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WOW! We've got 2 MU-12s another Baiken, and 2 ABAs not to mention allot of others  this is going to be great! :D
I think the list exploded while I was gone.
Put me down for a maybe, I got allot of gatherings to go to this year.
A Misao is always welcome!
I'm sorry to hear that.  :(
Quote from: Cartoon Lunatic on January 21, 2011, 10:42:39 PM
I'm really into BlazBlue now, and would try to attempt at a Valkenhayn cosplay. Can someone point me in the right direction?  ;D ;D

There's a cosplay construction thread, I'm not sure how to make that costume. It's also a thread on where to buy some stuff too if you can't make your own:,13581.0.html

Do you want me to put you down for a maybe on the gathering list?
I guess I'll check the schedule for the other gatherings but if everybody else is good for a gathering before 1:00 I'm cool with it.
YES! We have our first Soul Caliber Cosplayer!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
The Trinity Blood gathering is going to be on Sunday right? (if wrong, then my fault)

So maybe on Saturday?
This is going to be fun
No worries, they haven't set a time for it yet.
We have our first DOA character!
You herd her Shinsengumi; Saizo wants Bacon ;D
You guys need more people from the Empire. :)
This is just a bump :D
I think the Trinity Blood tea party is on the same day as our gathering.
Lol, Just a bump  :D