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make sure not to pull out your eye lashhes! 8O cause that would hurt!
lmfao! XD ohhh that just made my night/early morning

*tapes eyes open* O__O

i'm dressing up as arcanine for the masquerade! <3 yay for pokemon

It's either a system failure or a way to weed out the tired people and keep only those that are committed...but that seems awfully cruel

Yeah I would say so lol

So very very tired...

Forum's clock is showing 11:34 - lol, I wonder if they go by that....which would suck because I am seriously considering just going to sleep.

OMG 11:34 ;__; GAHHH!! so basically at 1:00am'll open...

Agreed I'm so sleepy but I must register ;__;

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