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Live Programming and Events / Re: Favoritism in the Artist Alley
« on: April 20, 2011, 11:27:41 AM »
I just want to apologize for my brothers (chobits) behavior. Don't get me wrong, I am too a little upset, but as for me, I don't believe ranting is going to get us anywhere. I do understand that the people who did get tables are most likely the ones mad at everyone complaining. but it is just a tad strange...in my opinion that its taking so long. Mind you, my brother was waiting to register when the link went up, but it was broken.  But anyway I suppose all I can say is things happen for a reason? So do just...pretty much ignore what my brother is saying, He's just taking out his anger...which he shouldn't be doing. He's just REALLY upset lol. I'm sure things will all come together eventually.

so patients brother! :P

so here is the website for anyone who doesn't have fb.

I think the link will work, if not i'll check in tomorrow but as of right now i'm going to bed.
good night.

So...I'm making it a "group" on fb...but i need people to add to it Dx unless anyone has any other ideas. like pages...except pages are like business and organizations and bleh...we are more a group XD
so anyone i can add?

okay that means i'm going to stay up a little bit longer xD

I could make like a really quick easy website o3o...
i mean common...
i've been awake THIS LONG
i think i could stay up a lil longer to do that xD

I will post the link up here when i'm done XD

I think i'm going to make a facebook page called Fanime 2AM

If i'm correct its Cosplay@fanime.com

I ended up emailing them my stuff in hopping they'd save me a spot.

I've officially added 2AM to the MC part of my skit...XD

Now lets just hope i actually GET a table...if I don't i'll just carry the buttons around...its not a breaking the rules is it? giving away free stuff? XD

every one should have what ever they have the MC say followed by just a random"2am" at the end

hey i'll make a deal with you guys...
if I do get a table...and you see the 2am sign and get it. and understand it and are able to describe to me in at least a sentence what it means, you get a free button i make that says... "2am" on it...<3

if u do get an artist alley both you should make a little sign and be like 2AM!!!!
omg yes...I will...I will wear it on my head XD

BWAHAH I KNOW I will be awake at 2am saturday and sunday night... doing SOMEthing outside most likely at the fountains . Maybe it would be a hilarous ongoing joke from masqerade like (you lost the game, CHAIR and BOX!) only say "2 AM!"
^_^ Well! I am setting my alarm for 3am I think I will check every hour-
YES! I'm SOOOO going to scream 2AM here and there.
hopefully we will get a place in the artist alley too so i may just scream it at random people who walk by XD if it rings a bell, you know you've found one of us...troolololol

*is really digging the gathering idea now* lol considering we've all been talking for about 2 hours now and we all seem to have something in common (obviously) XD

we could get our groove on~

HAHAH yeah I am sure she doesn't realize that the link is all messed up, especially if it is automatically posted by a program or the websmaster posted it without knowing it was all wack. ^_^ Marisa's team does a lot for us :) Once we're signed up we'll be happy. Come 2am I do suggest everyone who is waiting here to leave a nice email stating what time we were all here, your name, group name, how many people are in the group and your email- that way she knows who was here and your email has a time stamp:)

We're doin something steam punk- ^_^

Thats actually a pretty good Idea...I think I may just do that

I JUST HAD A GREAT IDEA!!! we should have a gathering at fanime. like 2am masquerade group gathering or something. it would be great.
That would be pretty cool XD

and I love anime and cosplay! woot! (can't believe she forgot to add that Dx)

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