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Anyone else trying to register and getting an error? After I created my account and seller info it says it can't be processed xc
Ok awesome thank you! Looking forward to it!
Hello! Excited to sign up for the first time this year! I had a question regarding some charms I have!

1) in the rules it says no new merchandise, does that refer to unopened items or current merch? I have a lot of small charms and toys I have kept unopened and in pristine condition, would that be ok?

2) a lot of my charms are small and have packaging I wouldn't like to get ruffled in a box. Would tying them on a grate with small squares be ok? Or like a piece of board with holes, and tie them onto it and lay it on the floor ? If not would something with pockets and played on the ground be ok to display them?

My apologies for long questions, I just want to plan out organization for differently priced items as well as keeping their condition good!