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I don't know if you're still looking but Yacchins does amazing wig work. You can also check his tumblr, i linked direct to his commission tag but he styles all his own wigs so /tagged/cosplay is also a good look at his work.
edited to reuse for 2018!
What up Vault Hunters, Bandits and Cooperate Scum! It's coming up fast and I haven't seen anyone toss this together so let's give it a whirl. Anyone from any Borderlands game is welcome to attend: BL1, BL2, Tales from the Borderlands, the Pre-Sequel, everyone come on by!

Friendly reminder that Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day: Saturday aka Day 2
Time: 3pm
Location: G-3 aka wooden stairs inside by the video rooms).

Please if you're interested in attending, either cosplaying or to take pictures, head on over to our FB event and click attending so we can try and have a headcount!

Cosplayers :

Stitchez - Vasquez
TheTheSpaceCoyote - Handsome Jack? Fionna?
Das-Uberchicken - Rhys

Photo Order:
Full Group
By Game Groups (BL1, BL2, Pre-Sequel, Tales)
Vault Hunters
Character shots (important to let us know who you're coming as so we can have a list pre-made!)
Requests (ships, friends, mini groups, "VS", etc)
Damn Sunday is the one piece gathering right beforehand, no time to get into Jack :< If anyone does borderlands on Friday I'll see ya lol
I mknow myself and probably a few friends would DEF be interested. I have no idea where to start for airbrushing but I'm highly interested in the skill.
Urushi: if def try posting on and places like tumblr with a ton of tags to see if others wuld be down to hot panels youd like to be a part of since the forums here dont tend to see too  much traffic

MellisaStar: As far as I am aware the usual group thats been hosting/co-hosting (myself/france+finland) the hetalia panels the last few years is NOT going for panels this year. we're over and done with the series (and have been) and the 18+ pane always ends up getting bad reviews due to low/bad audience participation for us to respond to. There may be a possibility the folks who hosted the all ages the other year will be trying for it but i dont know any of them personally. id post on tumblr and such to see if folks would be interested in doing the hetalia panels and trying for them yourself if youre up to the challenge.
if you're still looking for someone i have commissions open, feel free to check out my site and send me a form!
I'mma see when my group wants to get this done but money and time willing I hope to have Ban done!
My friend FINALLY got me to play the game and I fell in love. If things go well and depending on the day I hope to wear Brady to the gathering! Friends are debatting on Awakening or Fates so we'll see haha
i'm aplying for an aa table but depending on the time of this gathering/if my table partner would be willing to watch it for me i might try to come as barto or killer! killer is more likely if my kidd is done and goes, and dsnji is my backup if no one gets done.
Looks like I won't have room for my armor cause all my stuff for the AA :<
Updated with both forum and FB attendees! make sure to spread the word guys!
Hello everyone, a quick update! We are wait listed for the All Ages panel and I have updated the main post with the characters still would like on the panel. The 18+ panel was accepted and is slotted for Panels room 4 on Friday from 11pm - 1am.
Updated with everyone from here and the FB page so far! Can't wait to see everyone.

Edit: I also moved the FB Link and made it bugger and added the Tumbr link! If you could signal boost so we can get the word out it'd be awesome!
Alright guys I checked out the official list and out time and location was posted!!!!!
I updated the main post and the FB event, make sure to spread it around!

Time: 1pm-2pm
Location: Location is G5 aka "The SLAB" (outside the Hilton Hotel Bar)
Hopefully I can manage to squeeze in! Tempting to audition as Krem but I'm not 100% that AA prep will allow me to finish the armor in time ;w;
BUMPing / saving this post in case needed

REMINDER THIS IS NOW THE PROPER GATHERING THREAD, the other thread was asking if people would run it nothing official really so this is now the correct thread
Well so far no word on the All Ages Panel but the 18+ panel has been accepted and is slotted for Friday, 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM in Panels Room 4.
Still open for auditions for these characters listed so if youre interested hit me up!