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I haven't attended before but we're staying Thurs-Monday because we want to make the most out of what we have. I suppose that we could just leave early instead but I'd rather go as long as possible. ^^ Though room-checkout is at 12pm anyway on Monday so even if it dies out at 2pm it's fine. We're going Thursday though because we're in Daly City and it would just be easier for us to arrive there on Thursday since we're going on Cal-Train and we'd miss a good deal of the con if we go on Friday and we'd have to get up very very early and I'm no morning person haha.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Room stuffing
« on: March 08, 2010, 11:26:06 PM »
Really, don't do it. Not only for the "innkeeper" but also for the thought of those rooming. Originally on one of my stays at a friend's room, we ended up with 9 people when we only were supposed to have 4-5 people, which was a double room. Somehow a bunch of people ended up in our room and I HATED it. I missed parts of the convention because everyone wanted to hog the shower for hours on end or used the rest room when I needed to get ready, when most people weren't cosplaying. It overall, just was a mess. It causes problems. So don't room stuff.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: ...What is this about hotel... Deposits???
« on: March 08, 2010, 11:22:59 PM »
not that everything on the internet is "true" - especially from the internet pages of 4chan

I'm not saying that it IS true. I'm saying even checking here people (and quite a few) are saying that it's 100$ extra per night at Fairmont which is STILL putting my bill near a thousand dollars for the stay. Whether or not it's held and returned to me I'd rather not take a chance of maxing out a card or something along those lines, please understand where I am coming from. I have every right to worry over something that I've never heard of. Which is why I've come here to ask, if I believed it completely I'd not mention it here or I'd overreact on the telephone. I just wanted answers before I talk with the hotel staff. Also when we booked the hotel, there was nothing that stated this deposit stuff. I'm just glad that I found out.

As for those suggesting that I pay in cash, we've already used the credit card to book the Fairmont. Also we prefer to use credit card and to leave cash open for our time there, it's easier to gauge our use money that way. I don't go crazy at dealers halls or AA's so the majority of our money will be used for food or little things. So again it's easier just for us to keep money for our food needs and emergancy and use the credit card only for hotel room.

Moonblossom; Thank you, I'm glad to hear that. I've just never did this before. We've never had to get a hotel room ourselves for any convention. Either we've stayed at a friend's room or we were just very close to the con.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: ...What is this about hotel... Deposits???
« on: March 08, 2010, 12:54:50 AM »
Thanks guys, I'm going to contact the hotel and see if I can put the hold on another credit card or something. I understand that it's returned to me after the convention but even still that's something I'd like to avoid putting on my main credit card.

Hotel and Facilities / ...What is this about hotel... Deposits???
« on: March 06, 2010, 04:17:25 AM »
After looking over something I found out on 4chan about hotel nightmares...

I came upon a commenter who said that they were charged 700$ for a deposit for only 3 nights!? I also looked through the forums here and found some old-out-of-date information about deposits.

I'm booked at the fairmont and I've read that they charge 100$+ per night? What is this? Why wasn't it mentioned on the hotel sites or the fanime housing?

I'm booked at 87-89$ per night for Thurs-Monday, I don't have that sort of money to be throwing out another 400$ on my credit card!? To equal nearly 800$ for these dates. Nearly a thousand dollars for the dates??

What is this? (I also read a little more and I do understand that it's an insurance thing I guess but still that means I'm out 400$ or rather my boyfriend is since he's covering the rooms)

Registration / Re: Online Receipt Question
« on: February 05, 2010, 02:30:55 PM »
Ah alright. Thanks. ^^ Usually I don't throw out my confirmations so I assumed I got one with my registration perhaps that was my paypal confirmation. ^^; I feel silly but thank you for answering my question!

Registration / Online Receipt Question
« on: February 04, 2010, 08:36:23 PM »
I was just checking through my email and it would seem that my receipt or whatever has gotten lost, it's no longer in my inboxes and I have checked three different emails. So I was curious is it necessary that I have that receipt (or confirmation- whatever it's called) that I got through email and just bring my driver's license since that's a given anyway? Or do I need that receipt/confirmation? If so I need to see if I can have that resent to me as I'm not certain as to exactly where it went. I have my hotel confirmation and I check my messages before I delete everything at least twice. First time this has happened to me.

Thanks for the help. ._.;


Hotel and Facilities / Re: FanimeCon 2010 Housing is OPEN!
« on: January 17, 2010, 09:43:57 PM »
Foxberry - it's really not a bad walk at all. I'm mildly disabled and I can't walk long distances, but I regularly passed by the Fairmont while exploring the area looking for food. Unless you have a really big, heavy, elaborate cosplay, it shouldn't be more than five minutes.

X3 Alright; I didn't think it was too big of an issue... I don't think I have anything elaborate (at least not yet I don't know XD ha...) Thanks though~!

Hotel and Facilities / Re: FanimeCon 2010 Housing is OPEN!
« on: January 16, 2010, 12:43:58 AM »
*Sighs* I missed being able to get the dates for the Hilton and Saint Clair's. ._. Wasn't even aware that the dates were open five days ago. Anyway got the Fairmont; is it really an evil walk like some people are saying? I'm reading anywhere from 3-10 mins. I don't mind the 3-5 mins walk (even 10 mins is fine and probably not all that troublesome; but yeah.. just how some people make it seem). And it is one block away? I saw someone say it was 2 blocks? o_o

Thanks tkdteo~ The outfit may not exactly be those colors but if my boyfriend and I do decide to do a messdress it will be the formal military dress.

So I was curious; I'm not certain if I will do this or not; but is it allowed for the Black & White ball that we wear a "Mess Dress" type outfit see: if we're cosplaying from Axis Powers Hetalia to keep the formal-Military type look for our respective cosplayed country? -There is also a picture on there for the female messdress as well as the male.

(I used the search and came up with nothing so that's why I've posted this; if it's already been answered could someone direct me to the area? Much thanks)

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