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Awesome, we'll be glad to have you. :)

Well, I haven't heard from Sapphire over what may have happened; but with hope we'll still be on.
Can't wait to see everyone there!
Let's get down to the last bar and get our costumes finished guys! :D

I should be available both Saturday and Sunday again; I'll be sith both days most likely however.

Just a reminder that the Official List closes on the 17th so please submit your SR if you would like your gathering listed.

We sent it in a while back Sapphire :< It was listed on the main list too.

Going to try my best to get out from behind my table and go :)  Maybe I could even make a special coupon for those that attend to bring to my table for a BAC button.  I wouldnt mind designing one for you foxy~

Awww, I never saw this :<

Okay! Times are updated 3pm on Friday. :)

Then, we will move it to 3!

If it was a crop, it might actually have been me cutting it off. Hmm.

It wasn't supposed to get attached, and it's not supposed to get attached this year, and I'll just make sure we put more emphasis on it this year.

Small world if that is indeed the case. :)

Anyway, glad to hear that this will be looked more into this year. ^^

Swapmeet line is at 5 on friday? I think we can change the time for this then. :)

If 3pm would be easier for people I can apply for that time instead. :D Nothing is set yet.

I can probably donate several things, I'll get back with you after sorting through a bunch of stuff.

Aelia; Don't worry- after it injured her- we had her sent back to peace binding. Apparently there was someone there who cut the prop off of her saying it shouldn't have been bound to her in the first place and apologized to her. I believe it was handled in any case. It was a crop.

I'm just concerned about if things are going to be bound to people again this year. Which not only puts a danger risk to individuals for having props attached to them and creates an inconvience of being able to even sit down, or get caught on something.

Bokken don't have sheathes. Though I guess if you were to make one, we'd ask that you carry it there, but it wouldn't be peacebonded into the sheath. But if you're really wondering if we have to attach it? We weren't as of last year. However, you're also not free to swing it around. Doing so will result in losing your prop privileges.

Hi, I know this is sort of an old quote but I wanted to address this.
Last year I know they said they were /not/ attaching props to people
However I saw this all over and my friend even had something attached to her and the peace bond thing sliced into her wrist because the prop was attached to her hip.
This concerns me because this is a new year and I really don't want people hurt again because of peace binding TO a person. Its a danger to people to have props attached to their body.

I'll be there on Saturday, possibly on Sunday. Costumes tba

Haunter, thanks for letting us know. My apologies for the slow update on this.

Might stop by as Wind Whistler just to check out and photograph the gathering. :)

Might go as Mercury from Sailor Moon Classic :D (1991)

Sorry for the late response to this, I need to keep up to date with the forums here.

Anyway thanks for letting me know guys. I know there was a bit of confusion for people last year as to where the gathering was held even though we set the location appropriately. I think we may have a sign with BAC written on it for people to find us considering our cosplays end up from everything out there to white toast, haha.

:3 Updated with September's gathering information!

I totally missed updating this for August. We held our meetup at Ocean Beach.

More info TBA for Sept.

We have new forums and website! and

Just to let people know that between now and our meetup at Fanime we will be hosting BAC gatherings monthly.

Feel free to check out our website and forums! and

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