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I agree that the cost is a little bit high (especially since both a service fee and sales tax get tacked on), but I might change my mind depending on the guests. Btw, they do have a Guest Request Form, for those crossing your fingers for a particular somebody:
Yeah, I was leaning toward Monday since it's totally blank on the gatherings list. But from what I understand, Monday is more of a dead day, since it's the last day of the con.

Let's see if we get any more replies about which day people prefer, and then go from there. I'm going to have to update my YGO sign to include VRAINS lol.
Ah, it would be great to see everybody in one place! Out of curiosity, what are everyone's thoughts on perhaps having the gathering on Friday or Monday?

I see the Old School gathering is on Friday at 6pm. Unfortunately, I don't get off work until 6, so I probably wouldn't be able to make it to Fanime in cosplay until 7:30 or so. :/ So we could aim for a late meet-up on Friday (we probably have to ask Imperial if he's ok with a later time slot, since I think 6pm is the latest time slot) or something on Monday.
Glad to see there's interest in this! I ran the gathering last year but wasn't planning on doing it this year because I have non-YGO cosplays planned for Saturday and Sunday, which are probably one of the two days the gathering would be. I love seeing YGO cosplays, though, so I hope this ends up happening.
Thanks for the update, Imperial. Bummer about losing the Hub space, but hopefully Fanime is planning something super cool for it.

I like the idea of having a photographer-dedicated room (reminds me of the photo set rooms at Anime Expo, though obviously on a smaller scale and not so detailed). The room would also be quite useful if the weather turns out to be as hot as last year's, since photographers would still get decent lighting inside but without the heat. The name of the room is also super cute!
Quote from: Barnes on February 09, 2017, 08:26:33 PM
Hmm, I'll take any excuse to return to Santa Clara's con center (in fact, I'm going there this weekend for the Travel and Adventure Show).
Same here. I'm actually really bummed that Animation on Display isn't going to be at the Santa Clara Convention Center this year. :/

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to seeing what Crunchyroll Expo has to offer. The one main advantage they'd have over Fanime, I think, is getting a wider variety of more popular guests, since they're in the industry. And maybe offering more free merch.
Panels and Workshops / Re: 2017 Panel ideas
October 17, 2016, 09:51:16 PM
I'm a pretty casual Sailor Moon fan, so I'm probably not the best person to ask, but I'd be down for any Sailor Moon panel that isn't just news. I think anything you mention in your book would be great. :)
Panels and Workshops / Re: 2017 Panel ideas
October 10, 2016, 07:47:20 PM
I would be totally down to attend a panel about that! :) There isn't enough Sailor Moon at Fanime imo... the Viz panel tries, but it's usually just announcements about new products and not as much speculation/discussion. I do appreciate Fanime inviting Cristina Vee last year, though -- she has a great presence.
Panels and Workshops / Re: 2017 Panel ideas
October 09, 2016, 08:08:40 PM
Quote from: DragonScholar on October 06, 2016, 08:30:07 PM
I and my co-author recently did a book on how Sailor Moon impacted women in North America (the results surprised us).  We'd definitely like to do a panel on that if people are interested in something more study-like.

You wouldn't happen to be referring to Her Eternal Moonlight, would you? I recently read an article about the book on and would love to hear more about the topic. :)
You did a great job for a first-year head! I ran a gathering for the first time this year, and I have no complaints, except that I think my gathering submission might have gotten lost after I submitted it. But when you sent out an email later and said to contact you if we hadn't gotten an email, I got a reply from you super fast, so kudos for that.

Running the gathering was pretty tiring because I don't naturally have a loud voice (unless it's in a classroom setting apparently LOL), so I'd be down to have a megaphone too. Even an inexpensive one would work better than nothing.

I did like how the gatherings FB page had photos of the locations. That was a neat addition and super helpful. And while I think making a FB event for gatherings is a good idea, I would prefer that it remain optional (mostly because I'm paranoid and don't want to use my personal FB to make an event).

With that said, I actually have a question about gathering times vs. other Fanime event times. Is anyone on the cosplay gatherings staff privy to the schedules for panels, autographs, etc? The reason I ask is I want to submit my gathering earlier next year, so there's more time for people to learn about it. However, the Fanime event schedule never gets released until May and I want to make sure I don't submit it for the same timeframe as a panel featuring, say, LittleKuriboh (since he is a BNF in my gathering's fandom). Can we make a special request not to have overlap with relevant events, or is that out of staff's hands?
This is probably not helpful at all in terms of places to improve, but coming from a buyer, I think Swap Meet went perfectly this year.

I wasn't able to make it on Thursday due to the registration line, but Friday went very smoothly. Staff was very good about noting where the end of the Swap Meet line was outside (I think there was a person there with a sign?), and they were very courteous about telling us when they needed us to move in closer or make the lines more distinctly separated.

As for inside South Hall, the use of space was very good -- it didn't feel too cramped, except for the most popular sellers (but that's not on Swap Meet staff anyway). Another plus was that it wasn't too hot, despite the number of people. And all the sellers I talked to were very friendly and offered great prices.

All in all, A+ from me! Keep up the great work. :)

THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to the gathering yesterday! You all looked terrific~

Pictures can be found here -- feel free to share your own too:

If you would like me to add any of your cosplay-related social media pages to the Tumblr post, so people can know who you are, please respond here or reblog the post with your information.

Thanks again and I hope we can do this again next year! <3
Hope you all had a great Day 1 (and made it through the reg line in one piece)! This is just a friendly reminder that our YGO cosplay gathering will be SATURDAY (i.e. today) at 5pm at G8!

We will probably officially start taking pictures around 5:05, to give everyone time to finish up any panels/events they were at. The goal is to finish in 20-30 minutes, so y'all can have the rest of the hour to enjoy the con~

Starting around 4:45, I will start carrying around a Yu-Gi-Oh! sign that kinda looks like this (colors will vary):

If you see me, feel free to say hi or ask any questions you might have! Word of warning, I may not recognize you if you're a minor character from GX or Zexal (unless you're David Rabb :P ), but I would love to meet all of you regardless. If you also happen to be in line to get an autograph from Masaya Matsukaze (a.k.a. Divine from 5D's) and you see a Carly holding a Death Note, that is probably me, so again, feel free to say hi. :)

Thanks everyone! I already saw some amazing YGO cosplay today, and I'm hoping everyone will be able to join us tomorrow~
I'm assuming this is for the games...? (If I'm wrong and you are actually passing out real Pokemon, let me know! LOL)

Anyway, I have nothing constructive to add, and I just wanted to say that those drawings are ADORABLE. <3
Neat, hope you can make it out! I'm sure people will be very excited for the free movie fliers haha. Closest thing we can get to actually watching the movie in the U.S. :)

Sorry the gathering didn't end up being on Sunday, btw. :/ If I get my Reiji wig done in time, I might wear him on Sunday, so maybe we can do an unofficial/informal gathering on that day if people are down for it. If not, there's always next year!
Thanks for all your hard work, Imperial! Hope finals are going okay for you. I'm looking forward to hosting my first gathering~
Woohoo! This year's YGO Cosplay Gathering has officially been accepted! (Thanks to Imperial for getting the final list published ;D)

I've updated the first post accordingly, but here is the info for those of you who don't want to scroll up. It's basically the same as last year, but an hour later.

Date: Saturday, May 28
Time: 5pm
Meeting Place (MP): G8
Location (L): G8

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment here! And also please spread the word! I know the gathering got submitted a bit late and a lot of people will have already made plans, but obviously, the more people show up, the merrier~
If I remember correctly, last year they had a large poster board with the gatherings schedule, which also included a really basic map of where each gathering spot is. I don't think the map is included in the convention booklet, but you can always mark the spots in your booklet yourself after referring to the gatherings board. And yeah, you can always ask staff to help you.

Btw, thanks, thepharaohinleather, for all the updates about the gathering spots! It's very sweet of you to make time to do this. :)
Thank you, Kuudere and GokuMew, for the super informative and helpful answers! :) I was planning on lining up 30 minutes before the autograph session starts, but it looks like I'll have to bump the time up even more. I'm really thankful that there will be two autograph sessions, just in case the Saturday one doesn't work out.

I'm also glad to hear that Fanime staff is pretty good about knowing where to cut off the line. My worst fear was getting near the front of the line and being told I was out of luck lol. So hearing what you two have to say is very reassuring. I will do my best to be a quick attendee in line haha.

And thank you so much about the tips regarding official vs. unofficial merchandise. I never even considered that, though it definitely makes sense! (Though tbh I have no clue whether the Death Note prop I got is official merch or not haha.) But I do like the idea of having him sign the cover -- that might actually look better than getting an autograph on the inside.

Thanks again for the great answers! And to GokuMew for getting such an awesome guest! I am super pumped for Fanime this year~

And if anyone else has questions about autograph sessions, feel free to make use of this thread! I'm sure I'm not the only one who'll be going to an autograph session for the first time. :)
Hi everyone! I have three quick questions about the autograph sessions at Fanime this year. I've never been to one, but I really want to get Masaya Matsukaze's. :D

1. How early do people usually start (or are allowed to start) lining up for the autograph sessions?
According to this Guest of Honor page: , you're supposed to ask where to line up if you arrive early. For those of you who have experience with autograph sessions, when would you recommend starting to line up?

2. Is there a limit to how many people can attend each autograph session?
Since each autograph session is an hour long, I imagine there's a cut-off to how many people staff will allow in line. Have any of you ever been turned away from getting an autograph, and why? Is it usually just a "stay in the line and hope for the best" situation?

3. Is it considered taboo to ask voice actors to sign a Death Note?
Since one of Masaya Matsukaze's most recognized roles is Teru Mikami from Death Note (who also happens to be one of my favorite characters from the series), I was considering bringing a Death Note prop to ask him to sign. Has anyone tried this before, or seen this happen before, and how did it go? For what it's worth, I had a friend who asked Takeshi Obata to sign a Death Note at New York Comic Con two years back, and he was fine with it, but I don't know if it's something that's discouraged in autograph sessions...?