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The area where u get peace bond by fountain shud have like sum stage n do other entertainment there. Like karaoke, dance or sumthing else as well. Drawing competitions or costume contest.

Need like to announce stuff so people know when things happen. I have more but these r things off top of my head.
Yeah. I think these conventions they over charge for badges. Shud be around 10 to 20 bucks for daily passes.

Dealer halls merchandise is really way too expensive. Then again they gotta make money for the space rental.

N I sorta hope there was a better variety of guess. Hope they were able to get reuben back. What they shud really do is combine fanime guess with sac anime, one in june.

Needed more rooms definitely for movies. Not just anime or asian movies, but movies in general.
Each room different type of category.

General anime, asian action, asian comedy/romance, horror movies(any language), usa action movies, usa comedy/romance. Usa thrillers/mystery.

Sumthing like that. Need to be organized.

Also, peace bonding was annoying. Had my wooden swords peace bond from last year n. This year u needed badge to get peace bond?

Also the staged even on second floor needed to be better organized. There shud also be more stage, entertainment around different areas of the conventions besides upstairs.
Yeah I went Saturday at noon n it was cool. But didn't c much good cosplayers. Or so to say, didn't see those who fit the part.

Didn't go Sunday. Was hoping to go Monday morning at 8 am. To c if there's still cosplayers around. Went to convention again in ulquiorra costume from bleach, but with purple hair. My bro went as aizen hueco mundo outfit n nephew as gin, but didn't have white hair.

We might drive by the convention tmw before going great mall or dave n busters
So is the bleach photo shoot now sunday?
and do i have to be an official bleach character to be in the shoot?
i have bleach costume, but going as my own bleach character.
cool. lol. my brothers, friends, and cousins are all going with shinigami/arrancer outfits, but were basically our own shinigami, arrancer since most of us is too lazy to spend over 100 for costumes or making it. its going to be sorta awkward seeing like 15 asian cosplay with alot of non asian people. hopefully we will get the attention lol.

btw, what is there to do at the convention? like what kind of arcades they have, competition, etc? i'm trying to go there today/friday to pick up tickets don't know if im going to be staying tho since my brothers and friends are working and not off til saturday. it'll be awkward for me to wear my costume alone. so i'll probably wait til saturday for all of us to wear our costumes.
Registration / Re: ID And Badge
May 28, 2010, 12:11:23 AM
okay cool, since i am the group leader ill probably just go pick it up friday, then go with my nephews and brothers saturday when we all are free and wearing our costumes.
Registration / Re: ID And Badge
May 27, 2010, 11:03:45 PM
okay so since i'm the group leader and one who purchased all the tickets, i just have to show my id to get them, while when i get all the badges, give it to the correct person, the rest don't have to have there ids?

also what time does fanime close? and when are tickets available to pick up? are there really big lines to get them? first time going to one so want to know the facts before i go there at like 8am.
Registration / ID And Badge
May 27, 2010, 09:17:28 PM
Hi, I'm the group leader and some of my friends and nephew are under 16 and don't have ids. do they need some form of id to wear the badges as proof thats them? i'm going to probably pick the tickets up friday with my nephew 16 and 10 years old. so do they need there id or do i just need the id to give them the badge?
off topic, i never been to these before, does alot of asians people go?
i'm trying to be ill forte grantz i think, blonde hair arrancer number 15, any tips to how to make the helment? it looks so simple you guys think using a cap or beanie will suffice for the cosplay?
Registration / Pass for minors
April 24, 2010, 05:58:29 PM
Hi, i'm bringing my nephew and he's 10 years old, and i was wondering since he doesn't have a id does he have to get one to get the pass? or can i just bring him on friday or thursday when i go and pick up my pre registration badge and get him a badge? i'm 24 btw and the head of the group, and since my nephew is 10 does he necessarily need an id? if he does it'll take like weeks and i'm afraid he won't be able to get it by then.
hi, i' m new here, and me and my friends hardcore fans of bleach. but of course don't have the funds to get everything for the costumes, so is it ok to go as our own made up bleach characters? like i have ulquiorra's costume, but no helmet or sword, can i just make up my own character and go and take pictures with the bleach people? or do you have to be exact character?
okay so i have bleach or anime wooden swords, i can just have them strapped to my side or my back and it won't be a problem?
hi, i'm new here and my brothers,sisters, nephews and friends are going as random bleach type characters. and we were wondering can we bring the wooden cosplay swords? and what are the rules with weapon props? what are the rules with having weapon cosplay?