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Saturday is fine by me since, yes, its time for the swap. I just figured I'd let democracy still rule Just in case the Naruto  organizers would find it more convenient one day or the next. Usually there's a lot of talk and discussion over the NorCal winter gathering. That and well lets face it, it's "finals week" for many a school so I'm just waiting to see what the majority will want and or what would work best for the majority.
Toshi! ;P

I really like the idea of a potluck....but at a convention with some of us [like me] traveling and not so local it might be more difficult to get enough for everyone. Though if people are up to committing I think it would be a BLAST!

I know right now is finals week for a lot of schools and if not that it's time to head to the relatives and Internet is a little difficult to get a hold of out on the ranch, but time is starting to tick closer and other gatherings are looking for time slots and days. So preferences anyone? Sunday, Saturday? afternoon? Super early 6 am in the morning.... Kidding just seeing if you're paying attention... Suggestions?
Anyone trying to finish or accomplish anything new Bleach wise for Fanime? We still got near half a year and curious to see what others might be trying to get done in that time.
also any special request Photo wise? Anime LA and AX the bleach group always wanders off for food afterwards, would this appeal to anyone? Anyone have suggestions for the aria?
Yes the Orden is always poorly represented so I've decided it was time to lead by example. Obviously certain Butlers and marionette artists cannot handle the simple tasks I've given them and it's come time to play a little 'under cover boss'. Hopefuly dear Helga you won't disapoint me.

EEE! I'm happy you'll show up again Manik_Semiramis! least I hope you will will! =D haha A NightLORD sibling Tea off ;D sounds good to me.
Ahhh but threaten MY Taichou and you deal with me ;D I have a little sister at that plays with fireworks and sharks, you can't scare me.
Most Ukitake's I know are lovable and huggable as long as you dont mind the blood.

alright I gotcha change done there Merwin86!  and ha! We'll have to make sure we get a shot of the two of you!
Hey Welcome Pika-Ninja!!! It will be wonderful to have both you and your friend along! I added you two to the list and we're good to go.
Do me a favor though Pika-Ninja dont terrorize the Ukitakes too much *is kidding* they have all little girls weakness.... candy! ;D

ok I think I've actualy decided that I WILL do Cain for Fanime! So yes the orden has been lacking greatly at Fanime and now it's time to show that the Vatican and empire are far too relaxed in their.....dealings of things.

14 sugar tea for the win!
Alright, added to the list Willow17 and Firemage1000. Great to have you both back :)
Willow I cant wait to see your sword!
^^; thats a pretty monsterous Bankai Firemage,  sad i wont get to see it this year but least we still get you!
Alright, I agree so I added a new section "mod Souls"!

Eliteslayer I've got you down as Aizen and first in a new "surprise" section, this way we all know who's coming and wait in anticipation for which costume you'll decide on. er well you AND others who are torn between costumes. Which version is a good question @_@
However if you choose one with a Mullet We'll have to do a "mullet off" ;D

Kiyone, Sentaro, don't forget Taichou might want a snack. Give a Taichou a cookie.... ;D
:P I will stand fast with Kaien this trip...
Shinigami_Lover  <3 Welcome. Hmmm I've only seen a few Lisa's and I'm sure you'd do a Wonderful job! But Noba has been even even more illusive, gotta konzo them all? sorry mixing fandoms.
I personally say go with the one you would find more enjoyment out of. It's more fun to be in a costume that you can either show off and have fun or relax and take pride in!
I'll be trying to fill the shoes for the New Bleach Gathering this year!,16578.0.html

I'll be organizing the gathering with Kimu and.... literally the rest of the 13th squad assisting me! [read as Ginryuu, Shokora and Otaku Drea if she makes it]
hoyhoyhoy! Be a shame if we made our honorable Ukitake Taichou look bad...>;3 consequences might include cleaning up after Bonnie Chan or worse

Squad 11 Till Death  you make me a little sad I wont be bringing Shunsui out! Can't wait to see your Starrk, Welcome back, and got you added as our first Aarancar!

lady_tomoko Atta girl! reporting in like a good Seated officer should! Would suspect you'll be helping your Taichou out if any needs arise... perhaps bring an umbrella or a fan it can get rather hot ;)

psycoreaper, Hooray for Hinamori-chan! Nice to have Squad 5 well represented ;)
Yeh yeh Reckless as always, I dont think we'll need the speaker phone this year ;D. Well, lets hope I can keep this stuff going as awesomely as Yukari has all this time! We all still love our Bleach, no matter what (ok so there was that one filler arch...)! So Don't forget to show your support and have some good ol Bleach-geeky this year! I'm honored to take over for Yukari and excited next year for Fanime!

So lets get a Role Call! If you don't see your name up in a week after you post feel free to throw a firework my direction, works every time ;D


When: Saturday
Where:  Flowerbed in Front Convention Entrance Marriott Side
Time: 3:30

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Characters -Cosplayers


Ukitake Juushiro- Kimu
Ukitake Juushiro- duomonkey
Soi Fon (shikai)- FireMage1000
Soi Fon-Willow17
Shinji Hirako - Shinigami-lover
Shihōin Yoruichi -kohana ichibana
Shihōin Yoruichi -Kilyakai
Kuchiki Byakuya- xxArticWolfxx
Hitsugaya Toshiro - sushie
Hitsugaya Toshiro-ININ
Komamura Sajin - Load2453

Shiba Kaien- Inoli
Hinamori Momo- psycoreaper
Hinamori Momo - Kpmonkeygirl
Kuchiki Rukia- Mi Feng
Kusajishi Yachiru -Mi Feng's Sister
Kuchiki Rukia-OtakuDrea

Seated/Unseated Officers:

Kotsubaki Senarou-Ginryuu
Kiyone Kotetsu- lady_tomoko

Coyote Starrk - merwin86
Coyote Starrk (released)- DarkOneWingedAngel
Lilynette gingerbuck- Pika-Ninja
Nelliel Tu Odershvanwk- Momo

Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi -WeaponHex


Sode No Shirayuki-somegirlkatie

Hollow Ichigo- billgoku
Kurosaki Karen- sushie's Friend


Ichigo Kurosaki!casual- DragonKeeper


Checked in, just waiting to surprise us:
Eliteslayer- Aizen
DarkLordOfTheFluff- Kenpatchi


*Group shot 1:
*Living world
*Official group shot
*Soul Society
*Zanpactou with respective Shinigami
*Ichigos' Vs.... everyone
*Aizens' vs Everyone
*Open requests if time permits
ohoh! I shall be There this year!

though the question remains.... Who. Abel, Redmars Abel, Petros.....=3 Cain.... haha ;D Abelina *hides from Kimu*
Add one more! After all the fun everyone else has been having, cant be a real party till the kingdom of En shows up?  ;)
[insert discreetly placed umbrella here to catch the tomatoes <3]
Oh I can certainly forgive that. believe me I know how juggling all of that can be. had to raz you about something! I supose I'll  forgive long as you watch after Taichou with Sentaro for me!  or whatever costume you choose ^^
>.> Taichou Kaasan! Cupcakes are ALREADY Aizen's minions!  ;)
Yukari Kaiba.... *taps food* Kiyone-san I'm disappointed in you 4th seat.... no updates? you forgot to add in Taichou [Kimu] and Hitsugiya-Taichou[Inin? *tease tease*] come come time to keep up on things! you're going to kill me come ALA hu?

Awww MAN! another year I'll be unable to attend Fanime, however if I a cake decorator I'd feel obligated to do a cake for Aizen >3. Caking Aizen seams like an appropriate thing to do  but a terrible waist of cake![and honestly GAUHNOOOO THEIR COSTUME! D8