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o_o this was actually supposed to be posted here not on the coscom forums. XD

Hey all, just a reminder for those who didn't see this before-
I was the Piko on Saturday, I did the Story version and the White Fan-Version with the slacks. My boyfriend cosplayed BRS Kaito WITHOUT glasses.

Thanks for sharing with us! ^^

Thank you all for those who attended, we had a good number even though it was at 12am!
I will be posting youtube videos and what not of how to do more indepth stuff on my deviantArt please check me out there.

Thank you all for those who showed up about 20 or so of us showed.
As a reminder we will be having a gathering June 11th at the San Francisco Zoo. Please come visit!
Photos will be posted as soon as I can get them.

Hi everyone, I was the beatnik blue fem spy from the gathering, my boyfriend was the red sniper with the Larrikin Robin.
I will post photos as soon as I can.

Hey everyone, I'll be getting photos up in the next month or so.
I was the yellow joltik from the gathering my boyfriend was the duskull.

Thursday: Team Rocket Grunt (Pokemon)
Friday: Piko Utane: Story Version, Piko Utatane White Outfit (Vocaloids)
Saturday: Joltik Gijinka (Pokemon) (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150265528925407&set=a.10150265528115407.376560.537970406&type=1&theater)
Sunday: Beatnik/Striped Dress Spy (Team Fortress 2), Joltik

My boyfriend cosplayed these:
Thursday: Duskull (Pokemon)
Friday: Black Rock Shooter Kaito (Vocaloids)
Saturday & Sunday: Red Sniper with Robin Hood Hat/Larrikin Robin (Team Fortress 2)

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Safe travels everyone.

Well, I look forward to seeing everyone at Fanime!
Wish me luck ;) So much to do till Monday.

Last call for anything you guys want me to specifically go over.
Wens will be the last update.


As a note; this event will be updated only one more time, Wens. of this week. If you wish to attend and want to appear on the list please comment below!

I'm bringing a box of cheese-it mix type stuff.
I was originally going to bring something else but I live too far away to go back and forth between the convention and home- sooooo yeah, otherwise the treats wouldn't be good to eat imo.
So I hope this will surfice. They're yummy at least. ;)

4pm works better for me... 3pm is EliteSlayer's battle pose and I'd rather not miss that.

4pm? I'll see if I can come or not.
Not sure if I'd do the bingo personally but I'm sure people would have fun with it. (Saturday's a little busy for me to go Scavenger hunting though but I think this would probably be more appropriate for the amount of people imo.)

I require hugs from the Joltik. No joke. Joltik/Gavantula was pretty much the deciding factor for me about getting Black/White.

;3 I'm more than happy to give them. (You won't believe how many people want hugs, lol I've had people "pre register" hugs already.)

I voted 3-5, my boyfriend is supposed to meet up with some friends that he plays TF2 with- and requires a costume change right after the meetup and I think he's supposed to have lunch with those people. So I'd much rather have it on Saturday 3-5 or sometime on Monday. I might not eat a lot if it's on 3-5 Saturday because of lunch and what not- but I'll bring something for everyone to share. Maybe I'll make my sushi and maki rice crispy treats- I don't know yet.

Anyway I'll be attending as Joltik of course.
My boyfriend- I don't know if he'll attend or not or if he'll be cosplaying his pokemon at that time. Lol he does decide to come he'll either be Duskull again or Sniper from TF2. XD

Sadly I won't be able to attend this year, I wanted to get my Fem!Spy done to complement my boyfriend's Sniper- but yeah things fell through. However I am reporting in for my boyfriend since he doesn't have a fanime forums id.

Nero will be attending as Red Sniper

I may not be going to the concert, but I think it's best that it is moved back so people can go to it.
Also you mentioned conflicts with location with another meetup? I think moving it is also a good idea considering the Saiyuki meetup.
On the last note; 90 people may not know but they will probably find out pretty easy- if people aren't there at 5:00 they might stay around for 30 mins. Also it shouldn't be too confusing for location if it's on the other side.

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