welcomed!

I'll try to stop by Pika-Ninja ;) sounds like fun but till I know when most the gatherings are and when I'm not doing photoshoots for others I cant make any promises.

ok so prodding at some of the old skool'ers for Bleach and it seams like Fountains in Front Convention Entrance Marriott Side will be the best spot, we've been here before and well, if we want to continue after our hour shoot some of us can chill in the park near by. Any secondary recommendations just in case? Remember there has been construction in some of the aria so not everything available to us last year will be available this year.
Whatever day my Kirin drags me to .... well where ever works for me ;)
I'll make a special note however just for you Risai-san <3
wellll thanks for not keeping me up to date email ist *kicks it*

back from ALA and had a blast, now that that's over with time to look forward to the next Con, Fanime!

It's the new year and I'd like to go ahead and start trying to settle on a time, day and place with everyone's help. Please keep in mind we cant accommodate everyone but the sooner we have our gathering set, placed as we can certainly have the potential of being a very LARGE Gathering, the easier it will be for other smaller gatherings to pick their time and place.
Sounds like Saturday at 3:30 till 4:30 is sounding the best for everyone yes? Same location?

DarkLordOfTheFluff I've got you down! Welcome and I can't wait to see which Kenpatchi you bring! XD,  Mi Feng I've got you down along with your little sister..... ;)

@Mi Feng from what Kimu said there's been some plants added in which might make for nice pictures, this Shiba demands more fountains D= but I suppose in efforts to be more green it's ok. I know when some went up for the winter gathering people got a good look around the place to see what might be still good for hang out and pictures. Cross our fingers they have it all cleaned up by may!
Welcome Haunterluvscookies! I got you added to the list! it's a conventions ;) Fangirling usually expected so no worries on that ok? Just come and enjoy fellow Bleach fan-shinanigans!
I'll throw my vote in for Sunday. I have too much going on sunday to put on a complicated costume like cain quickly and survive... oh wait that's ALL Trinity blood cosplays =P
Not to worry...  there will be a large gap between the Bleach shoot and the Final Fantasy shoot! So please do not worry!!
Since I have to get Angeal on for FF, trust me facial hair isn't easy so yeah... no problems I'll be avoiding the Final fantasy shoot!

ok so Saturday, in May it can get hot so I'll be encouraging a little later shoot time. However main events [be it the masquerade this year anything can happen shush!, dance or another band] usually start around 5. My Suggestion is that picking a time between 2:30-4 would be ideal despite the warmth.

However despite the bow out to the Naruto Gathering once again I'll point out that if due to time and convenience for other Bleach cosplayers if we can set it Sunday in a way that would allow and not interfere with the Naruto gathering I'm not going to eliminate it from being a possible day. If you hear anything other then whats on the forums for Naruto merwin86, please let me know =)