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dood if you guys really do this id be so down to be manta  ;D or yoh  :P
that would be amazing bananarama :D we could really use some drums.
I would love to do some dmc covers, so far i only know how to play satsugai. I happen to play alot of metal music  ;D
well if you guys ever want to get together to play some songs just pm me or something  ;D
well there we go :D
we got vocals, wind instruments, guitars, and a triangle  ;D
another thread had the idea of us fanime musicians getting together to play some beautiful music.
i saw some people jamming at night again this year but unfortunately i didnt bring my guitar haha.
so im really wanting to start up a band of some fanime attendees to play in 2012!  ;D
we could play all kinds of anime related covers from Detroit Metal City to K-on! lol
I guess the only requirement would be that you have decent gear and can play the songs with no issues.
The band can be as big as it needs to be so im very open to having all kinds of instruments.

i live in the south bay (mountain view) so the closer to san jose area the better
I guess ill add more details if anyone is even interested in this at all haha.
who knows maybe if were good enough fanime will let us play at the civic auditorium  :D
maaaan. it looks like theyre making me work on saturday  >:(
was really looking forward to this too. oh well, have fun you guys!
Registration / Re: Do you need an Adult?
April 13, 2011, 09:28:21 PM
youll be fine on your own. but when youre picking up your badge be sure to have some kind of photo ID.
im down for this, love meeting new people  ;D
ill be staffing in reg this year so i dont exactly know my schedule
but hopefully i can meet up with you guys and chill :)
Ok, cleared the calender so ill for sure show up.
ill most likely be bringing some friends as well if thats ok.
Oh, and ill be showing up as Shin-chan instead of naota for the gathering :D

if theres anymore need for snacks and etc. just let me know  ;D

this sounds like a alot of fun!
im definitely interested in going (though the same as brutal i wont know anyone)  ;D
if i can make it ill most likely be cosplaying as naota from FLCL
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Fanime Live Concert
April 06, 2011, 12:54:36 PM
I would definitely be down for this.
Ive seen plenty of musicians jamming during the convention so im sure you should have no problem gathering more people for this.
I play guitar myself. can play anything from k-on to DMC  ;D
I think it would be a really great idea to have a place for musicians at fanime to play little shows.
is there a way i can be on staff or volunteer at age 17?  ???
i already posted this in the other thread, but i thought i should post here as well  ;D
the person i would most like to meet would be Lynn Okamoto! (creator of elfen lied)
To see him at fanime would be amazing, and I definitely think fanime could make this happen!   :D
..... i hope   :P
I would also like to see David Hayter!
But i think the person i would most like to meet would be Lynn Okamoto! (creator of elfen lied)
To see him at fanime would be amazing, and I definitely think fanime could make this happen!  ;D
..... i hope  :P
theres no way i can miss this  :D
Staff & Volunteers / Re: Staffing when you're 16
February 20, 2011, 03:40:47 AM
There are certain departments that require a certain age. But there are plenty of departments you can work for at 16 (check the staff list to see witch ones youre interested in)
If you make it into a department after applying you'll need to have your guardian fill out a form you can print out from the website. hope this helps  :)