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ugh! i just got the FU-reply ...

"Dear FanimeCon Member,
Thank you so much for your interest in FanimeCon Speed Dating. Unfortunately, due to the limited space; the Speed Dating event, as well as our wait list have been filled. We greatly appreciate the response to this event, and we hope that you may find other things of interest for you at the convention."

ouch!? should I show up anyway for a possible no-fill spot? just for funsies?

so much for adding late. =P
I signed up. weird but I hope I get picked. should be fun if nothing else.
any off-con singles' meet ups?
"Faster.. Faster!.. Faster would be better!!!"
~Malcolm Reynolds :: Serenity

Things in the Universe / Re: How tall are you?
May 24, 2010, 01:12:09 PM
i'm 6'2" and loving it   :D
I'll be there as Cpt. Aizen from bleach, prolly dragging alone some ANBU members if they aren't already coming. =)
#27 says it might (30%) rain on thursday, but friday-monday will be nice and sunny 70F+ !!

which is good and bad i guess. 70F with all the layers I have will be toasty!
edit: but not stinky! shower + deodorant are our friends
Sorry for the late post. I'll be there as Cpt. Aizen!! (shinigami ver.)
I hope this goes well, my first cosplay