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I'll be there as Claire from MFoMT/DS Cute! I'll try to make it on time (I don't know if I'll be checked out of the hotel by then).

If it works with the rest of my scheduled costumes/gathering, I'll be coming this year as Agitha (specifically Hyrule Warriors, I guess? most likely with a HW group)!

I'll be coming as Olympia (X/Y), with my friends as Male Meowstic, Female Meowstic, and Espurr gijinkas~!

Live Programming and Events / Re: Karaoke Contest Signups Now Open
« on: May 13, 2014, 04:09:51 PM »
Hi! I signed up and I was just wondering, I recall reading somewhere that it is possible to change your song at the time of the competition. Is this still true? I miiight change my preliminary song, but I don't know if I should do that beforehand somehow or not...

If I can attend, I'll bring adult OoT Zelda!

Hello, ladies and gentleman(?)!

As Skullgirls' popularity rapidly grows and Skullgirls cosplays are springing up left and right, I think it would be awesome to have a Skullgirls gathering next Fanime! :D What do you guys say? If this gains enough popularity, I'll update this post with the gathering info (time/location/attendees/photos/etc.). Share your thoughts with me and we'll see where this goes from there!

I'll start; if this works out, I'll be attending as Peacock with my group!

Hey guys, I got some photos from the gathering! Feel free to check them out/tag yourselves.


Here's a link for mine:

I didn't stay for the entire gathering, but I was there for most of it :P

I loved seeing all of the beautiful Zelda fans ;u; I have quite a few pics of almost all of the shoots on Facebook, feel free to check them out!

The list is looking so great this year, guys! Many characters I haven't seen cosplayed so I cannot wait to see everyone! <3

Also, question to the fellow SS Zeldas: Will there be variations or will there be one good spam of pink dressed Zeldas? XD

I thought about making the Goddess version since I knew there would be a buttload of pink dress ones, but the pink outfit is what I already had 8D

It's okay! Pink dress party! Whoooo!

Yay, I was so worried there wouldn't be a PSWG gathering this year! My friend and I will be coming as (surprise, surprise) Angel Panty (me) and Stocking.  :P

Hi, I'll definitely be coming as Skyward Sword Zelda! :]

In addition to my last post, might I suggest asking people to bring different things like food and tea? Obviously, it would be too difficult to supply the things yourself, but it would be stupendous to actually have a tea party this time!

Sorry for sounding a little bitchy, but I honestly am just trying to help. :3

By the way, if you're doing the "tea party" again this year, uhm... can there actually be tea? Or something? ._.'

No offense, but it was a little disappointing to go to a "Pokemon tea party" and sit around playing bingo while some tool pulled on people's tails...

Me and my best friend will be going as Reshiram and Zekrom :P

Did anyone happen to take photos of either my Shinku cosplay or Elesa? :3 I know there were a lot of Elesas running around, this one was mine;


And maybe of my friend who cosplayed as Shauntal, as well?


Please and thank you~!

I'm coming for sure! This is gonna be the bee's knees :D

Registration / Press Pass Questions
« on: April 27, 2011, 04:36:47 PM »
On the Press Pass registration, it asks for the address of my publication. I work for a monthly high school newspaper, so I have two questions:

1) Would I put the address of the school?

2) Will a high school journalist even be considered?

I want to write an article not just covering Fanime, but explaining what it is. I want to include interviews from a few of the many students and alumni that are regulars at Fanime. The gist of the article it to kind of give the common student more of an idea of what Fanime is and a better understanding of the culture that a surprising handful of our students follow.

If someone can answer one/both of my questions, I would really appreciate it!

Huhuhu I think I'm gonna try and ditch school for this~ It just sounds like way too much fun XD

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