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Confirmed we're at south hall (swap meet tent).

Hey all, is the gathering location moved to South Hall today due to rain? Per Fanimecon official FB page: "Due to potential rainy weather, #Fanime Cosplay Gatherings will be moving all gatherings at G7 and G9 to the South Hall! All times will remain the same."

I'll probably check both location just in case.


Unfortunately something last minute came up so I won't be able to attend  :( Maybe next year!

I'll be going as FFXIV Black Mage. Same as last year but have my Stardust Rod now :)

It was great meeting all of you at the FF gathering on Monday. I was cosplaying as the Black Mage from FFXIV and had a lot of fun taking pictures on stage. Can anyone redirect me to where the photos will be posted online? I'm excited to add them to my collection of Fanime memories.


- Kranz

Hi all this is my 5th year in a row attending FanimeCon and my 2nd year ever cosplaying. I'll be bringing my finished FFXIV Black Mage cosplay. The only part that needs to be done is the Stardust Rod (hopefully done on time). Great to get acquainted with y'all. Just a little more than 2 weeks until its showtime!

I will be cosplaying as Alvin from original Tales of Xillia. It is my first time cosplaying ever so it'll be exciting for sure! Btw, does anyone know if they will allow Alvin's sword and gun to be peacebonded? My sword is solid wood but is definitely not sharp enough to cut anything and is as heavy as a bat. The gun itself is made of PVC and wood and has no moving parts whatsoever.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting other fans of the Tales series!

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