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Hey guys, I made a Kuroshitsuji gathering
video to pass time. I know its late, but I
also recorded most of the gathering and
posted Kuro pictures of everyone in the
video to. Watch it and tell me what you think!
Im going to record everyone more next year,
tehee. x3


Im in the video as Alois, and you
probally in it to. :3

I like how the Tea Gathering was next
to the rave. Lol That was awsome.

LOL I know! I lost both my Ciels to it for a while xD I just sat there on the ground eating cookies while I waited for them to come back lol

Oh and I may be coming back as Soma, in his ACTUAL outfit this time xD

Oh nice~ Lol Prince Soma is awsome, I like
how he is all clingy to Ciel, and Agni trysto
get him off. That part funny! They remind me
of Alois and Claude.x3

Put me down as Alois Trancy
like last time, please and thank you. =3

I like how the Tea Gathering was next
to the rave. Lol That was awsome.

Welp Ill see you all on Sunday! Heading out tommoro

Yes, I'll sure see you there on Sunday
As Alois Trancy. Im heading out to Fanime tomarrow
as well. Yaay!!! HAPPY FANIME GUYS!!!!<3

Haha I probably will too. xD A Ciel operating a camera though? Where's my Sebastian when I need him? ;^;

I'd cosplay Sebby for you, if I had his outfit
and wig. lol I would help you record with your
camera if you want me to! Although I'd prorbally
be holding my own camera, if i can find it that is. Lol

Hopefully I'll have my Cosplay in time. xD

I'm the only one attending, so it's just me. I'll be attending as Ciel Phantomhive.


^i'm not the only one that paints buttons!!! yeah!!!


Try the good will for shorts...they have all there summer stuff put now!

Yup Goodwill is awesome~

Thats where I'll be getting my Shorts
tomarrow. xP

I will be attending as Elizabeth and bringing some friends along including Claude, Sebastian, female Ciel, and Viscount. :D

Yay more people showing, even a Claude!
This is getting more and more exciting.
*Excited face*

Yeah!! I can't wait to see it!!!!

Cannot wait to see your cosplay

I'm sorry...I didn't mean too...I'm just exsited!

Who isn't excited? WHOOOO FANIME!!! =D
Just need to finish up my Alois Trancy cosplay,
making the big black, bow, and buy black shorts,
do other things to it, and im all set! My Alois wig
looks great so far, it just needs a bit more trimming
and styling.^.^

Do you have a tracking number? When did you order it and from where?

got from cosplay house. Hey do suck though. I order april 23 and I just send them an email about it since its been about 3 weeks. They send me back with a tracking number and its an error. Sigh.....

O yea. I want everyone idea. Which one shall I wear? The regular sebastian or the tutor sebastian?

How about Regular Sebastian~ I like regular.xP
He is always sexy in his butler outfit.<3

Is it bad that I'm now counting down the days?

Lmao~ Im doing the same thing.
2 more weeks till Fanime, Whooo!!!<3

In regards to having tea-members listed in teal, I haven't been keeping that up since not everyone's told me whether or not they're attending. I expect that those of you who are going to tea are keeping up with the Tea thread, though? (listed in the first post) If the coordinators of Tea would like me to continue updating in teal here, I'll do so ^^

Yay~! Thank you. Sorry to be of a bother about it. >w<;

Heey, Im not underlined TEALBLUE in the Tea
section, when I should be, cause Iam going to that after
the Kuro gathering! >w<;

I wish Hellangle would update that for me, I'd
REALLY be greatful if you did~!

I won't be able to make it any more. My Sebastian had to bail on me. :[

Aww, thats too bad~ -Pats-
Hopefully one of us will take
LOTS of pictures for you.^^

I think i know where the tea area is...second floor
patio where you can look down, right? ^^;

^ me too!!!!! I am super existed...but I hope I don't act out of charter...last year I was a ciel and was not in chartacter at all...oh well the Rachel an Vincent cosplay said they liked that i was happy...I hope they come back to they where nice!

So glad that you remember us! Unfortunately, though we throughly enjoyed last year, we won't be bringing Vincent or Rachel this year - my coat for Vincent needs to be completely done (frock coats are so time consuming >___<) and Raenef planned to cosplay Alois the moment she saw him in the anime. We'd love to see you again so make sure to say hi; if you're Ash, I'm sure we'll be able to find each other (I believe you're the only Ash right now). Raenef will be Alois at the gathering and the tea. I'll be Snake at the gathering and Ciel in his lily/lace outfit at the tea.

Hey DONT FORGET, I'll be there at the gathering AND tea
as Alois to~! >w<

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