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Does anyone know what type of event would
be good indoors? I need to know because I don't
want the people in my gathering to be bored durring
the gathering thats going to be inside the convention.
Any suggestions? Help and answers would be appreciated,

Uhhh, yes hello. I was wondering If theres
any Sora's out there who would want to be
my cosplay partner, as Sora? Well, I kinda want
a Sora to be a guy underneith because, well I
have my reason. Heh. So is there any Sora who
would want to be with me at the convention?
(Has to be a guy, not girl.)

Im only asking this because I don't want to
be at the gathering, Soraless. So If your a
Sora, (who is a guy!) post in this thread, or
Pm me! Thanks. =3


Any Kingdom Hearts cosplayers
willing to be my friend? I do need
some Kh cosplayers to hang out
with when I DO go to this convention
in May. Maybe we can hang out before
that comes. I need some friends here
near where I live, so Im hoping someone
or anyone will reply to this! Plz plz plz plz
if there is anyone willing to be friends with
me and cosplay with me, message me or
tell me in this post! I'd be greatly appriecated.
I live in Stockton California just to let you know.
Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from
whoever reads this! :3

Love, RikuCosplayer

Is any of you that cosplay as any Kh
Character, and that lives near me
want to be my friend and possibly
hang out? Im needing some new
friends here where I live, and Im
a little lonely. So If your a Kh
cosplay character that needs
some friends, or is willing to
be friends with me, then send
me a message! Or tell me in this
post! Im really looking forward to
meeting any of you Kh Fans, and
cosplayers interested in the same
things as me. I live in Stockton Cali,
So If you live near me, and wanna
hang? Hit me up! I'll be waiting.^^
Hope to hear from any of you. =3

Love, RikuCosplyer

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