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Okay, bumping this thread up a little, since I've been mulling an idea around.

Who wants a little background music for the fights? I've got the battle theme from Final Fantasy 7, and a soundtrack from Guilty Gear. What else would you recommend? (Also, my speakers aren't that great, so if someone could volunteer to bring better speakers, that would be most appreciated.)

background music would be epic! XD

I sadly missed it this year, but i am definately interested in coming next year; Im hoping it might be on Friday (Saturday and Sunday are gonna be busy for me with gatherings).

Im planning on doing Rip Van Winkle ^-^; i was thinking about reprising my Integra again, but i think i'll stick to Rip.Im trying to get the rest of my friends to cosplay as other Millennium peeps so we'll have a whole Millennium cast for the gathering!

waz up forum peeps!!!

Saturday: Kanda (D.Gray Man)
Sunday:   Integra Hellsing (anime version; even though the anime version SUCKED ^-^)
Monday: Misa Amane(blonde)

P.S. Does ANYONE have any pics from the Hellsing gathering on Sunday.It was awesome and I haven't been able to find any pics :'(

I'm totally coming to this gathering!

@lady_tomoko : Aww.  It'll be nice to see you there, though!

I will definatley be there^-^Just let me know when and where

I notice a lot of people don't cosplay as the minor characters that much.  I'd love to see a Crehador cosplayer~~ ^o^

So true!!!There are so many minor characters that I would love to see cosplayed!(especially from godchild)

I wish i was cosplaying from Godchild this year T^T ; I LOVE Godchild! But i will definately be there taking pics!

keep it simple - understand that not everyone on this board is going to agree with you - that is the nature of the internets

take all comments- [positive or negative] ---> take it with a grain of salt so they say.

my original point was that Zexion made several threads and posts about the friendship or making friends - in my opinion it was excessive - in the eyes of others it could be seen as "needy" but the spin of positive/negative could sway either way.

I'm not defending nor am i siding with Pyron or Mizuki but they are open to make their opinions known just as well as Michi and Riku may reply as they see fit.

I still think everyone has their own way of making new friends, but its usually easier with a positive and easy going outlook on life. there's always a cynic or stubborn person in the crowd its how you deal with them that will in essence show us what your really personality is like...

then again its the internets, and just because its true here doesnt mean it will hold in real life :P

to each is own

i completely agree

yea, i think that PMs might be the best way to go about this.Also, you could hangout with my friends and I at the con; we are trying to branch out and make new friends too^-^.PM me if you are interested.

If I'm driving from Sacramento should I just drive all the way to SF or should I park at one of the bart stations and take bart??
I know parking in SF can be really bad so I'm not sure which would be better because I'm also not too familiar with bart, but I have done it a couple times.

I need some advice please!

Definately take bart.I tried driving to the cherry blossom festival last year(BIG MISTAKE).I drove around for 40 miuntes trying to find a parking spot and i had to end up going home because there was no parking :'(I am definatley taking the train this year.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Music for the Black and White Ball 2010
« on: April 06, 2010, 11:14:27 PM »
this would be good for a Viennese Waltz :)


Forum Games / Re: Be the first to post in this hour ... the game!!
« on: March 27, 2010, 04:00:01 PM »

Thank you

*evil maniacal laughter*

General Anime Chat / Re: Any Hellsing Fans Out There?(new thread)
« on: March 24, 2010, 07:46:55 PM »
I know I cant wait either Fanime opens on da 28th of May my birthday  ;D   so i will hope that "someone" gets me #10 oh I dk... lady_tomoko perhaps... if you can't think of a gift for me that would work great :P

If my first b-day for you present falls throught ;), I will defiately get you #10 (but of course MY b-day comes before yours, so maybe you should get me #10 too ;D)

definately ;D

It would be awesome if you could cosplay with us ^-^. Let me know if you are interested.

>:( We still need an Alucard  >:(

Yes, as XXVIII has said, we are still looking for an Alucard. So if you are interested, please post.

I know ^-^, happy panda!!!

We officially have an Anderson!!! ;D     

General Anime Chat / Re: Any Hellsing fans out there?(new thread)
« on: March 19, 2010, 05:17:08 PM »
Don't feel too bad, one of my friends didn't realize that either till a few months ago(what's worse is she actually had to write it down to figure it out ^-^)

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