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Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Re: Fanime Forum Badges 2010
« on: April 14, 2010, 04:12:18 AM »
-Your fan name: Foxberry
-Avatar: (I'll update this after Sunday (april 18th) I want to get a good image of my cosplay for BRS)
-Picture: http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i314/moonlightsinner/brs.png?t=1271244759

Yeah, just hoping it won't rain and won't be hot. XD

Weather has changed, ABC 7 has said that it's supposed to be dry for both Saturday and Sunday but 70degrees+

Glad to have you. ^_^ Pics of the area and map are on the facebook page.

Alright thank you. ^_^

Date: May 8th
Time: 11am-6pm
Location: Crocker Galleria; San Francisco
Cost: Money for Food, BART/Muni
Cosplay Status: NOT required, but always encouraged!!

It's that time again! NCC's Monthly Meetup! Our location this time is the heart of San Francisco. Location is very close to Montgomery BART station and is in walking distance of China Town and Union Square.

The meetup will take place at the Crocker Galleria; a rather quiet mall where there's not so much traffic and it's easy to find.

I have posted images of how to get there and what the galleria looks like and the Montgomery Bart Station where you can get to the galleria.

Hope to see you all there~

Gwydion; I'm sorry to hear that, though perhaps you can make this one? Hope to see you there.

Do we have a time ETA yet for this? I have another gathering I'm wanting to attend but it may end up on Friday so I gotta make sure that my times aren't conflicting... But if it does I will be attending this over the other meetup because I planned for this one first.

Just got info on my cosplay, I should be able to cosplay to this.
I'll be cosplaying Toph, Earth Kingdom
Boyfriend will be cosplaying Tea-Shop Zuko

Again I prefer Saturday because I have nothing going on that day. Friday I have a meetup but the time hasn't been announced yet. I really want to make both of these. >< However if Friday's time does not conflict with the meetup for the Vocaloid meetup, then I can attend both, but again no time has been set for the Vocaloid.

If I can get it done in time, I'm going to try to cosplay Toph, my boyfriend may cosplay either as Sokka or Non-Fire-Nation Zuko, (we really are uncertain as to what he'll cosplay) if that makes sense. Anyway if I can get it done, Saturday is actually the best for me as Friday I'm with the Vocaloid shoot. However I am a maybe since I gotta get the costumes done in time.

I'm glad yous guys enjoyed yourselves! Looking forward to the May Meetup~

Just got back from the NCC April Embarcadero Meetup. It was MUCH better than the J-town one, we had SO much fun and a lot of things to do! I'm looking forward to the May Meetup, I will have updates soon when the May NCC meetup will be. ^^ I'll have pics and event report soon! I hope everyone had fun!!

Google maps is pretty accurate if you need directions. x3

Awesome~ ^^
Well I know I'm attending in costume, my boyfriend is, and last time we had a good amount. I hope we have quite a few this time~! I don't know who might be going by vehicle since I'm going by BART but maybe someone else might know. ^^

As a last reminder guys, NCC's April Meet up is tomorrow 11am-6pm at the Embarcadero Plaza Fountain, some of us plan to zipline, so if you're interested you can join us~!! It looks partly cloudy so dress for the weather. No rain in the forcast! See you all there!

Yeah, it's something I went over the last meetup we had.. We couldn't host it this past weekend or the 17th and the 24th had some other event going on. I'm crunching myself, lol.

In any case, we will be hosting these events each month.

It's alright, it's not required to have a cosplay to attend. ^^ But if you want to run home that's fine too.

Sorry for the double post; but as a reminder we will be having a meetup April 10th, Embarcadero Center Plaza 11am-6pm. Weather looks partly cloudy but I am keeping an eye out for it. If it does rain we will meet up in the Ferry Building.

Wait a couple of days before CBF 18th date before making the call, it could be sweltering that day or it could be really cold.


You're most welcome, I just like to help cosplay expand in the Bay Area it's a lot of fun. ^_^ I hope it helps your community event! I'll try to post it up Sunday, I am very exhausted from Wondercon. In any case I hope I can attend, but if not I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL SJ event!!

Again, hehe you are welcome!~

http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=114952461850077&index=1 Here's the event page. ^^

The 18th, and it has a lot of other stuff apparently besides just anime parade section. ^^

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