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I made this thread because there probably aren't going to be any more announcements for this year...and partly because I wanted to do it before forgetting, heh. Plus I live in San Diego, so getting to Fanime obviously takes a bit more planning. I chose Fanime rather than Anime Expo mainly because, well, no offense, but the guests I want are a bit lower-profile, and AX obviously tends to go for the biggest acts. Plus it gets sooooo crowded.

I'd also like to repeat my requests for last year; Non Non Biyori stars Kana Asumi, Kotori Koiwai, Ayane Sakura, and Rie Murakawa.
Ideas and Suggestions / Guests for Fanimecon 2018
May 10, 2017, 08:44:56 PM
The guests I wanted to see don't seem to be coming this year, so allow me to make my suggestions for next year.

First, Lucky Star star (as well as Saki's Koromo and Heaven's Lost Property's Astraea) Kaori Fukuhara. Next year she'll be appearing in Yutaka Yamamoto's new movie Hakubo, so there's also that. I would've also invited her more famous LS "sister" Emiri Katou, but this year she'll be appearing at Anime Revolution in Vancouver.

Second, Marina Inoue, better known as Chiri Kitsu in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and SnK's Armin. As excellent a seiyuu and singer as she is, she hasn't gotten nearly enough love at foreign conventions.

And I don't know how easily it can be done, but I wonder if Hidamari Sketch artist and Madoka Magica character designer Ume Aoki would be willing to show herself in public at Fanimecon.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests for Fanimecon 2017
August 23, 2016, 06:51:57 PM
Unfortunately my suggestion, Kato*Fuku, recently announced they'll cease performing as a unit. So I'd like to suggest a Lucky Star 10th anniversary reunion next year at Fanime; Emiri Kato, Kaori Fukuhara, Aya Endo, and (even though she's semi-retired from voice acting, but still, who knows?) Aya Hirano. What do you think?
One thing to consider with Kato*Fuku; next year will be the 10th anniversary of Lucky Star. (Damn, I feel old now.)
The guests I wanted this year couldn't make it, so I'd like to reiterate my previous suggestions for Kato*Fuku (Emiri Kato and Kaori Fukuhara) and the girls of Non Non Biyori (Kana Asumi, Rie Murakawa, Ayame Sakura, and Kotori Koiwai), and also add Michelle Ruff (dubber for Tsukasa in Lucky Star) and Kari Wahlgren (dubber of Kagami)....and Marina Inoue.

Is there someone you have to send a letter to to make your guest request "official"? I was talking with a guy named Milton Le who said he would pass my request to the suggestion team.
Ideas and Suggestions / Guests for Fanimecon 2017
May 31, 2016, 06:38:09 PM
Is it too early to post this?
Dunno if anyone can legally answer this, but how many guests are lined up this year? I saw in the archives that there were 10 last year; we now have eight. There's one group I would really like to see, but they haven't been announced... :(
I'd also like the ladies of Non Non Biyori (Kotori Koiwai, Kana Asumi, Rie Murakawa, and Ayane Sakura).
Kato*Fuku (Emiri "Kyubey" Kato and Kaori "Tsukasa" Fukuhara's duo group). They were just at Anime Weekend Atlanta and I would've loved to see them but, you know, the distance. I'm actually in San Diego and would normally request them for Anime Expo in LA, but I might be out of town around that time.

I dunno if it'd be feasible to have them at two American cons in less than a year, but I think Gen Urobuchi appeared at two stateside cons in 2012. What do you think?

It'd also be nice to have Marina Inoue.